There's an update to the Chrome beta channel for Android, bumping it to version 26.0.1410.26. Along with a new number comes some fixes and enhancements that are important, but the real news here is that this version also includes support for password sync and autofill sync. 

That means that any other instances of Chrome (version 26 or higher) you've signed into and set up can now share things like log in details, or your address for web forms, or any text field that has a common label. This is great news if you visit a lot of sites on the web and have Chrome set up to securely remember your passwords, and the autofill sync is a blessing if you buy a lot of stuff online. 

Of course, you can also opt to turn this off if you use another method to manage your passwords and personal details. Chrome beta for Android works with phones and tablets running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. You can download it, or update, from the Google Play link above.

Source: Chrome Releases blog


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The latest Chrome Beta brings password and autofill sync to Android


Anyone on a Nexus 7 have chrome beta claim this device is not compatible with this version, in the play store? I'm rooted but otherwise stock and I had chrome beta installed but now I can't get it back...(tried uninstalling).

I can live without full screen as long as they give me text reflowing when zooming.
Stock has had that since dirt.

I don't get why you'd want that. I hated that about the stock browser. I'm glad Chrome zooms in just enough to fit the width of the text field with the width of the screen.

Well when you find an article that is in small print and you are using a small device, you will find that you simply can't zoom up the text to read it without scrolling back and forth. Its an extremely annoying way to read anything.

If text is reflowed then you can zoom up the text to a comfortable size on a phone and it is reflowed so that it still stays all on the width of the screen.

If you enjoy scrolling back and forth across the screen to read the end of every line, you could always turn off that feature in the stock browser.

At last!

Now... if I only knew why Chrome (regular or Beta) runs so **absymally* poorly on my Galaxy Nexus. The early iterations of Chrome were fine, but somewhere down the line it turned into an OS-destroying CPU hog.

Gave Chrome a long chance on my phone but I finally uninstalled it the other day.
Couldn't stand the lag/slowness... I went back to Dolphin.
Chrome is my browser of choice in PC... but this thing just ain't ready yet for Android.

Seeing the T-Mo girl in her dress (as opposed to riding leathers) reminds me of their commercials with the iPhone guy. Wonder if they'll bring him back since they're finally getting the iPhone. I was always convinced they were going to marry them off when that happened.