LG G Pro 2

Slim, rounded design with buttons on the back

We know that the LG G Pro 2, the company's big-screened follow-up to last year's Optimus G Pro, is coming next month, but for the moment that's about all the official info we have on the device. So today it's interesting to note the appearance of a couple of leaked images claiming to show the back and sides of LG's next oversized handset.

Korean site DC Inside has published two shots purportedly showing the upcoming device, and it appears LG's sticking with the G2's design language for its next big thing. The photos show G2-style back-mounted buttons, along with a camera and LED flash, and a similarly curved design. It seems loudspeaker has moved from the bottom trim, and now lives on the back panel. Besides these obvious details, it appears we're looking at a slim, curved chassis similar to that of recent LG high-enders.

Rumored G Pro 2 specs include a 6-inch Full HD display, 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 800 processor, though today's leak gives us no further info on the device's internals — or its software, which is said to be based on Android 4.4 KitKat. But with Mobile World Congress just a few weeks away, hopefully we won't have to wait long to learn more. Check past the break for one more photo.

Source: DC Inside; via: Engadget

LG G Pro 2


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Leaked images claim to show LG's new G Pro 2


With the Galaxy S5 and Lg G3 on the way soon with upcoming resolutions of 2560 by 1440p 560ppi means the Lg Gpro2 totally MISSES THE MARK so badly it's comical.

Matching the Galaxy Note 3 spec for spec in March 2014 6months after October 2013 is definitely a TOTAL FAILURE

Expect NO LEGITIMATE SALES for this device regardless of the carriers it arrives on.

It's pretty clear now WHY SAMSUNG who made this category prominent today is the industry leader in the PHABLET game.

The BEST upcoming devices in the next 90 days will be the Galaxy S5 and Lg G3 end of story

At the end of the day it's pretty Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

6 months isn't that bad considering Samsung is king. Lg does suck though

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

Lg G2... best phone I've ever had all around, and I've had em all... not trying to come at ya, but can you elaborate on why LG sucks? I really don't care what you think, in all honesty, I'm just curious if you've ever even really tried LG since their latest offerings . And don't say updates ... that's not really an issue. Also, when you back a known troll douchebag, you're asking for trouble here on AC.

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Please do explain why someone needs that high of a resolution in 6 inches of screen? I'd love to hear this... Android Central WHY THE FUCK HAVEN'T YOU BLOCKED THIS TROLL ASSHOLE YET?!

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There are alote of phones that match the note 3 spec for spec...the only thing it has over my lg g2 is the 3gb of ram but the note 3 needs it to run that software anyway so its not faster...your just another fanboy. And before you deny your a fanboy think about what your doing faggot...you came and commented on a LG post to praise your almighty note 3 which will be old news next week stfu.

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Buy the newest most powerful Android device available. Week later its out of date. Story of all our lives.

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We are at the close of that at least hardware-wise. There is not too many other places to go.

What I am waiting for is for Android to hit upon "the next big thing" OS-wise. I am not really sure where to go or what to do. I suppose modular software is where to go, but the OEMs have to buy into it (Android is Open Source so they cannot really be forced).

Guess that is why I am not one of the Google geniuses huh?

Where exactly is modular software?

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Kinda along the lines of what Motorola is doing great with the X. Camera app can be updated outside of updating the entire OS.

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

U just got moto x three days ago. Camera app sucked bad at first. The like three updates hit and now its as good as nexus 4. Also the moto x keeps continuing to learn my voice. And doing better. Its cool.

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Thanks for playing. Bloat has nothing to do with OEMs upping specs for the sake of upping specs for the sake of appealing to the consumer.

Bloated UI? IR blaster, camera software, different UI to fit all the options available, etc... You call that bloat?

Only difference between current LG devices and that is screen and RAM. That's it.

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 5 (4.4.2)

I'm liking the looks of LG phones lately but I wish the buttons weren't on the back

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Actually the buttons on the back make sense. Hold ur phone and u always have ur index finger on the back. So it does make a lot of sense.

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I have always held my phone edge to edge, no fingers on the back. Index and second finger on the volume rockers

+1 I like the buttons on the back and had no problems getting use to it. Especially with knock on you rarely need to use it.

