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With a reported launch just under a month, we're starting to see more details emerge regarding LG's G Watch. While yesterday's rumors alluded to the fact that the smartwatch will be more affordable than Samsung's Tizen-based Gear 2, today's leak gives us a look at the internal hardware of the device.

The leak comes courtesy of @upleaks (not to be confused with the notorious leaker @evleaks), and mentions that the G Watch will feature a 400 mAh lithium polymer battery. In comparison, the Gear 2 has a 300 mAh battery. The 400 mAh unit on the G Watch is said to deliver a standby time of 36 hours, and can be fully charged in under two hours.

The screen on the G Watch measures 1.65 inches and has a resolution of 280 x 280, which comes out to a pixel density of 240 ppi. The smartwatch is said to come with 4 GB of internal storage along with a Snapdragon 400 and 512 MB RAM, which we're guessing will be adequate to run the Android Wear ecosystem with ease. You will be able to issue voice commands for tasks like sending text messages and taking notes. Head on over to the source link below to get a detailed look at all the specs of the G Watch.

As for dimensions, the watch measures 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95 mm. Not the sleekest watch in the world, but weighing in at 61g, it isn't as heavy as the Gear 2 (which weighs 68g). The G Watch is said to feature a bevy of sensors that include ambient, touch, pedometer, and tilt. Notifications will be synced via Bluetooth 4.0 LE, while the device itself will charge through a microUSB port (nothing fancy like Motorola's upcoming "secret" charging for the Moto 360 here).

Being the first smartwatch that runs Android Wear, the G Watch will be the reference design for the platform, and is rumoured to be given away to all attendees of the Google I/O conference, which will be held later this month in San Francisco.

Now that you know the rumored specs, what are your thoughts on the G Watch? Do you think it'll fare better than the current batch of wearable devices?

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Leaked specs of the LG G Watch reveal 36 hour standby time, 4 GB internal memory


Why would they measure 'standby' with screen-on?
And I doubt a LCD display lasting for 36 hrs with screen-on with 400 mAh battery.

It doesn't have any physical buttons so I don't think the screen turns off unless the battery dies.

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That would be stupid, won't it? There should be 'timeout' setting. The screen should turn off when not used for a specific time period. All devices work like that.

My Sony Smartwatch 2 stays on all the time and so does the Pebble. I had the Samsung Gear watch and hated that I had to lift or roll my wrist to get the damn display to turn on, especially since it wouldn't come on every time. You wind up looking like an idiot flopping your arm around like your dancing to the Funky Chicken.

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That's possible because of some very obvious factors:

1] Display: 1-bit monochrome display with a refresh rate of 1Hz. Compare this to a 320 x 320 resolution, 277 PPI, 24-bit AMOLED with standard 60frames refresh rate.
2] CPU: Pebble is using a ultra low M3 CPU of just 120Mhz. You can even compare this with other new smartwatches.
Obviously it will have much better battery, compromise is essential if you need always on screen.

Not true. Mine lasts 4-7 days depending on usage. 36 hours is a joke. If it's true it's an immediate fail.

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a 400mAh battery that lasts only 36 hours on standby? wow i guess android is still android regardless of the version. The Galaxy gear 2 has been reported to last 2-3 days on light usage

It's actually the processor. Ones that can run android need 3x more power even in standby. I've done embedded systems development in the past...

You are being way too optimistic here, manufacturers tend to be positive about their standby times so am willing to bet that if LG quotes the standby time to be 36 hours then in real world usage it would probably last a bit less than they stated

That battery life is way too low. In real use that will be a nightly charge. My pebble easily lasts a week, even the gear 2 lasts twice as long as the g watch. I was quite excited for android wear but battery life like that is a no go for me

Posted from the ONE

My Pebble must have a bug then, I have to charge it every night. It's only lasting me a day. I keep hearing people getting 2-3 days out of one charge, but mine has never lasted that long.

Ya, definitely something wrong, I have mine vibrate and display every email and text I get, along with a few other select things. Run Glance on it, and use it as an alarm with simply alarm. (showing you just how often it vibrates, and how it may have to vibrate a good minute or two before I realize it's time to wake up).
I charge it twice a week, and when I do the battery still has between 20% & 50% left.

Let's see if moto gets the battery life right and last at least as long as the galaxy gear

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If it's a developer reference device so who cares how long it lasts. Most likely they just threw together the cheapest available components that made sense.

I bet Moto360 will have much better battery life by using something similar to MotoX custom architecture.

In any case, for me it'd be a daily charge anyway. I don't know how you can train yourself to charge something every 3 days or some other random number. I'd take my watch off every night anyway and preferably place it on a wireless charging dock. I hope this is how higher end ones charge

Your first sentence reminds of the Nexus war cries when it first came out.

Its only a reference device, it is not supposed to have top of the line specs!!!

We know how badly that ended. I really hope that Android wear does not head that way, but then again it is open to everyone making one so Google wont be running the entire show

Exactly. I believe Google learned from Nexus and that's why they are looking to launch Android Silver (high end Nexus-like line produced by various OEMs).
Sounds like Android Ware will be very similar. We know that Fossil already signed up.

