Flappy Bird on your TV

Now that the Google Cast SDK is out in the open, developers are free to conjure up all kinds of ways to take advantage of Chromecast, Google's inexpensive streaming dongle. And today developer Koushik Dutta, of CyanogenMod and AllCast fame, has teased an implementation of the SDK that enables system-level mirroring of an Android device's screen onto Chromecast.

The minute teaser video shows Chromecast enabled in the Cast screen menu, before hopping into a game or three of Flappy Bird. The mirroring isn't quite instantaneous, but at this early stage it's impressive nonetheless. It's also not quite clear whether this is an upcoming CM feature or a new app, though the former is more likely since we're talking about system-wide mirroring.

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Koush teases Android mirroring to Chromecast


12 is a terrible high score for Flappy Birds. He should be ashamed.
Also, "minite-long" should be "minute-long".

Not to mention commenting on the errors of others when flappy bird is called flappy bird and not flappy birds. Don't even play the damn thing but it's endemic.

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This app from CM would def force me to go out & buy a chromecast if I could mirror my Note 2 to my flat screen

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Nice! I've always wondered why no one had done this for the chromecast, I have miracast in my blu ray player and its pretty cool for video not so much for games.

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no one has done it because the SKD was just released. i knew it wouldn't take long once that happened. that being said, I'm not sure how much I will use this. time will tell i guess, but no gaming will be done (due to the lag) but this seems like a better solution to videos and pictures. either way, I bought the app...waiting to see how well it actually performs.

How about Android Pass and Play board games? Everyone can look at the screen and come up with strategies while the person whose turn is it is poking around. Think this would be great for games like Catan and Ticket to Ride.

good point...some games would work just fine...anything that needs a pretty quick reaction time would be worthless though.

I wish he would make all cast usable before moving on. Takes roughly 3 minutes to buffer 30 seconds of video store locally

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Agreed. All cast is painfully slow. Even on a super fast router with minimal interference.

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Not here. Allcast works great - no buffering at all. Although sometimes I need to reboot my Galaxy S3 running Cyanogenmod in order to get it to work. But I admit that I have a Panasonic TV, which is one of the devices that works natively with Allcast.

I thought it was assumed I was talking about all cast with chromecast. I have a Samsung smart TV that it works pretty well on but my other 2 TV's are through chromecast and it's unusable for anything more than a few pictures.

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Yeah, I can think of lots of games that would benefit from Chromecast. In addition to SoC and TtR, there's Carcassonne, Drisk/Border Siege, Scrabble/Words with Friends, Pictionary-style games, Heads Up!, etc.

He has admitted he was wrong and apologized for all of the FUD he was spreading about Google & Chromecast yet?

He had lunch with them, he understood that they didn't intentionally break anything, but I don't think he said anything false. He was just annoyed that it was taking so long for the public SDK, and that they were slowly giving other apps approval at a trickle rate.

He didn't say anything false... He just pitched an uninformed fit. As if he never dragged his feet on anything or stopped supporting any of his own apps when he got bored or busy.

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I've been able to mirror my screen to my TV long before Chrome cast. And I can also do audio as well. The video shows no audio being transmitted.

Nobody is celebrating this because it is a new capability, but rather because the chromecast costs at most $35 and is also capable. Miracast dongles usually cost more than 35 and only do one thing and only support a handful of devices.

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There's already an option in display settings to 'cast screen' in the latest kit kat update. Doesn't do anything at the moment, but hopefully will be activated soonish

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That option is for a miracast TV or dongle. That has nothing to do with the chromecast.

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Miracast was a thing? Chromecast probably sold more units in a week than Miracast did in a year.

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What is the difference between this and what Biggifi has to offer; which uses your phone or tablet to access android on your TV.

So chromcast doesn't mirror phone or tablet?? Is this video of a chromecast that's been hacked to do so?? Was thinking of getting one but don't think I'd ever use it

Looking forward to this but all cast local video playback is very stuttery.

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The chromecast support for his allcast app is still in "beta" form, so I'm sure there are things he's still working out for that. But generally it's worked fairly well for me.

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Really? I can't cast any local videos taken at 1080p with my Nexus 5. They'll stutter every few seconds of playback.

Still in beta. If you want, you can try Real Player instead to stream to your Chromecast.

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Not yet. Koush is working on an app to do this which is what this article is discussing.

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From your chrome browser on your computer it will cast your browser window and it can display your entire desktop and anything on it. If you are talking about the Chrome browser on your phone then no, it can't do anything with CC. Supposedly Dolphin Browser is working on integrating CC support in a future release.

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About time. I hope it hits Google Play for general use. I don't want to gamble on losing features (wifi/gps randomly not working etc) by getting CM.

Would be interested if I could actually by a Chromecast

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