LG G Flex

Further pricing and availability details yet to be released

It may not be a shock to many, but evidence is building that the LG G Flex will be headed to at least AT&T and T-Mobile in short order. Frequent device leaker @evleaks has just put up the above renders showing the latest bendy device adorned with some simple AT&T and T-Mobile status bar iconography and software branding. Just like previous high-end LG handsets on these two carriers, there doesn't seem to be any carrier branding on the front bezels either.

Now naturally these renders can be easily fudged to look like the device is coming to any carrier. But we tend to give this one a bit of weight considering how likely LG is to be shopping this device around to many carriers. Details on pricing and even rough availability aren't yet being offered, but we will surely hear more about this handset before it hits U.S. store shelves.

Source: @evleaks


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LG G Flex renders surface for AT&T and T-Mobile


Quit that.
But on a better note, did anyone notice the dates on both of the phones.

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Of course Richard did not get a new account. Some people clearly feel the same way about Samsung just as I do.

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy products period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Pretty much every other phone competing on the same level (high end) beats the s4.


Consumer Reports says the Galaxy S4 it's the best smartphones on every carrier. If you think other models are better suited for yourself, that's fine, but the S4 is still the best overall smartphone.
The Note 3 is fantastic, much improved over the Note 2. Some of their lower offerings aren't as fantastic, but their flagships deliver

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See that is Richard Yarnell in reverse. It is a wildly untrue statement that just shows you to be anti-Samsung anything.

Versus.com comparison - All the phones on the same spec sheet as the Galaxy beat them out easy...

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1. I love how you refer to yourself in the 3rd person. Obvious sign that you are seriously screwed up in the head.
2. Plain and simple, this is your opinion, nothing more. For every person who says they love Samsung and would never give up their products for anything else, I can find 10 more who absolutely abhor Samsung, Touchwiz, the S4/Note 3, or a myriad of other things. As you once so hilariously told me: "go buy a life".

Samsung will always rule period. But I do give LG some props definitely.

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You can't really judge brands unless they have fruit on.... LG makes some of the highest spec devices in both the mobile and television industries They even rival with Samsung and provide an alternative to amoled displays - (their only downside is that they lack quality compared to IPS Panels.... Not always outputting a clear sharp image...)

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No, you pretty much ignored his post and continued your fanboy BS. You still haven't said how LG sucks (other than them making the best hardware on the market).

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

Also, your perceived failings of the Nexus 4 does not condone you saying the entire company that made the device (LG) is crappy. That's like saying all Olive Gardens all over the US are crappy because the one salad that you had one time from one specific restaurant had some spoiled lettuce.
Further, as I stated before, just because you say the Nexus 4 was crappy, does not make it universally true, or the opinion shared by everyone else. Get that stick out of your a*s.

As much as I hate LG only for their version of android, they do have nice hardware and would buy a vanilla LG device but with camera software. I have never owned a Samsung TV cause they are over priced, but LG has Nice TV's.

Funny thing is IMHO LG made Samsung step up their game a bit. If you consider that when the GN2 came out everybody loved it except for the onboard storage being locked at 16gb w/micro sd support for US consumers. Then LG came out with the LG G Pro which came with 32gb standard w/micro sd support. Although some had a love or hate with the G Pro IMO it was better than the GN2 (the level of customization on a stock LG rom is crazy). Then low and behold Samsung finally listened to the masses and came out with the GN3 with 32gb standard. Which I think was due to the G Pro. And yes I have a GN3 but I also have a LG G2 and love them both.

You Moto/LG hypocrites are too stubborn to enjoy and see who clearly controls the smartphone market....and you spelled fanboy wrong ;)

You spelled "fanboi" wrong... there's a difference.

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He simply proved his ignorance... A fanboi in the truest sense... lol

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It would make good sense for him to be so - not understanding specs and how they are on of the most important things in a phone

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I pity you. You just missed one of the main points of the phone industry... Who controls the industry is only a concern to the companies themselves and devotees who get a bit too obsessed.
Competition is required to challenge them to make phones better and what is really important is variety so everyone can have something they can afford that works best for them (please note THEM not you).

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You Samsung 'fanboi's' don't realise how other companies are able to produce 'gooder' devices is today's current market....

Sorry had to do the mistakes he gets angry with them...

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Hey look! Fan art!

But still no mention of anything related to the Samsung leaks/rumors.

Should be coming soon for the Note 3 since they are putting out builds fast and furiously now. Kit Kat that is...