As usual I have very high hopes for both Silver and Android Wear, I just hope that there is enough freedoms for the OEMs and that the "Google Design Guideline" nutjobs do not take things as far as they have in the past. #HOLOYOLO my butt

Even if the Moto360's battery life isn't much better, as long as it has a quick, easy and elegant charging solution it is fine with me. I take my watches off overnight anyway and if I can just take it off and set it down and have it be charging without having to mess with any cables that'd be perfect, and the rumor is that it'll have a qi wireless charging stand.

Would like to see LG, Sony or Samsung introduce what is effectively a smartphone in a watch.
All 3 how the know how to construct superb 4k screens.
What I want in conjuction with a wearable next gen smartphone is a foldable OLED screen of at least 10" and a very discete bluetooth earpiece.
With the introduction of 64 bit architecture on Android devices next year, it begs the question....'where do flagship smartphones go from there?

I totally agree with you, I would like to have a cho8ce of a smartphone in a really small package. The phone doeant have to do that much answer calls, sms, emails and fitness tracking wouod be fine for me. Or better yet a really small smartphone about the size of the ipod nano or just 20% bigger.

It's annoying to do, but a necessary evil with a phone.

However, it is not something I am willing to put up with for the sake of a watch.

If you have no issue with filling your life with banal tasks, have at it.


Do you take off your watch before you shower? It's not a big deal to charge every day... for some people at least.

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I had a calculator tv remote watch. If people made fun of me I'd turn the volume up on their telly and do some sums. In their face


Battery life, if it lasts more than 24 hours, is not an issue for me. I do wear a watch. I do not wear a watch 24/7. I take it off at night. I set it on the night stand. I put it on in the morning. Not an issue to plug it in at night. An always on screen coupled with a not too big battery (large battery = a watch too big to wear daily) are what I want.
Also, local storage and water resistance (water-proof even better)




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Why do people keep saying these should be $50 or lower? Who are you people and what's your angle? I mean... are you just joking? Cause if not... you're fucking insane.

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Now in the smartwatch world I can certainly see the advantage of QI charging. Everyone takes their watch off at night and to be able to just set it down on a charging pad would be nice.

Everyone does not take their watch off at night. The best part of a smartwatch for me is the vibrating alarm. Kind of useless if it's on the charge over night

Posted from the ONE

My apologies. 90% of people take their watch off at night.

Actually you would be the first I heard that does not. As far as the alarm, I prefer vocal but to each his own.

I leave mine on. It's nice to glance at the time if I wake up. Tracking my sleep will be important for a smartwatch, as will waking me up. In fact, I'd argue most people will WANT their smartwatch on overnight. Could still find another time to charge, say while in the bathroom. 400mha battery should charge pretty quickly right?

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Yeah, the vibrating alarm is great. It's really convenient for couples if one has to wake up earlier than the other. I always felt like an asshole on days when I had to set the alarm for five in the morning when my girlfriend didn't have to be up until later, but that's no longer an issue.

Why would you take your watch off at night? I only take it off when it's charging, or I'm diving in deep or non-fresh water.

It's kind of a no-win situation for me. If it charges wirelessly, then a Qi charger is yet another thing I have to shove into my already bursting-at-the-seams backpack when I travel. If it charges with microUSB, then I would worry about sweat, even if it has a door on the plug.

Qi would be a nice addition, of course, but personally, I'd rather see them do what Pebble did and use a USB-pogo pin charger.

I guess I am just not all that concerned with how I travel. I have my "carry on" which is usually just a duffel bag and I have my tech bag. I usually have 2 of everything (chargers for laptop, phone chargers, ect.) so it would not be that big a deal to throw in a QI...

I usually am not gone more than a day or two either so your mileage may vary

Yeah, that's the thing, I'm usually gone for about four days at a time, and I usually have to switch hotels at least once mid-week. I try to minimize the stuff that I have to pack and unpack. One extra proprietary USB cable for the Pebble isn't that big of a deal, but a Qi pad would be kind of a pain in the ass.

Obviously I'm kind of a fringe case, and I don't represent a user group that most manufacturers really need to pay all that much attention to, though.

yeah if I had that schedule I would more than likely feel as you do. I have to travel between 2 sites in NJ but I do them on opposing weeks so I can avoid the 4 day travel week (or splitting the days in between sites).

There are some pretty small pads, the LG puck is barely larger than a tennis ball (diameter wise, it's flat obviously).

I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, my gear 2 is perfect. I don't care if it can't be used with other devices because i don't have those anyway or like some say, it's no good becuase of the battery life, but for me, I am OK with it. I will say, when this wearable comes out I would be very interested in seeing how it really performs. None of these wearable watches are going to be exactly how we want them the first go round, but after a few years, they are going to be close.

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Oh no, 36 hours of time. It's like I can't get a to a charger or something. My life is horrible woe is me. Stupid LG and stupid batter. Whoa is me.

Dear lord for a group of mostly grown adults, you all whine more than the children I work with and they have developmental issues.

>"Leaked specs of the LG G Watch reveal 36 hour standby time, 4 GB internal memory"

No, it has only 512MB of memory.
It has 4GB of *storage*.

36 hours is a bit less on stand by. I hope they have a "Always on" feature. Because apart from that It is more of a geek toy rather than a watch.

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Before its all said and done ill be charging my phone, watch, glasses, computer, toothbrush, and tablet every night.

I'm just not into buying watches to do what my cell phone does. It's getting rediculious now with technology. Years from now we might as well let facebook install a chip in US so we are tracked 24/7

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