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IFA 2014 This morning LG once again gave us a sneak peek at its upcoming rounded smartwatch, the LG G Watch R, in the form of an official teaser image. As it is, the image shows us the outline of the circular timepiece, but little detail beyond that. However thanks to the magic of Photoshop we've been able to bring out some of the details from darker sections of the image, revealing parts of the watch's body that couldn't be seen in the original.

As we saw briefly in the first promotional video, the G Watch R looks much more like a traditional metal timepiece than its rectangular predecessor, with a chunky, raised trim and a button on the right-hand side. We can also see a little of the strap in this brightened image, though it's tough to make out much fine detail. Regardless, the LG G Watch R is shaping up to be one of the better-looking smartwatches we've seen thus far, and we'll be live from Berlin next week to bring you full coverage of it.

Are you tempted by LG's new circular creation, or are you still holding out for ASUS' mystery watch or the Moto 360? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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LG G Watch R: Here's a clearer look at LG's round smartwatch


It really depends on price right now, I'm gonna get the cheapest one so I can develop with it. I don't care what it looks like as long as it's cheap and I can hack the crap out of it.

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As long as this is in the $200-250 range I'll get it. I loooove my Pebble but it's pretty ugly.

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Same here w love hate for pebble. Still, I won't trade for any watch that can't match the battery life - I'm perfectly fine with what and how Pebble does. But damn, that body got worn out so easy - shame how cheaply the casing is made.

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Hmm this actually looks better than the 360 to me. Assuming the face is smaller as it looks, that is fine with me. I dont want a huge watch and the battery would have to be better. The only thing i can see in this pic that i dont like is the rubbery looking strap(which will hopefully be standard and swappable).

This will either be as large as the 360 but with a smaller screen, or same size screen, but larger physical body.

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Exactly, that's the tradeoff this watch will have to do. I'll withhold judgment until we get actual specs. I really like the near bezeless 360 (that bottom bar never bothered me, it only blocks the 6 on a clock), but this does have me intrigued.

Looks good but its all about price. I think in this market overall who ever provides the best price will regardless of specs

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This is very true. Having so many options is a good thing, but since they all run the same OS the lowest price will surely sell the most.

Don't bet on that. Price is important, but a watch is a fashion accessory. A piece of jewelry. Looking sexy/fancy trumps price in that market.

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While that is true for a traditional watch, I think it is less true for a smartwatch. Current smartwatch owners are not rocking them as a fashion statement. It is a matter for function over fashion. My "dumb" watches are for fashion.

If that's the case, then why in several polls, on multiple sites, does the 360 far outdo the other two? Especially since it's been expected to be priced higher all along.

I am not saying looks do not matter, but it is far less important than the price of the watch considering the OS is the exact same. A $99 android wear watch that looks like a pebble will easily out sell a $249 one if the functionality stays the same. Give me a pebble screen and battery running android wear and it would get my money every time.

I think you're wrong there... consider the percentage of people such as myself. I've been holding off since smartwatches started for something that looks fashionable and is functional. What do you think the percentage of people like that are vs people who don't care and just want to go the cheapest route if it has the same OS? I think the former percentage far outweighs the latter. Looks matter quite a bit, we just haven't really witnessed the affects a good looking watch has on the market yet because there hasn't been one yet. We'll see what happens after LG, Moto 360, Asus, and Samsung release their more fashionable models. Regardless of price, I would put money down that people flock toward the better looking devices, especially since they all will have the same OS.

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Looks matter significantly when it comes to any watch. People will definitely look towards the sex appeal these watches can bring besides the tech, no doubt.

Well, allow me to put it this way. I can maybe deal with an ugly phone if it is cheaper and has the same hardware/OS/features, but I don't wear a phone on my wrist where it's always in view. A watch, on the other hand, smart or not, is a completely different thing, and if it's ugly, I don't want to wear it, and I don't want to walk around constantly wishing I had a way to hide the "wart" on my wrist that is an ugly watch.

I think Google "locking down" Android wear was the best thing they could have done, since it will force manufacturers to compete on design, rather than trying to add (read: cram) features into the software.

