LG G Watch

LG's first Android Wear device, the G Watch, will be launching in France in June if a new report is to be believed. French site Les Numeriques is reporting that LG's local branch provided them with the information and that the G Watch would be priced at €199.

We've previously heard the rather vague "summer" timeframe for the G Watch launch, so this could be perfectly accurate. France is only one market, however, but it gives us something to go on, for now.

Source: Les Numeriques via Unwired View

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Dizfunctions says:

They'll probably release it as a bundle with the LG G3.

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What is that, like $275 USD? Steep, but not as steep as I thought it'd be.

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Budius says:

The direct conversion is around that, but historically electronics are cheaper in US than Europe. So €199 could b easily expected around $220 or even $199 (example Chromecast $35, €35, £35)

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ameadows252 says:

I think as a direct conversion $275 sounds right, but when items go for sale anywhere in Europe, the price is typically a little lower than the price just straight converted to USD. So it'll probably be closer to $250.

HubyD says:

For electronics, we almost always pay is much inclusive VAT in Europe, as you guys pay for the device without VAT. So 199€ incl VAT = 199$ excl. VAT

lightyear420 says:

A little more expensive than I'd like, but not totally out of the realm of possibility. I'd much rather have the Moto360 at this price. I think that's a far more realistic price to get it into as many consumers' hands as possible. I really don't want an LG G watch, but rather a Moto360....if its price hits anywhere up to $300 I'll consider it. Any more and it's just too far out of my budget for a novelty peripheral

ameadows252 says:

I'm the exact same way. I'd prefer the 360, but $300 is about my threshold as well.

hitsmanj says:

I would own a smartwatch if they didn't look like a nerd ID bracelet. I have a feeling that if the Moto has a decent turnout it's going to crush LG, Samsung etc. In this field

ameadows252 says:

"Nerd ID bracelet" is my new favorite phrase for ugly smartwatches. Thank you.

joshuarayer says:

Im sorry but that design is so boring a flat in design I wouldn't pay more than $150 for it. I was hoping that the Moto360 would be close to the $300 so I could actually consider it. Guess I will just stick with my iPod Nano as a faux smart watch.

DroidOn says:

I agree. It should not be more than $150.00. In fact, I don't think it will sell well if it is over $100.00. Time will tell (get it?).

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anekin007 says:

U have to look at the market before u can judge the price. Devices like fitbit flex, up, or fuel band cost $100 and does very little but do sell well. Smart watches will do a lot more so I can justify the cost of it.

DroidOn says:

I would say those devices sell well because of that price. We will have to wait and see.

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I'll wait until next year, when they can't sell as many

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