Let's see, should I buy a phone with a locked bootloader and then be forced to wait for updates from the always speedy Lg? I think I'll stay with my rooted at&t S4 with CM11 and try out CM 12 when it comes out.

Eh, technically the AT&T S4 had a locked bootloader when it was first released. I'm sure the Flex will have its bootloader unlocked after a couple of weeks and a decent bounty on XDA.

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I've been running official CM11 nightly's on my AT&T G2 for a while now... Might wanna get your facts straight before you talk shit about the phone. OTA updates with CM work just fine too.. no wonky bootstraps or anything like what's required on the Note 3 to do anything worthwhile.

Sprint GS3 running stock MD4 bootloader and MK3 (4.3) firmware.


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I'm not a LG fan, nor am I a Samsung fan. I'm a fan of my device being the fastest, smoothest and most reliable it can be. I actually had an easier time rooting and rom'ing my AT&T G2 than I ever did with any Sammy device.

Oy! If only this had a near vanilla version of Android, I would totally get it. But meh, who goes post paid anymore for phones?! Not I.

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Some people prefer vanilla. I personally love the convenient features that Samsung adds into touchwiz, but I like vanilla because I think it has a cleaner look. If I want a phone with features, I know to look at Samsung's offerings. That said, I appreciate the beauty and cleanliness of vanilla, so in some ways, I'm considering the s4 Google play edition.

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Be sure to share your thoughts with us when you get it!

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Wouldn't recommended LG? Wow thats a shock Your name is Samsung for life...ac please ban this goof.

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It's my opinion, and I wouldn't recommend switching from the beauty of touchwiz to the complexity of whatever LG calls there UI. Plus, you also get a much gooder built quality with Samsung's line of product vs. LG's


Also, lol @ cheap plastic being better build quality.

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The note 3 has excellent build quality, the G2 is built of the same stuff as the SGS series.

The Note 3 is a big step up from there..

Haha "gooder", really your a Samsung fan, that's fine but why spend so much time bashing Lg, I had a Samsung captivate and galaxy s2 before getting an Lg optimus G, and now Lg G2, and Lg's build quality is definitely better. As for the ui you must be smoking something to call touchwiz beautiful and Lg ui ugly ....they look damn near the same lol.

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You need to raise your IQ level sir if you think LG is better than Samsung! Stop drinking so much alcohol! And wake up and smell the greatest of Samsung! And I'm sorry you gone be stuck with a crappy phone for 2 years. #LGG2suks

Bro if you even had a number for your IQ you wouldn't be trying to argue. And if you so desire to call me a fanboy too just because I don't like how you're behaving, then take note that I have a Galaxy S3.

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Lol, I find it hilarious that people are getting angry at your comments. Nobody has a sense of humor, nowadays, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

What I don't understand is people defending these companies like they get paid by them. I go with whatever phone I like at the time. For years I used only htc because I liked them. Then I switched to Samsung because I love a bigger screen and stylus, then I switched to nexus 5 and now I'm back to note. All those times I never got a penny from either company so why fight for them in forums when another phone will just come out that will be better than the previous one? People, it's just a phone. Don't like it then don't buy it. No reason to get mad because someone else doesn't like the same phone you do. Enjoy Android and all its choices.

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I agree. I just find it funny, because this guy is trying hard to troll and people are giving him exactly the attention that he wants, lol. Trolls have to eat, too, I guess.

"You need to raise your IQ level sir"
This coming from the guy who has posted several comments including the word "gooder" instead of "better".

Using the incorrect their/there/they're, improper comparative adjectives, and the use of hashtags in the comments section prices that you, sir, need to raise your IQ level

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Wow at least you were able to use your spell chek with your last comment. Great job and you get an "A" for effort. Your so desperately trying to praise your beloved Samsung but your just coming off desperate.

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Beauty of TouchWiz? Ewwwww. Now you know he's just trolling (in case it wasn't clear enough already).

Samsung's latest products have their strengths but the UI is not one of them. And isn't it about time to ditch that Apple-esque home button?

Posted via Android Central App on my Droid Maxx

No the button stays. So far at least. It isn't like Ape invented it. Kinda goes back further

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

Touchwiz is just... Ugh. Looks more like gingerbread icons with other worse stuff. LGs looks quite nice but I prefer stock much more


THEY MAKE TELEVISIONS !!! Do you ever leave samsungs website.... It is they that make fridges.... You idiot, I seriously doubt whether you are even clever....

