Executive states Korean availability this month, other Asian markets throughout March and western markets after that

LG made the G Pro 2 official at a press event over in its native Korea, but one thing missing from the official release was any talk of release markets and dates. The folks at ZDNet Korea were in attendance at the Seoul event, and were told by LG's Head of Sales for Korea that availability there would happen this month, with other Asian markets to follow in March. 

But what of the U.S. and Europe? The same executive simply said that the G Pro 2 will be released in those markets after Asia. Roughly speaking, that would mean we shouldn't expect to see it before April. Of course, these things are always subject to change, and we'll be keeping an ear open for anything more concrete at Mobile World Congress which is fast approaching. 

Source: ZDNet Korea


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LG G Pro 2 hitting Korea first, US and Europe to follow later


To be expected really and it may happen sooner-must say they grey looks good but a hands on review is next who will have the joy of that hmm Jerry? Phil? Richard?

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I quite like it. A little to big for my tastes but it looks like a step in the right direction from the G2 on a finish standpoint.

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Finally a viable alternative to the note3. Will definitely be looking at this, and hopefully it will depreciate as quickly as the G2! If this is sub £400 a couple of months after launch then that's the missus' bday present sorted!

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Nice I like my OGP and this looks really nice with the larger screen and 4k video. I am definitely in the market when this comes out.

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Doesn't matter they will only sell it to AT&T ...
And they will say..."Oh It didn't sell that well".... LG that is so stupid... alot of us wanted the phone, but you limited to whom could buy it....

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