LG G Watch

If you were watching today's livestream of the LG G3 announcement, you might have noticed this little gem — another brief appearance of the LG G Watch.

Still no word on when it'll actually be available, or what it's going to cost us. But that LG is showing it off remains a good sign.

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seanjenkins says:

Looks like 1992 next to 2014

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mwara244 says:

TV wrist watches came out in the mid 80's, my friends wealthy dad had one

DWR_31 says:

This is the watch I'm waiting for.

Mikenizme says:

Sarcastic or serious ?!
I think it looks average at best.

Tyndall says:

Agreed, I am definitely NOT feeling it (for the watch, that is).

seanjenkins says:

Indeed. The phone though, looks fantastic. Awaiting pricing

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I think all the other manufacturers should swing back into the direction of the circular watch systems.

Like the Moto360? Aka the one I am most looking forward too!

Impulses says:

Same, though I could get over circular vs rectangular if this ends up being significantly cheaper or there's any usability issues w/the circular display. It's hard to argue against a circular watch face from a pure comfort & aesthetic point of view tho.

The watch is cool to,what are the features it has. I luv the phone

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