LG Optimus LTE2

LG has announced the new Optimus LTE 2 for the Korean market, and there's a couple specs on-board that may have you looking twice. Besides the True HD IPS Display (of an unknown size, but it looks "big"), the LTE radio, 2150 mAh battery, Ice Cream Sandwich and other goodies we expect on a high-end LG phone, the LTE 2 also packs in 2 GB of RAM and a wireless charging solution. The details on the wireless charging are a bit sparse, but we do know it complies with  the World Association of Wireless Charging (WPC) standards and can be charged with a standard charging mat, regardless of manufacturer. We like standards.

But we do know what 2 GB of RAM means. First off, it's at least double what the phone your using, or thinking about buying today, has. If you didn't buy a new laptop this year, there's a good chance the LTE 2 has the same amount of RAM as your notebook computer. For a smartphone, it's a lot -- as in a whole-hell-of-a-lot. That means more applications open and running at once, for better multitasking, and less re-drawing. We like more multitasking as much as we like standards.

The LTE 2 is expected to debut on five carriers in Korea this month, with other markets to follow. Will we see it in the United States or Europe? We sure hope so.

Source: LG Korea (Korean)

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HOLY RAM! That is an epic amount of RAM for a smartphone.

Shadowriver says:

considering there already 1GB of RAM phoes 2GB is just natural next step like from dual core to quad core, next one will be 4GB... which is optimum amount of RAM for PC right now. But 4GB it's barrier of 32bit CPUs because of memory adressing limits (thru i'm not sure if this applys to ARM), after that they will need to switch to 64bit

drewC says:

Now, if only this thing runs stock ICS with timely updates and bug fixes... oh, and IMO that rectangular design is quite ugly but what do I know.

liteon163 says:

Lose the home button and I'm there.

Seriously, though, I hope this phone has a Qualcomm S4 chipset. If so, I hope it eventually makes its way over to Verizon, where it might replace my LG Spectrum.

korean versions usually have the physical hardware home button but when it goes international they remove it and make it soft touch

It can have 15gb of ram and 10cores Lg will never be taken serious by the true android lover.

Tariqali0786 says:

That is so true, I wonder why though. I suppose with 2 year contracts no one wants to take a gamble with the unknown.

l00natic71 says:

Yeah, because HTC has been a household name since cell phones were invented? Or everyone has always, and I mean ALWAYS loved Samsung? You might have short memory. Search around and you will see the "love" that Samsung used to get. What I'm trying to say is that most people like to ride the band wagon and love/hate whatever is the norm at the time.

Why? I owned a LG phone before the days of smartphones and loved it. This phone sounds like it could be pretty good. What is it about LG and android that don't mesh well?

wow. I'm an Android lover eversince it was born but I love Lg phones(not all of them of course)

savedr says:

Absolutely untrue. I will go where the specs are every time, and always avoid HTC Sense phones (no bluetooth gamepads), and I consider myself a pretty hardcore power user.

hmmm says:

That's a whole lot of RAM but I have to wonder, is it even needed? I mean that's enough to run Windows 7 and its programs. Android really makes use of that with its little 1-10mb programs?

a3renown says:

When your widget heavy on homescreens you'll run up ram usage to easily 150 to 200mb when including android settings and other programs that run constant. 1gb seems plenty though getting two gives you the peace of mind that you'll never have to worry ? lol


for games like some Rockstar games require phone specs.

himmatsj says:

I'm not sure if everyone missed it, but Huawei's MeadiaPad 10 FHD was announced to have 2GB ram as well, and this all the way back in February!

But yea, regarding RAM, Android needs an upgrade.

Can someone tell me why iPad with 512RAM can access every single application in it's previous state, but Android can only do this for perhaps the last 5-8 apps that you used? Isn't this supposed to be related to RAM? Why iPad with half RAM can blow off Android?

kinster02 says:

Because all the apps you mentioned are paused in IOS where android they can run in the background.

himmatsj says:

Do I really need all the programs to run in the background? I like Android, but I feel iOS's system when you can access every single app in its last state is very useful (as long as you don't turn off the device that is). This takes away loading times. Android has multitasking - great - but this should be optional. Not everyone needs it, especially since it uses up system resources.

savedr says:

I say sure. If I could designate certain apps to ALWAYS run in the background (like Spotify, Play Music or Google Listen) I would absolutely rather apps suspend and quit than run in the background. And that's whether or not I get a phone with more RAM in the future, because it uses up battery life...

REAL multitasking maybe?

Gearu says:

Thanks, I was worried that people would be misled into thinking this was going to be the first android device with 2GB ram.

The Mediapad 10 was first, is sexy, and I am getting it.
I've been throwing money at the screen since the specs were released.

savedr says:

Excellent point. My Droid 3 has the exact same amount of RAM, 512mb, and it can't resume any application's previous state, ever, even if you JUST switched off of it. Bullshit.

Mobius360 says:

Perhaps a bad day for LG to announced a new Android phone? Just saying....

a3renown says:

If it was Motorola or htc announcing this phone with these specs imo it would trump the gs3.. not even by a little, by alot. "Runs and hides"

Mobius360 says:

Perhaps a bad day for LG to announced a new Android phone? Just saying....

vinny jr says:

What a beast. That should keep the phone humming along very nicely. Guaranteed no lag with that beast. That is what I call a major upgrade. I would love to see how that phone performs. Hopefully the US Market gets these new phones.

a3renown says:

US Market will be lucky to see this kind of phone in 2012.

whitecomet says:

2 gig of ram at the rate these phones are improving they will catch up to game consoles in two years. Then the nex ones will come out 5-6 times faster but it will be two years before good games come out and the console is not 500 dollars. By then phone will have 4g or ram and a gpu that is half as stong as a new console onl two years in it's life. I really think the push is now to be stong enough to be a phone dock to a tablet and do windows like things and then jack it to a 50" tv to do all computer needs and gaming one solution it will take time but in 10 years a desktop and game console might be done for.

Raadius says:

Oh LG! You mad cuz Samsung styling on you? LG will do anything to stay irrelevant in the smartphone game, like 2GB RAM. While this is cool, I still wouldn't purchase an LG phone, EVER.

Looks like it was designed in AutoCAD!

MrSmith317 says:

'"of an unknown size, but it looks "big"'

Doesn't almost anything look big in small Asian women's hands? Just sayin

crxssi says:

2GB is a lot of memory! Like others, I am not sure it is really needed (just like quad cores), plus I guess we are going to just skip right over 1.5GB. But RAM is not very expensive, so they can "one up" everyone for not much added cost.

HR007 says:

This beast is 5.3 inches and will compete with galaxy note !!! Let the bets begging !!!

HR007 says:

I say tell them to build a phone that is just all screen no physical button :)