Lenovo will launch its first wearable device in the near future, according to Liu Jun, president of Lenovo's mobile division. In an interview with Mobile Geeks, Jun stated that a wearable device would make its debut by the end of 2014 or early next year.

Lenovo has been considering getting into the wearable market for a while now, as Jay Parker, president of Lenovo North America, announced at CES in January that the manufacturer would be potentially interested in the wearable segment. In an interview with Re/code, Parker said that while wearables may not be mainstream in the next couple of years, Lenovo is "interested to see where it goes and what we can do with that."

It is interesting to see the direction Lenovo takes with its wearable device, and whether it will utilize Google's Android Wear platform. Google made no mention of Lenovo in its list of Android Wear hardware partners, so it is possible that the manufacturer, like Sony, is building its own user interface for wearables.

The markets that Lenovo will launch its wearable device is also unknown, but considering that the manufacturer isn't well-known in Western countries, it is possible that such a device would initially be available in Asian markets. In addition to a wearable device, the manufacturer is also going to launch a Windows Phone 8.1 handset by the end of 2014.

Lenovo's self branded wearable device won't be the first associated with the manufacturer, as the Moto 360 is scheduled to make its debut in the summer.

Source: Mobile Geeks


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Lenovo signifies interest in wearable devices


It better be! They just bought Motorola.. or are purchasing it! Sooo, they'll get the Moto 360 (BEST SMARTWATCH!!!)

Let's just take it easy on the praise until it is actually out. Everything looks amazing in a company made product preview. :)

companies have too much money to throw away on junk and gimmicks. why the hell would lenovo release a werable when the company they just bought is coming out with one.

The same reason as Google released and promoted Nexus phones while owning that same company. These things aren't created over night, and I guess it's just fair to those who's been working on those devices for so many years to actually get to see them released.

Not that it is fair, it would be wasted money. Gotta get some return on investment

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That acquisition still has to be approved by the US and China. Since Google is involved it's not a slam dunk sale.