LG Revolution

Although the LG Revolution was announced quite a while ago now, there is still no sign of it being launched. No matter -- we all have the HTC Thunderbolt to hold us over but that doesn't mean the LG Revolution news has to stop. For those of you who like to dig through system dumps you'll find the LG Revolution to contain some interesting items. Although I'm sure most of you out there will only be concerned with one -- Netflix.

Yes, if you dig deep enough into the system dump you'll find there is a Netflix install file in there. We knew it was going to be loaded, as we've seen it in the past but the system dump turning up was a surprise. We've not put it to the test but I was however able to log in just fine. That said, if you do get it working let us know in the comments. [AndroidSpin]


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LG Revolution system dump has Netflix


downloading now on my EVO. hope it works lol even if it's just to see a list of recently viewed movies or browse and add to instant que.


It installed fine! Logged in just fine! I tap a video...

"Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problems persists please visit netflix.com. (1005)"

Hope a dev could force it to work... Tested on a stock Nexus S w/ 2.3.3 with unlocked boot loader.

That was my assumption, but then I remembered this device is coming with Froyo, so it wouldn't probably make a difference. Some guy with his Fascinate reported it working on twitter, but I doubt he was legit >.>

Very sad... I still don't know how Netflix is going to break this to the millions of Android users, they have to look for a NETFLIX CERTIFIED seal or something...

Knowing the Android dev community, we might see this on early devices.

Rooted Droid X loads up and seems to be fine for Instand Queue management but after I click play it looks like it's starting playback and then returns to the Home screen. Curses!

will allow me to do everything but play, but will work with this for now and wait to see what comes of this.

This has been done CM 6.1 Dinc

can do everything but actually stream any thing i get the 1005 error like everyone else . this is on a Droid 1 running 2.3.3 gpa13. app is actually pretty fast on the old boy too

Rooted Atrix loaded everything perfectly until trying to load a video in which it went from loading back to the menu. I was so hopeful the entire time haha.

Same as everyone else when it came to account and queue on rooted Droid X, but it was so exciting to finally see the red screen on my DX..can't wait.

so everyone basically commented on the same issue. Theres probably a license issue like there is for the Avatar video file on the Vibrant. Not sure why everyone is so surprised video playback doesnt work.

Installed just fine on my rooted Cappy get to the log in screen put in username and password and just goes back to app menu. I was hoping it would work but at least their is hope.

Droid X (non root): same error when trying to play movies, "re-log into". However it does allow me to add movies to my Queue. Its deff a step closer than what we have had in the past..

11+ MB plus cache? Not worth my precious memory. I wish more developers would adopt app2sd.

Dear Spam Filter,



I don't get why so many people drool over Netflix.

1. Their watch instantly selection is POOR. I searched for 20 movies, only two were available.

2. Do you really want to watch a 2 hr movie on a phone?

At home? on a Tablet or maybe a device with a beautiful screen meant for this reason in mind? Yeah, sure. Maybe I am on a train or maybe I am just waiting at a doctor's office, ya know it doesn't have to always be a home theater system or anything like that. Plus people want it on tablets, a majority of tablets are not going to have Netflix thanks to Qualcomm etc. that sucks. When a media device can't have access to a powerful streaming service? Maybe Netflix might not have titles you want, but I definitely know the majority of my favourite titles are on there.

Yes, i do want to watch a 2 hour movie on my 4.3 inch screen i purchased with that in mind. Even if i didn't, i still want the option, I'm a paying customer just like iphone and windows customers and their screens are so small they can't enjoy them! Just want it for the principal of it, i already have a free site that blows netflix selection out of the water and gets me through long workdays but i pay for netflix on ps3 and xbox and i want it on my phone like every one else!

More than likely Netflix has the web service look at something that comes in with the request, maybe the phone fingerprint or something. Looks like there is some APK digging needed. Tried it on my Optimus and Nook, no luck, same error as above.

Or maybe they simply have the web servive off on their end.

hmm, i wonder if the thunderbolt will ever support netflix. or if verizon offered unlimited 4g on it knowing that it never will. since its likely to be a bandwidth hog

I just looked on my Netflix account and it did register my phone as a mobile device. It shows as this: Android Mobile (Obsolete). Just thought it was interesting.

Interesting. I wonder if there is a way to hack it into thinking your phone is an "accepted" or "authorized" device. Facebook thinks my phone is an LG P500 (my phone is actually a Dell STREAK), so I wonder if we can trick Netflix the same way.

Ditto on a DELL STREAK running StreakDroid custom FroYo ROM. It loads, lets me check the Queue, lets me add or change, lets me search, but does not stream.

I don't get any error, it just dumps you back at the main menu.

Still, it is better than any of the other third party "netflix managers".

Hey guys what version and bud number is this Netflix app? The leaked Netflix app from Android police I downloaded yesterday says Version 1.0.1 Build 691773-1.1.0 mine no longer gives me a error bit just keeps loading.