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Here it is, folks, the last version of Adobe Flash Player for mobile. Final. Kaput. Only, not really. While Adobe has halted work on future versions, we're still likely -- very likely -- to see the odd bugfix here and there. So head on over to the Android Market and snag version, which has some security enhancements and bugfixes, including video streaming on the Samsung Galaxy S II and enabling 1080p video on upcoming Tegra 3 devices.

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cashxx says:

Fine with me, less advertisements.....burn in hell Flash!

Such a narrow sighted view... open your eyes.

Godwellz says:

"Less advertisements"???
Did you really just say that, moron? If you don't want FLASH to run on your phone, I suggest you use that brain and adjust your browser NOT to auto-play Flash, but please...allow the rest of us to enjoy the 21st Century.

Thank you.

PHIL! Question! . . . What do you think Manufacturers will do with their newer devices? Just dump flash on there anyway? I Mean after a while this version won't be highly optimized for new chips coming out... What do you think is going to happen?

afazel says:

Remember when Tegra 2 was announced, and it was supposed to have built-in enhancements for rendering Flash? Ya, so much for that extra effort from nVidia. Not that it seemed to work very well anyway, but still.

vbsoulpole says:

Has Flash already been previously updated to support ICS?

frozencloud says:

so no flash for ics?

movielover76 says:

I'm just glad they added optimizations for Tegra 3, as I'm planning on getting the Asus transformer prime, I was waiting for the quad core tegra3 before purchasing a tablet.

I think it does suck that they've stopped development for the project, no matter how much HTML5 video may be the wave of the future, for years to come sites will still be using flash, or at minimum have mixed html5 and flash content as upgrading to html5 video isn't exactly easy.

ruel24 says:

Say it with me, "Steve was right!"

Dripz167 says:

Steve said HTML5 is the future, not that Adobe would stop supporting it.... on mobiles

ruel24 says:

What Steve said:

Steve has said time and time again that Flash is not fit for mobile devices. Adobe has come to realize this. It's a buggy mess.

Nope. The problem is the number of devices and frankly Google's retarded pace of updates. I'm certain that played into it. The simple fact of the matter is that if you had even a remote clue you would know that Flash still runs rings around what HTML5 can do. The only...and I do mean ONLY reason was sales. When are you iTard going to get it through your god damn head there was not a single word that slipped past Steve Job's lips that wasn't geared towards making more money for Apple.

Do you know what would have happened if the bagillion flash games all of a sudden showed up on iPhone....Take a wild guess what that would have done to game sales on the App store?

Everything else was smoke and mirrors and BS. This only get an hour or two of battery life when running flash? BS. Or my personal fav no one reads anymore....couple years later what are they selling on the app store? Or how about the classic one....Steve Jobs standing on stage introducing the iPod with color and explaining that we are including video on these devices , because others were at that time, because of the size of the screen. Its not an optimal viewing experience. Two years later iPod nano with video.

Steve Jobs was, and forever will be full of iCrap, yet you iTards refuse to see it.

Godwellz says:


ruel24 says:

Say it with me, "Steve was right!"

dyinman says:

So, Steve predicted bugfixes and security patches of Adobe Flash 11 on mobile?

vinny jr says:

I find if very funny how all these Apple fan boys refer to Jobs as STEVE as if they have a personal relationship with him. The only personal relationship you had with him was your wallet. His closed up tite as a duck's ass OS was great for STEVE because everything and anything you had to have for your wittle I-Phones had to come from STEVE and that cost big deneros. I have my Android phone with S-OFF, rooted and running a custom rom with free tethering. I can do anything with my phone and if I get tired of the look of the OS there are many others I can try. Love It. Oh by the way try that with one of STEVES phones.

What? Do you call God by a last name...because at this point I'm seeing iTard buying iCrap simply in memory of Jobs. Next step deification.

Godwellz says:

VINNY...LMAO!!! So true!!!
They act as if he personally delivers and autographs each cute little white lady-box that the iphony comes in. The only thing saving the iphone right now is the retard SIRI and that is pretty much it. I just got the RAZR last night and I love it. I can multi-task, I can keep my music files as mp3s, I can program the phone to kill apps that are not being used, record in HD, free run of my desktop layout, speech-to-text, 1.3 front facing camera, etc etc etc...

The iphone will soon be laying right next to "Steve".

sanman202 says:

I only see Android passing Apple right by and not looking back. We're dealing with Google which will not lay down. Mr. Steve..oh Mr. Jobs had great concepts and may have started lots of the ideas for mobile devices but one the ideas get going sometimes someone else (Google) will become more innovative. All it takes is a trigger to get others going and Apple really needs to re-invent themselves soon so they can keep up. I will never change over to Apple if I can help it. Nothing personal, but I just really like Google as a whole. They are open and keep on moving on.

hmmm says:

Meh, I switched to Firefox once the announcement was made. I am sure they knew this was coming for a very long time which is why they never included flash in their browser for Android. I have rarely needed flash on my phone the way it is.

Stang68 says:

Is this that cool update with support for 3D video graphics or whatever it was?

Hand_O_Death says:

They will call the ICS comparability a "Bug Fix" and release it just to get around it lol.

dchawk81 says:

I've uninstalled flash entirely. Haven't missed it yet. It's too much of a pig - not just with processor resources but with storage and battery - to be worthwhile on mobile.

Smart companies have websites that don't rely on flash for their primary content because they want iPhone and feature phone customers too.

Synycalwon says:

Many still want the option to have/use Flash. Storage or performance isn't an issue on these newer phones as they're fully capable of displaying full desktop websites. If you're concerned about performance or battery use, just set your browser "Enable Plug-ins" to on-demand and Flash based stuff won't load unless you tell it to. Best of both worlds! There are a lot of web sites yet that use Flash content, so it's still very much needed. Not a day goes by where I don't hear a complaint from iUsers about no Flash support for some website. It's a real pain point yet for many. It should at least be an option for the user and not restricted by the device maker. But, that's the Apple way unfortunately. You want more choice and control, go with Android. :)

sanman202 says:

It's all relative to what type of phone you have. Flash runs spectacular on the Galaxy S II with the dual core 1.5 processor. Also, with Gingerbread that helps with it running better. HTML 5 is just more compatible with different platforms. Flash mobile is buggier on slower devices with lower end hardware. If the phones started coming out with 2ghz processors and 2gb of RAM then you will see Flash running great. This would happen as hardware is very close to those specs now, again it's just that HTML 5 runs better on more operating systems/hardware.

Nirvana328 says:

flash works fine on my almost 2 year old Nexus One. I guess vanilla Android runs smoother than a skinned version from HTC or Motorola. Shocking.

meccariello says:

To be honest, between the Microsoft lawsuits and flash bailing and the tablet failures, maybe I should be rethinking iphone/iPad. I mean....hoe many sterros are sold with iPhone docks now. makes me think that maybe I am on the wrong bandwagon

RaiderWill says:

Excellent. Now, My Quinta-Core Kal-El Tegra 3 Samsung Galaxy SIII on Verizon's 4G LTE Network will be ready to rock come Tax Time ! Oh Man I Can't Wait For That Phone !!!

Blazing on my 1,300 mhz Droid Charge.. For Now...

vinny jr says:

Too bad Adobe gave up on flash, it made the Mobile Web search much more interesting. Flash on demand was the way I have it set up on my phone, doesn't slow the phone down at all and when you find something you want to see, bang it's right there. Something will change, flash might be picked up by some other company willing to give it a try. I hope so, I think it still has a place on the Mobile Phone.