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agreed. I'm still getting used to them on my G2 but knock on works well enough. it's certainly not a gimmick feature like most of touchwiz. my biggest complaint about the G2's button layout is that it's awkward to power off/change volume when holding the phone up landscape with 2 hands (watching a video or playing a game) or when it's in a car dock. Also, while the phone sits level when on a flat surface, it';s not completely flat, at least on the VZW model. the volume buttons stick up a fraction of a mm. I have a PU goo mat and i'm afraid it's gonna yank the buttons off if i pull the phone straight off.

Me too, I hate those buttons. But a lot of people really like em'. At least LG is trying something different.

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I agree. I don't like it. I have large hands as well and when I pretend to have buttons on the back just to see how it would feel it feels weird, almost crampy. I suppose if you use it mostly for watching videos it would make sense. In that instance you may be holding the phone differently than when you are talking on it or the way I hold it with one had wrapped around the sides so I don't drop it while I use the other to touch the screen.

Yes and that is just the way it is and will continue to evolve at that rapid rate. However the specs are plenty fast enough unless you are easily iratated and must have the latest. If that is the case then yes you need to have the money to keep up as it is not going to slow down well not yet anyway.

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Overall I like what I have read about the phone, very Note 3 on the specs. That is a good thing not a backhanded compliment.

Without an s-pen it is just a really big phone, but a better offering than the Flex for media consumption.

My 2+ weeks with the G2 did not help me get used to the buttons on the back. I am sure that I can (wish I could use italics there) get used to it without a terribly long period, but didn't. It's their thing though and everyone needs one.

A bit disappointed that the HTC speakers aren't in there, but you never know we might see more at MWC.

Another thing, and I know it is a small segment and not the focus, is that these bigger phones are great for people with seeing difficulties (hearing as well with closed captioning).

My question for G2 and the like is does LG have something like "easy mode"? I am sure that the Note 3's one handed mode wasn't in any of the other phones of this variety, but please correct me if I am wrong...

there are "one-handed" settings in the G2. One always u to shift the phone dialer keypad to either side. Another does the same for the stock LG keyboard, but I couldnt get it to work. I use swype anyway, even though LG keyboard seemed pretty damn good. THe 3rd one -handed option shifts the PIN pad on the lock screen if you have a PIN enabled. I don't. I love the idea of this. I have medium-sized hands for a guy and have trouble touching the far side and top of the display one-handed. the phone dialer option lets me dial with one hand much easier.

For accessibility options, there is a triple-tap to zoom, a toggle for "large text", power button ends calls, speak passwords, "enhanced web accessibility", which says it can allow web sites to install "scripts from google" to make the content "more accessible", and a setting to change the tap and hold delay.

Not sure what the Note 3 offers, but it seems to be about average for a newer phone.

Only con about this is the awful speaker placement. Good looking device by the way.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

I just hope that the lg g2 gets updated soon. If not then lg will be missing out because most people still think of them as a company that doesn't keep up with updates. It's sad really, such great hardware and software but they suck at updating.

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Is there something magical in 4.4 that you're dying to have? Or are you just one of those people that thinks the latest is always the greatest? Currently, the G2 performs like a beast, and I have yet to have a hiccup with this phone at all, and aside from rooting and utilizing xposed for a few UI tweaks on the stock rom, there is literally nothing else this phone needs. Not sure what the big deal is about updates with the G2, considering it runs perfectly just the way it is.

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I have the G2 and yes, it runs like a beast. However, yes I want 4.4 for no other reason that I have the latest and greatest phone out and therefore want the same on the software side. I appreciate you're defending the G2, because it is a great phone, but blasting someone on AC for wanting the latest Android update puts you in the minority camp here.

Pick and choose your battles.

Blasting someone? Shit man, you'll know when I'm blasting someone. That wasn't even close, nor was that the intention. And no, I don't think I'm in the minority here. But whatever, I couldn't care less what you or anyone else thinks about anything. Just stating my opinion, whether you agree or not. I'll let you have yours too, that's how shit works. But I sure am glad you appreciate me defending a phone... helps me sleep at night knowing you care so very much... /s

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I just do not like those back side buttons. I played with one for a while and cannot stand it. If they just put the buttons in a normal place like every other phone I might consider these devices.

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I just do not like those back side buttons. I played with one for a while and cannot stand it. If they just put the buttons in a normal place like every other phone I might consider these devices.