While I agree that looks are less important with *current* smart watch owners, that's only because there hasn't been a truly "stylish" smart watch hit the market yet, so the only people who currently own them are the ones who just wanted a smart watch regardless of what it looked like.  The market could shift *dramatically* if a company put out a good looking watch that the average person would want to wear.

Locking down the OS does not prevent manufacturers from adding hardware adding their own bloatware. So far, it has been minimal, for example, Samsung has their own stopwatch app on the Galaxy Gear Live, that comes pre-installed right along side the default Android Wear stopwatch.

I agree with your comment on hundred percent anyone that says the LG wat basically cant afford it that's why they're saying that

I think Motorola really messed up by "holding out" on releasing their watch this summer. Now based on sales and the hype of the Moto 360 both Samsung and LG have just fast tracked round face watches and will probably release within weeks of the Moto 360. I'll go for the one with the best price and looks. I'd like to see them settle around the $200 mark, anything above that and the concept wont hit mainstream, at least that's my thinking.

I wouldn't. Why would I pass on a trusted company that has taken their time to design, develop and innovate a product, to get a copycat product from either of the 2 other companies, who rushed out cheap, ugly, poorly constructed products, and are not rushing to throw out other products? Some people never learn.

Not saying I wouldn't still get a Moto 360. I'm saying at the launch of the G Watch and Gear Live at I/O had they said in 3 weeks you can get a 360 the Moto would have been sold out. Now I think that after seeing the response to a circular watch LG and Samsung have both decided to scratch their idea and move to different materials and a design. Not saying that their watches will be better because we haven't fully seen design, function and feel. But I'm sure priced right they will take some of the Moto 360 market share. That's all, truthfully, I'll prob have multiple watches. I like watches and having a different look all running AW would be nice.

Why would you assume that LG and Samsung are rushing out "cheap, ugly poorly constructed products". That is a huge assumption that no one should make. I currently have the Samsung Gear Live and it is anything but cheap and poorly constructed. I also have the LG G2 and it is one of the best phones I have ever had... period! As a matter of fact I had both the Motorola Cliq and Cliq XT which were both major pieces of junk. Those were the last Motorola products I would ever sink a penny in to. And, by-the-way, Motorola didn't invent or innovate the round watch. Perhaps they will be the first with a round Android Wear Smartwatch... but who really cares? They were one of the first with an Android based phone and look how that turned out.

I have on my wrist the Samsung Gear Live.... a lot of people don't like the style of the watch and don't like rectangular cases. That's fine and what makes the world go around. On the other side of the coin... I collect traditional watches and have more than enough round watches. So the design of the Gear Live fit my needs and I really like it. I have gotten a lot of complements on the Gear Live and people find it very interesting. Its all a matter of taste and wants. Not a matter of who came out with something first.... so its better.

Because they are made of cheap materials, have poor charging mechanisms, are unattractive, and have had problems of breaking and corroding and being no longer able to charge. Not to mention, burning the arms of users. That's why.

Sorry...these are "copycats" because of what? The round face? You realize that Motorola did not invent the circle, yes?

I suppose we know where you stand on Apple's "rectangular with rounded edges" lawsuit.

Of course I realize that. I also realize they rushed to market with easy to desogn, ugly, defective, square watches, that were massive fails and are only rushing out round devices now because of the impressive interest in the 360.

It's entirely possible that they problem was Android Wear's ability to handle the round screen.  They might have been waiting for some final update to Android Wear from Google before the watch was ready for consumers.  It would explain why several other round Android Wear watches have appeared at about the same time.

Could have been, but they showed the template at I/O of how it's designed for round faces. It shows the exact same amount of information, pretty sure that was one of the articles here on Android Central. I could be wrong.

Don't misunderstand, Google definitely advertised that AW was "designed" to use round displays, but that doesn't mean the code to make it actually work was 100% completed until recently.  Even the watches that everyone has seen already have just been running a custom "demo" app, not showing actual notifications from an actual device.

