Fridge wars

LG and Whirlpool have settled their latest patent dispute, leading to the dismissal of three separate infringement lawsuits in Delaware and New Jersey district courts. This looks like the end of years of courtroom battles between the two companies over refrigerator technology, and will allow the two to keep bringing the consumer a choice when it comes to buying appliances.

The complete terms of the agreement are confidential, but we're happy that the dispute was ended without the need for either side to go thermonuclear. 

Source: LG Newsroom


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LG and Whirlpool end refrigerator war and settle patent dispute


Will apple sue them next for being rectangular in shape and using electricity to power them?

Refrigerators have been around since the early 1900's, wtf with the patent dispute?

So these refrigerators has Android and some Egg's sensors.. whats other sensors do expect in these ? Milk, Fruits, Vegetables :D

Good! I pre ordered my LG side by side at midnight when it became available, only to have it blocked by customs. Now I'll be chillin before you know it!

I'm getting this fridge. All my Atari cartridges on the top, stereo on the top shelf, laser disc player on the second shelf, mixer on the third, and xbox 360 on the bottom. BEST.FRIDGE.EVER.

Thank God, Camping Out For A Week For My New Fridge On Release Day Won't Be All For Nothing. Boy That Would Have Made Me Look Stupid If They banned It.

This wasn't a thermonuclear battle, it was more of a cold war.

But seriously, glad they both chilled out and got over this nonsense.

/me reads the story, pauses, looks at URL to verify not on Drudge..... confirmed.. ummmm....Android relates to what in either fridge?

"Refrigerator Wars" was also the title of my friend Eddie's second-prize-winning Young Authors entry in fourth grade. It featured discarded refrigerators coming to life and battling for control of a town dump.

Wow, I hadn't thought about that in a long time.