LG Optimus 3D

Well, cross that one off the list. Just hours after the LG Optimus 3D picture leaked out, LG confirmed that we'll indeed see it in a couple weeks at Mobile World Congress. Here's the presser, in its entirety:

SEOUL, Feb. 1, 2011 – At this year’s Mobile World Congress, LG will unveil the LG Optimus 3D, the world’s first 3D smartphone offering consumers a full 3D experience right in the palm of their hands.

The LG Optimus 3D addresses the lack of 3D content issue -- one of the biggest problems facing the 3D market -- with a complete platform for a one-of-a-kind experience on a mobile device. LG’s most advanced smartphone to date will feature a dual-lens camera for 3D recording, a glasses-free LCD panel for 3D viewing and diverse connectivity options such as HDMI and DLNA for 3D content sharing anytime, anywhere.

Further details and a live demo of the LG Optimus 3D will be offered at Booth #8B178 at MWC in Barcelona from February 14 to 17.

We're not entirely sure that a lack of content is really what's holding 3D mobile phones back (though it's certainly part of the chicken/egg equation). Guess we'll have to see for ourselves. We'll be there, of course. Stay tuned for the hands-ons and such.


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LG confirms Optimus 3D coming at MWC


What purpose does having a 3D phone serve? I mean really? The 3D recording is pretty sweet, but as for functionality, not so much. 3D is just another way for companies to get their hands on our hard earned cash, and honestly it's starting to get ridiculous

When I start dating a babe who has a 3D quality body, I'll consider a 3D phone in my first Sprint upgrade. Otherwise, what do I need 3D for when I can already take great pics and HD video with my EVO. Nice phone. Can't wait to find out what it costs. PLEASE do not let this one be going to Verizon or AT&T. The only new phone Sprint got at CES was the HTC EVO Shift.

we cant judge it untill we get hands on with it. il wait and see but i will probably just wait for the evo 2

I thought Sprint releases their flagship phones in June??? So is there going to be another competitor announced after this one? WTF

I dont understand all the hate about the 3d device, especially if you can cut it off, just like on tvs. It will just be an added feature to an already powerful device. People need to end all the hate. If you dont like it, you have other devices to choose from. This device is more or less coming to sprint most likely, and I would dump my evo for it for the tegra 2 alone.. The 3d would just be an added bonus.

Oh I know, I'm a Nintendo fan to the core, I was just wondering if it would actually be available for purchase before the 3DS.

SOOOOOOO disappointed if this is the BIG SPRINT ANNOUNCEMENT.. BUT.. it really HAS to be!

the phone 3d thing on a phone... just not that excited about it. they should work on more core OS features and making the platform better then having to worry about 3d BS.

I could really do without the 3D. I can't see myself ever using it. That said.

What if it is in line for Sprint as a follow up to the Optimus S, and is slated to be the first handset to get an optimized version of Honeycomb?

I just wanna know if they have a better track record than samsung on updating their device. If they do i will abandon samsung epic for this and never buy another samsung

Considering even the low line optimus is running 2.2, ide say they are already better at updating their devices better than samsung.

I dont foresee this being the phone Sprint is unveiling. Sprint is being real hush-hush about the phone they are releasing...and then LG issues a press release stating that is the phone they are unveiling at MWC a week away from the Sprint announcement? I dont know...we'll see. I'm not a fan of the 3D wagon thats moving around...but we shouldnt act like it wouldnt be a neat feature to show off.

I think it is sprints unveiling along with a 4g tablet. I have a droidx and it's identical except the obvious logo change and they switch the buttons on the bottoms order. The 3d part im not sold on. Could be nice but not much is out there besides movies in 3d and a few games.

Tegra 3D chip = faster processor. I'm all for it :-)

Wish it were on t-mobile and had NFC though :-(