I see what you're saying, that's true. Design your device for what's working and push that out then work on something else. I have to say I'm pretty excited about the speed of product development. With all these companies just throwing on AW we might get some real nice devices soon. They don't have to worry about any software, so we'll really see them go at each other for design and cost. I'd like a little cheap silicone one that I can wear to work out in, waterproof with a tough lens.

Let's keep honest this is another boring going nowhere android wear notifications watch.


From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Calm down buddy, if its not for you move along. Since you know this is dead on arrival do you mind posting us your walk through video using the demo model LG sent you? Have you ever heard the saying "different strokes for different folks", clearly people see a need for these and appreciate the current functionality as well as seeing the future possibilities so try showing a bit of respect to others. Have a good day.

AC: Please provide a "mute user" option in a future app update. Thank you.

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Yes please. We don't want to have to see comments from ignorant trolls.

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Oh, so we should all run out and buy Samsung Tizen-based smartwatches then...just like you did? Mkay.

And how exactly does an Android Wear-based notification watch differ from a Samsung-locked Tizen-based notifications watch? Sounds like a lot of notifications watches.

It's a bit ugly now. It looked hot before in the other shots.

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What "delays?" LOL. People are killing me. It was ALWAYS coming out "late summer." That's NOT a delay! I guess the iPhone is "delayed" every year too. And it's really hurting those. Poor iPhone 6. This delay is gonna hurt it.

I see what you're saying, and you're more or less correct, but I think the iphone is a poor comparison here. There's not another phone running iOS that people can buy instead, other than older iphones, so Apple doesn't have to hurry to market. There are many AW watches from many different manufacturers and now 3 round ones announced. That's the point they're making about "delays"; though, as you correctly stated, "delays" is the wrong word. There's just such a huge gap between announcement and delivery.

There are only 2 Android Wear watches. We're likely to get a 3rd next week with the Moto 360. And if it does come next week, with it, there will only be ONE round one.

I said this above, but it's entirely possible that the "delay" was due to AW not being ready for the round screen.  That would explain why we're suddenly seeing LG and Samsung showing off round-screened watches that are expected to hit the market right around the same time as the 360.  They all might have been waiting on an AW update from Google.  I feel pretty confident that LG and Samsung didn't just suddenly decide to start making these round versions 2 months ago.

Interesting...Not convincing me that I need to strap on a watch again but not ruling it out either.

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The G Watch R seems like it's the ideal size for my small wrist, although it might actually be bigger than it looks in the photo.

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Might be ideal size for your wrist, but might not be ideal size for your eyes. If you have to hold your wrist inches from your eyes, to see it, you might as well just use their gigantic screen phones instead.

Alright, just because it's a little smaller doesn't mean it's going to kill everyone's eyes. Everyone's vision is different, and myself and my eyes would actually welcome a smaller screen, seeing as I have 20/13 vision. Even if I didn't, I don't think anyone is going to have to hold the watch "inches" from their faces to be able to see it unless it only has a half inch diameter, which it isn't, and if they do then they need to invest the $200-300 in contacts/prescription glasses instead of a watch.

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Looks like something you pull from one of them 50 cent gum ball type machines.

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I'll have to seen one in person to get a true feel for the size (same with the Moto 360). Still a tossup for me

The big bezel is why they get a full circle. The Moto 360 has virtually no bezel.

Unlike my phone I can see me having a couple of watches. There not going to be 2 year use devices (unless the battery dies)

Exactly! And I bet that when a disassembly takes place it'll be found to actually have the same blank space at the 6 o'clock position as the Moto 360.

The LG Watch R promotional video clearly hypes the full 360 degree display. They even show the flat bottom shape of the Moto360 then slowly push it out to a full circle.

It's a watch not a phone, go look in a watch display case and you will see watches have bezels. This looks more like a traditional watch then all the others.

I really wish LG would have stated when releasing the G watch that they would soon be releasing this. Much prefered the idea of a round watch but wanted the LG to compliment my g3 so didn't want the 360but would have waited for this. Can't afford to fork out for this now and no doubt the price of the G will plummet with the release of the R :( will just have to dream about it I guess

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I think I personally am a bigger fan of the Moto. But I am a sucker for small bezels. Not sure how I ended up with a Z2.

