LeBron James seems like he's enjoying his new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. He took to Twitter tonight to remind everyone he got his first, and showed off this custom version someone had made for him. Looking good, sir!

Source: @KingJames. Thanks,  Bryan!


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LeBron James got his custom Galaxy Note 2, shows it to the world


How do you know? Only the front of the phone, with flipcover, is shown. For all we know, it very well IS the Verizon version.

And in other news Samsung execs everywhere were seen doing back flips and grinning from ear to ear. It is unclear whether or not the two stories are related.

I saw this earlier on that thing called facebook.
I'm really thinking about getting a smart cover engraved as well. Looks really nice.

BTW, how to you go about getting the battery door engraved? Do you go thru Samsung or is there a 3rd party engraving service that offers it? Any idea on the price?

A story of a cell phone flip cover owned by an overpaid member of society... I am nearly speechless.

i will always hate him and im not even a cavs fan i just think when he did that espn special about his decision to go to miami that he could have been way more classy about i mean no wonder that EVERYONE hates him and he still chokes or passes to someone else on his team because when the games on the line he never wants to be taking the shot to win the game he is no kobe at least kobe wants the ball in his hands when the game is on the line you gotta respect that about kobe.

Kobe is a ball hog, show boater who thinks hes better than the elite before him! Lebron is an all around dominant player! Thats the difference!!