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Update: Well, it seems as though someone pushed a button they shouldn't have, and the page has been updated to remove all mentions of a KitKat update. We'll be on the lookout for the actual update coming soon.

The LG G Flex on T-Mobile receiving an update today to Android 4.4 KitKat. The update brings the G Flex up to the most recent version of Android (that'd be 4.4.2, not the 4.4.3 erroneously listed on T-Mobile's update page), as well as improving performance and battery life and bringing LG Knock Code to the G Flex.

The update is pushing out over-the-air for G Flex users and weighs in at around 150MB (so we suggest you download it over Wi-Fi).

Go check your T-Mobile LG G Flex for available updates, tap the menu key on the home screen, tap System Settings, select the General tab, tap on About Phone > System Updates > Check Now.

The update to KitKat on the G Flex follows similar updates for the AT&T and Sprint last month.

Source: T-Mobile


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LG G Flex on T-Mobile getting a taste of KitKat today [update: maybe not]


Don't need to download over wifi on tmobile! Unlimited data and 30Mbps LTE :D

I want this phone...but I want a newer phone...too bad I'm not rich :S

I was a long time Verizon customer, ragging on T-Mobile for years... But then they started throttling my um-limited data and trying to push me into new plans even tho I was grandfathered. I eventually said the hell with them and took all my lines to T-Mobile. Much cheaper and the LTE is much better here in Sacramento. I never saw data speeds over 15 or 16 Mbps with Verizon, and would only get higher speeds for the first week of my bill cycle. I couldn't be happier on T-Mobile. Continuously having at least 15 Mbps and stays that way the whole month. As someone who easily uses over 50 gigs of data a month, Verizon dropped the ball big time. Was sad to leave them, but now laughing at all the people who, like I used to, knock T-Mobile.

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I looked at this phone over the weekend at T-Mobile, and the phone is ridiculously huge and just feels all kinds of weird in hand. I guess I never really visualized how big it was in my head when reading about it. It's a very awkward phone to say the least... I wasn't very impressed with it.

The 720p 6" screen would be a deal breaker for me. My last two phones have been 1080 and I personally think it would be too much of a downgrade

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Have you actually seen it? In person the screen looks amazing. Although I'm still on my Note 2 which is 5.5" 720p, so that may be why.

The screen isn't horrible if u keep it at full brightness. But when u dim it u get the really bad ghosting and can see the pixels. I had the Note 3, and wanted to try something different, so picked this up. The Note definitely has a much more beautiful screen, but this one is not bad at all.

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After u use it for a while, u start to appreciate the buttons on the back and the curve in the screen. I don't thing we will see many more curved phones, but it definitely has a different experience that I enjoy.

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