I believe we need to look at smartwatches much differently than we have been up until this point. With Google providing direct updates to these watches, it really doesn't matter what brand name you buy. They will get updates all at the same time in theory. If you look at the traditional watch market, companies like Casio and Timex for instance have hundreds of models of watches that do basically all the same thing but offer different looks, sizes, colors & material choices. I believe the Smart Watch market is going in this direction. There will be literally dozens and dozens of different models from each manufacturer so that people can buy the one that they like the looks of the best. Sure, there will be some that are thinkers, but, hopefully there will also be some great choices out there. I own several traditional watches ranging in price from 100 up to $600. I can see myself owning 2 or 3 Android wear watches that I wear in the same manner I would wear my traditional watches.

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I've said that all along. However, brand names, like they do in all areas do in fact matter, as certain companies are better at certain things than others.

Personally, I'm glad that Google "locked down" Android Wear, since it forces the manufacturers to compete on design.

I prefer this to the 360 if I'm only comparing design from the teaser images. I prefer the way the band connects to the watch in the LG over the 360. Something about the way the band fits almost under the 360 really bugs me. I'm assuming it's to make the band as easy to change out as possible, but I don't like it.

+1 on this!
That was my issue with the 360 as well - I don't like how the band of the 360 connects. I much prefer the band connect to the case like my current watches than appear to run under it. Obviously my opinion but to me the LG version looks more like a traditional watch. Excited to see what Samsung has in store for their round watch and what Fossil comes up with. (Oddly enough I do like the look of the Gear Live too, but again that probably has to do with how the band connects...)

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It makes the 360 look much thicker than it actually is with the way the band connects. I don't mind the Gear Live either.

That's the one I want. Looks more like a traditional watch with a proper bezel and lugs. I don't like the way the moto 360 just sits on the top of your wrist and the band goes underneath.

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Motorola has NOTHING to worry about. The Moto 360 is STILL a done deal for me, and has been since it was announced. However, this new round LG G Watch just might be the casual smartwatch I always intended to purchase, in ADDITION to the Moto 360...a purchase I THOUGHT the original LG G Watch would have been, but wasn't because it is so cheap and ugly.

Give me black like this image with a flat gray band. Idc if its plastic or rubber or leather. That doesn't change the way the watch functions.

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This is a cool looking watch but I'm holding off until there is a good mechanical hybrid smartwatch. I have seen the Kairos and that looks promising but I expect more mainstream companies like Tag, Tissot, Citizen, Omega, Seiko or Bulova will create a watch to fit what I'm looking for in a smartwatch.

I will get whatever watch, not made by Samsuck, that has a heart rate counter, and I can put my workout play lists on it.

Looks like a regular sized watch bezel to me. I prefer the watch face from the other render. I'm hoping this doesn't look too much like a G-Shock but sporty. I need something like this and something like the 360. Two different styles of watch in my opinion.

Yes, i recently joined the LG family by getting the G3. I really love this phone...so LG for me please and thank you....ill have one of those

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I'll be watching to pre-order one. Love it. Looks like we'll made sport watch with the Android function built in.

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I don't have time to use these wearables. Id break it in 2 mins as more then half of my last few is spent on billboards.Wish I had a chance to experience this awesome little gadgets. :(

E980 Note 2 Killer

man on man.
I think my decision making will be based on:

1. Always on watch face (b&w ok) this is a must have for a WATCH
2. over all look and aesthetic, it is a fashion accessory after all.
3. Overall size and screen size (eg some might have larger bezels which give dramatically smaller screens)
4. Charging method. top marks to Qi but I have an open mind.
5. specs eg battery, screen resolution, screen type (would prefer amoled for power efficiency)
6. features bundled apps, HR sensor, pedometer.

The moto 360 is still my front runner as the asus Zen looks to be a square interface with larger rounded bevel, the R is in with a shot though.

The MOTO 360 that was so amazing and 'hot' a few weeks ago is looking really dated :) Sad that something can look dated before it is released!!!