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Somehow I feel this Samsung guy just trolled the s*** out of every one here. Anyhow I have the Note 2 and was very, very, VERY disappointed in the update process for it. I left HTC for the build quality, lack of SD card and most importantly, speedy updates. With that being said and Samsung apparently following suit with HTC regarding the note 2 I might be trying this bad boy out. After that I might try out a nexus.

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That's okay. Just imagine how sad your life has to be to troll the comment section of an android blog. There's only one loser here.

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Eh, I'd say that the people who get really, really upset over this shit are a lot sadder than the troll. There's nothing wrong with screwing around with people who take minor stuff like this so incredibly seriously.

Followed HTC? no your wrong there. It may have taken longer to get 4.3 on a year old phone, but if it were HTC, it would never see it...

HTC has been really quick with updates recently


Which? What have they updated beside a gpe edition?

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Really?! 4.4 + Sense 5.5 is available for the unlocked and developer editions which are not GPe editions. And no it's not a LITE version of Sense.
ROM based on the 4.06.1540.2 base (=4.4 KitKat) have been out for more than a month now. Seriously, HTC has been quite fast this time. You should get over it.

The ROM does not count.

Unlocked and dev fall into the same category as GPe, no carriers to get around.

HTC is on THE SAME SCHEDULE as Samsung, the difference is that Samsung will support its phones much longer than HTC.

Fine if you want to say that the 500 or so Dev and unlocked phones got it, YEAH. talk to me when they support a year old phone longer than it takes to sell it to you...

So you're saying that the carriers are responsible for the delays, right? Not HTC's fault, right?

I switched from an LG g2 to a note 3... bad mistake on my part. The LG g2 is much faster and in some cases gave you a little bit of extra freedom in customization and what not. Want bloated down with unwanted Samsung apps and features

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For 15 minutes after you post it

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There are many other great phones besides Samsung. The LG G2 is a great device but storage may effect those that like to have a bit more lol my only draw back tbh. Then there are the likes of HTC with the one another great device although I wasn't impressed with the display model scratched to sh#t and that put me of purchasing. Then there are the lumia's and the Sony xperia z1 ect all good in there own way.

As for touchwiz no it doesn't have that great appearance but if your not into rooting and flashing roms then there are launchers. This has been pointed out on numerous occasions..

And for the bloat well with the 2.3ghz processor and 3gb ram that doesn't effect the note 3. However I have now rooted and flashed bobcat rom with the wonderchild kernel and it does offer that option to remove S Fitness and the likes and frees up space and perhaps gives a little extra zip lol
Argue the G2 is better or the Note 3 or the HTC one or the Motorola X but to stand and say Samsung rules all Hmmmmm yes dam they are great phones but be sure that not all will share that centiment and rightly so.

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It is a neat phone as far as showing off new screen technology but I wouldn't want a curved phone. It would feel weird in a front pocket and I would go nuts seeing it see-saw and spin on a table when I set it down.

Then in that case all you would need to do is place it face down problem solved. Just saying lol

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I love reading posts from people who are trying to force their phone opinions on others. Like they work for these companies or something. These companies don't care about anything but money so they are happy to take your money. I go with whatever phone I like at the moment. Using Samsung now, maybe I'll use LG next or HTC. All I know is I love Android because of the many choices of phones. No need to get your panties in a bunch over one phone or the other. Life is short, enjoy it. Don't be a walking billboard for a company that doesn't pay you jack!

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I love this phone. I love the curve of this one. I feel it's easier to make phone calls on the g flex

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That is what a phone is for, yes? Phone congress from Greek phon which means sound. Three are some things where you need to talk to people. My older relatives still call me, and it's far easier to tell them how to do something over the phone instead of via text message. It's also nice just to talk to people.

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I love the idea of this phone and I can't wait to check it out in comparison with the GN3 when it becomes available in stores. I love the curve in this phone and after seeing the video of the screen tech that is used for it...talk about innovation. Only thing I think it's missing is micro sd card expansion based on the korean version. Hopefully that can change when it comes here. I just think that phones nowadays with theier specific OS taking up more and more space micro sd is a must. The cases for this thing (if any) will be crazy.

Man there are some serious LG and Samsung fanboys out today peeing in each others corn flakes, huh oh well here goes...


Just ignore samsung4life he's trying to get under your guys skin he just an obvious troll just ignore we are all entitled to our opinions

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