LG G Watch

Good news for those of you who want your gadgets in some color other than black. LG tonight has taken the wraps off a champagne gold G Watch, which will be one of the first members in the Android Wear club.

And, well, that's pretty much still all there is. No real date for the G Watch (or its Moto 360 counterpart), other than the "summer" timeline we already knew. Unofficially it's been priced at around $300.

Source: LG; via LG Mobile on Facebook


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LG G Watch will come in gold, too


"Champagne Gold" is like the favorite color of manufacturers worldwide now

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I just want he new lg g3 already! My upgrade has been available since February and I'm trying to resist!
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300 dollars is just too much for a smart watch when it could be put toward other things.. 200 maybe.

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It will probably be another year or 2 before watches with these features will hit $200. Right now, there is the pebble for half this price, but with much less features (I'm not quite convinced of the need of a smart watch, but others may be).

I am anxious to find out more about this one. I like the thought of the LG lifeband,but I need to learn more.

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Companies have to recoup their R&D costs for these new technologies, prices will not come down until these smart watches become mainstream.

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I must be finally going blind. I see the black watch on the left, but how is the one on the right reasonably called "Champagne Gold". It looks black and light gray to me.

Not quite. I would hardly label that watch as Champagne Gold, more like a black watch, with a white band, and a smidge of gold on the casing. I had to really expand the picture to find the gold.

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Not bad...Actually pretty nice...
But if this ends up $300 then I'm a little nervous about the Moto 360 price...

Looks like I'm starting to change my mind about the Moto 360. This Gold G Watch looks pretty nice.

Conversion rates mean nothing. I researched same priced devices, and the us counterpart is around $180-220.

I still want this. A black LG G watch. Shut up and take my money.

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Yes, but it failed because Samsung refused to let it be useful outside their little Galaxy Ecosystem...

Moto 360 is still the /only/ intriguing smartwatch

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And like many others is just imaginary product that do not exists... Pebble or Gear rulez! - even if they are not perfect...

lol, once apple does something (i.e.m release soemthing in gold), everyone else has to follow!!

is there literally no innovation in any android manufacturer?
why does only apple innovate and revolutionize the mobile industry?

Funny how people complained about the price of the Galaxy Gear yet this LG crap cost the same and has half the features. The thing looks like a Pebble with color screen. Samsung set the price for smart watches. $300. Pebble set the price for inferior 1970's style smart watches $150. You get what you pay for.

I'll stick with my GG1.