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Rogers, Bell, TELUS, SaskTel, WIND, and Videotron will all have the G2 available this fall. 

Following on announcements for the UK and US, Canadian carriers have chimed in with their plans for the upcoming LG G2. The big guys like Rogers, Bell, and TELUS are all going to get it, but you'll also see the LG G2 available on regional providers like WIND, SaskTel, and Videotron. There's no information on specific dates or prices, but the end of September seems to be a likely launch window. Only TELUS has a landing page in their store right now, but no doubt the others will be showing up soon.

For those unfamiliar, the LG G2 is turning a lot of heads with its super-slim bezel, high-brightness display, and a unique hardware button placement. If you're thinking of getting one, be sure to check out our hands-on video from the launch event last week. Any Canadians in the house thinking of snagging the G2 this fall?

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LG G2 coming to Canada across most carriers


LG's updates continue to be dismal here in Canada. While they provided a service and OS update to the LG Optimus G, it's becoming apparent that any further updates for this well and capable model will not continue. I suspect the dropping of the Optimus name supports this. The Optimus G is the last LG smartphone I will purchase, and I have been a loyal customer for many years. To be fair, the LG G2 is amazing by hardware specs, but by no means is the only manufacturer capable of producing such great devices. I will pass on it and wait for the same (or better) from other manufacturers who have a better track record of updating their devices at least a year after they were made.