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The Optimus G might be just a few months old, but LG may already have a successor in the works, if the latest round of leaked information is to be believed. The image above was sent to Engadget by an anonymous tipster, and it appears to show an "Optimus G Pro"  device headed to Japanese carrier NTT Docomo. Adding weight to those reports is a list of specs on Japanese site Blog of Mobile, one that matches the details shown in this image.

If all of this is accurate, we're looking at a slightly upgraded Optimus G with a 5-inch, 1920x1080 (full HD) screen, a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU (up from 1.5GHz), 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and a massive 3000mAh battery. And with measurements of 139.0x70.0x10.0mm and a weight of 160 grams, we're looking at a lot of smartphone here. On the software side, an Android 4.1-based OS is rumored.

Big-screen, high resolution devices look set to become commonplace at the high end of the Android smartphone spectrum in 2013. We've already seen Verizon's Droid DNA, Sony's Xperia Z and Huawei's Ascend D2, and HTC and Samsung are rumored to have new designs based on "full HD" panels in the works.

The Optimus G Pro is reportedly fitted with a 13MP rear camera and 2.4MP front-facer, and it appears the position of the camera assembly's been changed a bit too. One small shot of the phone's rear shows it placed centrally, as opposed to in the top left corner. Also significant is the change back to a physical home button, similar to the Optimus L series (and the Samsung Galaxy S2 before that.) You'll recall the original Optimus G featured all-capacitive keys.

If LG does have a refreshed "Optimus G Pro" in the works, Mobile World Congress would be the likely announcement venue. The company announced more than half a dozen phones there last year, What's more, its French wing has already confirmed a European Optimus G launch for March, so it's possible we might see the G Pro launching alongside the original in these new territories. Whatever happens, we'll be on the ground in Barcelona in just over five weeks to bring you full coverage of the show.

Source: Engadget, Blog of Mobile


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Leaks suggest LG 'Optimus G Pro' coming with faster CPU, bigger battery, 1080p screen


If those specs stick that is going to be a hell of a phone. Way to go LG, personally I think with the Nexus 4 they have proven themselves worthy.

Of course there is, but they're still actively bad at it. They have to actually get better at it and making some alright hardware for the Nexus doesn't mean they've changed at all.

The real test is not making the hardware, but how will they support the 3-4 month old Optimus G after releasing what can be considered the Optimus G+.

I hate to say it, but if there's one thing that Apple has got right (and more recently Samsung too) is that you don't release a flagship device and then release a slightly upgraded version of said device in 5-6 months. Not only you cannibalize the sales of your own device, but if end up supporting your old flagship poorly, then your customers will feel robbed and resent your company.

Its called creating brand loyalty. Something that Samsung learned with the S3. Its no longer the most cutting edge (and it hasn't been for a while) but it still sells like hotcakes.

At the end of the day whose business plan should you copy? Successful strategies from Apple and Samsung or the failing strategies of mass producingmnew flagships every two months from HTC?

Exactly... ask the Optimus 4X HD owners how well they're supported, now that all of the attention is lavished on the Optimus G. The 4X HD was released in June, 2012 and the G came out in November - a 5 month spread between "flagships", and NEITHER has Jelly Bean on their international variants. If you can't support your previous handsets by offering CURRENT software, you really have no business pushing new hardware so fast - the Galaxy S III, in just about all markets, is on JB (heck, there's even a rumored build for the S II!) and it launched BEFORE the 4X HD (May, 2012).

Sorry, LG... Once bitten, twice shy.

Easy cowboy... it took Samsung 5 months to get Jellybean on the S3. LG may not have had the technical abilities to release updates in a timely manner in the past but with their Google Nexus partnership they have already released Jellybean to the Korean market for the G in a little over 12 weeks and that is with carrier testing.

Ok, Optimus G, Nexus 4, and if this makes it to market that makes 3 very good devices. Still need to see more consistent devices from Lg. They seem to be making a move.

According to BGR, which admittedly got their info from a shady-sounding "Korean Language tech forum", Goggle is looking to launch the Nexus 5 with similar specs as the Optimus G PRO with 'Key Lime Pie' in May, however with only 16GB and 8GB options again. A new slightly larger Nexus 7 is also to be released at Google I/O in June.

These are only rumors and doubtful. But it could offer an explaination as to why Google does not seem to be pushing the Order button from LG too hard for more stock of the Nexus 4 for the Play Store.

This phone if it comes out will be another really nice product from LG, but an even taller, wider and heavier version of the Optimus G / Nexus 4 and I'd really have a hard time just using it comfortably, I think. Just doesn't seem like much of a difference though as the Snapdragon speed bump is probably irrelevant and the screen isn't really much bigger. Still guess it quickly gets LG in the 5" 1080p game and as much as I'd prefer phones to stay in the 4.7" range it just isn't going to happen.

Props to the Maxx style battery too.

I hope all these 13mpx cameras every manufacturer is using aren't from the same maker.

Give me reason to believe this 13mpx won't be absolute crap. Tell me more about how the sensor will be 4x bigger than the trash that is usually fitted to phones.

Exactly, if these new 13MP cameras don't have bigger sensors as well then low light performance and speed will probably be worse than the previous generation.

Hope it isn't five inches... 4.7 is the limit for me. The current OG is beast, but I don't think I'd buy a five inch one. :P

the only thing that caught my eye among the specs that made me think this might be a good upgrade was the the battery. good to see it's not just motorola finally getting that devices like these need batteries larger than 2000mah

That is one sexy looking phone that I will add to my watch list. However, the lack of on time updates would scare the F out of me.

I'm interested due to having a home button, and I'll overlook the fact it is 5 inches if they can prove the camera is good. Battery is satisfactory and should fit the benchmark to get acceptable life out of it, but I want it to be removable.

I will add this to my shortlist for my next phone, alongside the Huawei D2, but I probably won't get either of them, I'd rather have a phone that is a cut above everything else by multiple notches, not just 1.
The Galaxy S4/Samsung Unpacked 2013 event is looming and only roughly two months away, I'm not buying a current top phone only to be cut down soon after.