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Takes about 2 weeks, give or take. Now I think every phone is stone age era for still having them on the sides.

If the G3 weren't coming out soon, i'd jump all over this.

Looks like the back might be removable??

Maybe when this is released my LG OG will see kittykat. Lol who am I kidding.

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ok so this phone might get me interested. My current VZW contract is up in 2 weeks and i'm still loving my original Moto Razr Maxx. Still incredible battery life on it and nothing has interested me since i got it. I'm a Moto guy but with nothing that i've heard high end coming out from them, this LG will make me go look. I just hope Moto bring something good out sometime this year.. i'm in no hurry to change but i'll go look at the LG

Get the Droid maxx. Its not as up-to-date with the specs, even tho everybody knows specs don't matter, but its the successor to the RAZR and a great phone. I loved just saying, "ok, google now", and the phone just unlocked and patched straight in to Google Now, no button pressing needed.

Same here,, still haven't found anything that peaks my interest,, for what I use it for,, still the perfect device

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I love my G2. The SW they include is great and I really don't wish for an update; It's that good. I wish other makers would include software that didn't make you want to beg for an update a few months after it was released.

The buttons on the back took me a week to really get used to. A Diztronics case made that even easier. I like a case on my phone, I get that others don't so...

Unfortunately the OEMs don't have many optons except HW specs to keep people upgrading; most people would not upgrade if there were only SW changes as people seem to expect this for free.

I'm glad nearly all OEMs don't ship with 'Stock' (quotes because even Nexus 5 isn't stock) Android. That would be a bad thing because Android would become stale if it were only up to Google to push it forward.

I'm a light user so I can go a couple of days between charges; I could maybe go three, but I don't like to let the battery get too low. Usually about 7 hours of screen time. Those numbers fluctuate depending on what I'm doing though.

I agree with your whole post entirely. i'm loving my G2. i came from a GNex and ran an AOSP-based rom on my phone before that (thunderbolt...has it really been 4 years since VZW LTE??). I couldn't stand touchwiz or motoblur, and while I did enjoy Sense to an extent it was too slow. The G2's software is phenomenal. There may have been a ton of VZW bloat added (nothing root + Titanium couldn't handle) but most of the actual LG software adds value. For really the first time ever I am using software that came pre-installed on my phone instead of apps doing the same function i'd been previously using. They're better than a lot of what you can find in the Play Store (or at least what's available for free). The included notebook and notepad apps would be paid/pro apps on the market. the camera software is pretty good, and I hope the IR remote works for my devices. So far i really couldn't be more happy with the G2 in almost any way. it's only been a few days so far but it's been the best phone experience i've ever had, and this is despite non-removal battery and storage, which I was pretty strongly against.

Very true man fuck expendable storage i have 60+ apps including dead trigger 2 and real racing 3 (big games) , 2 1080p movies, 200 photos and 50+ songs and still have 11gb left...why do people need so much apace?

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Ohh well i am using LG #G2, this phone is awesome, sometimes i feel like the speed is just too fast for my eyes, the only thing i think i dont lie is where they have place the Speakers, i mean it makes it hard to hear sound when playing games without headsets,
But all in all is the best phone of all times,
LG Pro looks good as well.

I get it, change is hard. You've been through so much already, color tv's, microwaves, wifi, etc.

Just teasing. :)

The OG optimus G pro looks more premium IMO. Give me a QHD screen LG's octa-core processor bigger batt and im sold.

Google's (Motorola) being too democratic with their Nexus line. They should be building and perfecting this superior phone. Motorola came out soft with the Moto X and G. I think they're trying to be like Apple with the colored phones etc... Their first phone, the Moto X, has a small outdated size screen and specs. I know the internal hardware isn't an issue with the X but still it's a fail.
If Google can't build great phones with Motorola they're going to sink Motorola. It's not like they need the money but Google hasn't proven themselves in the hardware department whatsoever. I think they need someone who knows what they're doing making Motorola phone build choices. They need to kick out some amazing phones like Samsung.

They couldn't afford to make the Moto X amazing and scare Samsung, LG, etc away. Would've destroyed Android and caused devastating financial losses. I like to think of the Moto X as Google science project. That phone was there to set up the stage for something bigger in the future (voice communication wise)