ZOMM Wireless Leash

Here's a fun little last-minute gift for an Android-lover who's always leaving their phone laying around. The ZOMM Wireless Leash, as the name suggests, is a slick little way to help make sure your phone stays nearby.

The ZOMM connects to your phone via Bluetooth. You then register it online and connect to the ZOMM desktop software, which lets you update the firmware and adjust settings, like how far away the puck has to get before it triggers an alarm. And that, in a nutshell, is that. If the puck is separated from the phone, it starts with a little buzz. And then a beep, letting you know that you've got the puck, but not the phone. 

The ZOMM also serves as a hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone, and has one-touch emergency dialing to 911 and serves as a panic alarm.

Connecting the ZOMM to our phone was easy enough -- standard (awful) Bluetooth procedure. And it worked as advertised. Walk too far away, and the alarm sounds. The speakerphone, unsurprisingly, isn't all that great. And frankly if we're that close to the phone, we're just going to use the phone's speakerphone. But the easy 911 access is great, especially if you're using the included keychain with the ZOMM. Very handy.

The ZOMM isn't a "find my phone" tool -- it's more of a "hey, don't forget that" tool. It's still up to you to know where your phone is -- or to find it if you don't. But it's pretty darn handy. And while it's not cheap, neither does it break the bank at around $75. Check out ZOMM's promo video after the break.

ZOMM at Amazon (black, white, pink)
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Last-minute stocking stuffer: ZOMM Wireless Leash


I really wanted to buy this product. I'm paranoid about (somehow) forgetting my phone and this seems to help with that but I really doubt that i'd use it as a speaker, especially if it's gonna be attached to my keychain at all times. I just want the damn alarm but there's no way i'd pay over $30 for something that a bluetooth headset can do (when you're out of range, most bluetooth headsets beep).

Yup, this is a great $30 gadget.

$79? Not a chance. Wait till the 26th and watch the price drop.

Nice thing about Amazon: It always lists similar products.

Be great for my Wife, who forgets the phone on the table, but heads out the door with her purse and keys.

Put the puck in the Purse. Problem Solved.

I think lookout is much better especially since its FREE. If you forget your phone you just login to your online account and either initiate a gps track of your phone and/or make it scream. Plus its on all the time.

Lookout/Seekdroid/Cerebus serve a different purpose. They help you find a lost/stolen phone. This gizmo will warn you when you get too far from your phone so you don't lose in the first place.

Imagine if you have a phone finder on your phone but you go to work without your phone. You can sit at work and find your phone and/or trigger an alarm all day long but your phone is still at home and you are at work. I wouldn't pay $75 for this gadget but it's an interesting idea that serves a definite need.

Can this work in reverse? Say i attach the puck to my keys and my phone beeps when i leave them behind, im always leaving my keys not my phone.

There's a one star review on Amazon that brings up an excellent point. Unless your phone can handle two bluetooth devices simultaneously, the ZOMM will disconnect your head set or automobile pairing, or vice versa. It's only one or the other. Too bad. With the ZOMM on your keyring, no more forgetting your phone at the deli counter.

Still I could use this when hiking. Switch to the ZOMM when out in the woods, switch back to the car's bluetooth when back at the trailhead.

Nevertheless, I would still like to know if my phone can handle two bluetooth devices at the same time without resorting to the expensive trial and error method?