LG Esteem extended battery

If you're a MetroPCS fan and are eyeing the LG Esteem that we first showed you yesterday, here's a quick look at the extended battery cover that will be available at launch. No word on the exact capacity of the battery, but that hump is reminiscient of the HTC ThunderBolt's extended battery, and we'd reckon it's probably in the 2500 mAh range (at least).

Thanks, anon!


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LG Esteem extended battery for MetroPCS


I would much rather the manufacturers include larger batteries as standard and stop making the phones so SKINNY. Extended batteries make it difficult to buy OEM or other cases to protect the phone. I purchases 2 different cases for my EVO 4G and I can only use them when I use the small battery that came with the phone.

Skinny phones sell, fat phones don't. But if a manufacture does put out an extended battery then they should also be making docks and cases that support them as well.

At this rate of these fat batteries, we might be heading right back to carrying bag phones again that had big 12 volt batteries.

Looks a lot like the extended cover for the Revolution, and that battery is 3000 mAh, so this one could be as large...

can you please provide a link on where to get this battery, I have looked everywhere on the web, I have called metropcs checked the website, I have even checked with lg regarding an extended battery, no luck.

Enough already. They need to stop with this extended battery garbage and make a standard battery & phone with enough juice from the get-go.