Details on the yet-to-be-released LG G Watch are light at the moment, but at least one person has had a quick look at a preproduction model at the LG G3 launch event in London. As you can see in the above video, this is very much an incomplete product. (Our German isn't very good, but we hear the word "beta" more than a few times.) While it doesn't show off a dramatically different body than we've seen in LG's curated press shots (this is the "Champagne Gold" model), we do get a good idea for the size and shape of the G Watch.

The body looks to be primarily plastic, with a standard watchband style that doesn't look unlike what we're used to seeing on the original Pebble. A set of metal contacts on the back of the watch will be used for charging, but beyond that we really can't take much away from non-final hardware.

On the software side, we're looking at Android Wear working in the wild for the first time, really. Unfortunately we don't see anything new here — all this and more has been revealed by the Android developer guidelines for Wear — but we do see how smooth and simple the interface is. We see a quick look at the menu to switch watch faces as well as a quick scroll through the available commands in the main interface.

The LG G Watch's release is on the horizon, does this video get you more excited to see one for yourself?

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Here's an early look at Android Wear on a preproduction LG G Watch


Looks pretty blocky and the interface looks alpha stage. I can't see women and non tech nerds liking this.

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Um no. The G Watch is looking increasingly good. Even though the Moto 360 still looks better.

And there's still the iWatch to worry about.

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Round faces are nice for clock display but I feel the issue comes when displaying other information. With limited space a square design will provide more displayed info. 1st gen aren't always the best but I look forward to future products.

That is a very uninformed comment. It's impossible to know if the square watch will have more space than the circle watch without knowing the dimensions of each.

Sure go ahead and buy the round one and you will know why manufacturers prefer square lol

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Obviously the history of watch making has shown that nobody has ever changed out one watch band for another...

We can't really be certain that the band will be swappable with other to standard bands, though.

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Nobody cares yet the majority of phones are pushing to less bezel phones? You sound like a crying idiot. Go suck a bezel.

The better question is that can Android Wear be customized like the original Android?

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Hey Andrew, my wife was super kind to watch the video and extract a very good piece of information from it: €199!

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I have concerns about the charging contacts on the back of the device. These, while slightly recessed, will be basically against your skin all day. This is bound to cause corrosion issues from sweat and body heat... Should have had some sort of induction charging.

Plus, dirt, grime and dead skin will rub off of your skin into that recess and turn it into a black blob of nasty.

Oh, and those pogo pin charging systems SUCK terribly.

Yep. Even the one in the video above already has a pin that is either collecting dirt or starting to corrode. Another reason why I will probably be getting the Moto 360.

Was anybody else annoyed that he never tapped on the clock at the top left of the screen? TAP ON IT! I want to see it open the clock in full screen! Irrational, I know, but it annoyed me so very much... like, I'm generally pissed now. Maybe I should eat something.

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Yep, I was just as frustrated. He kept clicking on the same things over and over and ignoring the clock. IT IS A WATCH!! LET'S SEE IT BE A WATCH!!!!

Someday, someone somewhere will make one of these that won't look utterly huge and ridiculous on an average-sized woman.

Yeah, that'd be nice. I'm a guy with skinny little wrists, so that's a concern for me, too. I know my girlfriend would like a smartwatch of some sort, as long as it could double as a fitness tracker, but she has wrists like a malnourished bird, so they're pretty impractical. These things have a long way to go for a lot of people.

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Meh. Still the Moto 360 for me. I don't see a huge hardware improvement comparing this to the Motoactive that I bought for my girlfriend. And that thing is several years old. They're both big and blocky.

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I know I probably won't get one, but for some reason I am getting more and more excited for these to come out.

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I can't wait to see a hands on with the 360.
But as much as I want to see the 360, what I'm really looking forward to is what Fossil will put together whenever they build a smartwatch.

Can't understand a word this foreign gut is saying. I wonder if it's solar powered? That'll be kool.

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What's good about android wear?
At least we know that tizen is good at battery life and its runs smooth on a smartwatch.

Are we now going to have LG watch a and then LG watch Google play edition

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Well tight now there are no skins on Android Wear and who knows if Google will allow them. So GPE editions may be irrelevant when it comes to Android Wear devices.
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This looks a lot like my Sony Smartwatch 2 but with the utter failure of charging contacts like the original Sony Smartwatch. After some wear the contacts wouldn't have enough connectivity to charge the watch consistently. The SW2 resolved that by using USB. I can start to see why Sony opted to continue its ecosystem instead of AndroidWear. Sony has been there and done that so they feel they can compete with what they already have produced and what they are planning to release next.

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Well we can't say that for sure. And who knows if this is even the final product that LG will ship.

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Watching this I got to thinking one basic idea, namely if one or two particular apps (important to me) support this, it will be totally worth it. If they don't, it will be pointless.

Specifically, if Whatsapp supports it so I can see texts from and send a few simple, and common texts (leaving the office, etc.) to my wife and control a music app like Milk Music (while the phone is also connected to blue tooth speakers) then it would be worth it.

If it is only going to allow me to check the weather and Gmail, isn't worth replacing my current watch.

Which brings up a question, can your watch connect to your phone if you also have a couple of other blue tooth devices connecting to your phone?


The combination of the lg g3 and this line up (watch,nexus 4-5 and maybe a 6, g pro and flex) i will dear to say lg has a better line up than Samsung. Samsung seems too watered down at this point. We are all just galaxy'd out.

I wish someone would/could translate that. The watch is nice, but this video has me wanting the Moto 360 a little more. Champagne color is ugly (I would already be getting the black). Plus that thing about the charging contacts messing up is interesting.

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Now that I saw this, I definitely don't want it. Moto 360 perhaps or see what HTC comes out with. And, God forbid, there's Apple and Microsoft. Pebble steel is also still looking pretty good.

Comparing to the motto 360 this looks like an inferior product but hopefully someone gets smart in the smart watch game and make the price $100 bucks and LG will take over the smart watch market. I think everyone wants a smart watch with all of these capabilities but not willing to pay $250 or more for it.

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Well this watch is suppose to the equivalent of the Nexus. So this is Google Watch so pricing probably won't be much of an issue.

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The 360 was supposedly the Google watch prototype, but Google didn't like it, & fair enough too because the styling didn't match & I'd prefer it were a stand alone moto project anyway while this becomes the nexus wearable.....?

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Video won't play on the app. Keeps telling me to sign in..? I'm already signed in tho..

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we know something of the hardware.....but what does it actually do and how will it enhance my G3 smartphone (or any Android phone) other than provide notifications and display the time.
If it's over US$200 it's a no go. It has to be affordable for the masses, myself included to want to once again start wearing a 'watch'.