Galaxy S5 LTE-A

An LTE-A version of the Galaxy S5 with a QHD screen would be more than enough for most users, but it looks like South Korean carrier KT is taking things to another level by offering a limited edition version of the device with a new back panel.

The custom Galaxy S5 LTE-A will be available in the "Olleh" series of premium devices that are sold by the carrier, and comes with a diamond textured back that is quite different from the design of the standard Galaxy S5.

Other than the new back panel, KT's Galaxy S5 LTE-A has the same innards as the regular GS5 LTE-A, which include a 5.1-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) display, 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 805 SoC, 3 GB RAM, 16/32 GB internal memory, 16 MP camera, Wi-Fi ac, LTE-A (225 Mbps) connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and a 2800 mAh battery. Don't get your hopes up, as this device is exclusive to South Korea, with Samsung stating that it does not intend to launch the GS5 LTE-A in other markets for now.

Galaxy S5 LTE-A

What do you guys think of the redesigned back panel? Is it better looking than the original Galaxy S5?

Source: WebTrek; Via: GSMArena

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spock123 says:

/me looking at my obsolete M8...

Nah, still adore the M8 much more...

minnow4 says:


Posted via my sixth Sense HTC M8

lags1610 says:


Idk about that back. Not as subtle as the dot pattern.


eahinrichsen says:

Yeah, not a big fan. I don't like the dots at all, either, though. I really prefer the stitched leather design.

WolfpacDAR says:

me too! so many people bash it, but it just FEELS great! that's all i need :)

and frankly, i think it looks pretty decent.

but that's just like, my opinion, maaaan...
-The Dude

eahinrichsen says:

I was actually really surprised by how much I enjoyed the way it looks on the Chromebook 2 as well. It's a shame I just didn't care for the Chromebook 2 all that much.

NoNexus says:


DaGODFather says:

Interesting... I like the back on this one way more than the dotted back.

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aitt says:

Now it looks like Lenovo K900

But anything was better than that dimple looking cover

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D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

I'm jealous now...

Maggnus says:

I think this is better than the bandaid design

Vipe says:

hahaha 2800 akku paired with qhd screen? battery life's gonna suck on that, considering all the samsung bloatware sucking up energy.. g3 all the way

NoNexus says:

Ha ha

The Rom on the g3 is about the same size as on the s5...

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D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

Let's just admit that Android ROMs take up quite a bit of storage and that you can swap the battery out on both the S5 and G3 easily.

Oh, and you can disable some of that bloat, in case you didn't know.

Morten Lund says:

225mbps LTE-A does not come cheap in terms of power consumption either..

Dizfunctions says:

I have a feeling that Samsung will decide to release phone around the time when the iPhone 6 is released.

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NoNexus says:

Yeah the Note 4

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D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

Don't get your hopes up.

This won't be released worldwide, according to Samsung, unlike the S4 LTE-A, which was released in both Korea and Europe.

Look on the bright side. We're getting a Note 4, with possibly a greater screen, and if that's not your thing, there's the Galaxy F, which, according to rumors, is basically a bigger and different looking S5 LTE-A (that might not have LTE-A).

txfarmboy says:

My S5 looks the same as the limited edition one does in its protective case!

ucfgrad93 says:

I'd rather Samsung release the 32GB version for ATT than this.

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NoNexus says:

Here let me fix this for you.

You meant to say that you wish that ATT would add the 32GB version to its lineup.

There you go. Besides, this phone is Korean only so far...

rampage1979 says:

Actually samsung hasnt released 32gb models for any of the north american carriers.

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NoNexus says:

No, the actual statement is no North American carriers ordered it. Why? Data charges

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D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

I'd rather have this phone with 32GB, instead of a 32GB version of the normal S5.

Too bad this phone is Korean-only. Wanna import one for me? I'll pay you $900+, including shipping. xD

teejay69 says:

Who cares! I just want to see what the next NEXUS looks like if HTC builds it! If not it's M8 all the way, or whatever the Prime series of phones look like!

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NoNexus says:

Bad news, There more than likely will not be another Nexus. Tablet, sure. Phone, highly unlikely

meyerweb says:

Better than the dots, but that's not saying much.

OTOH, I've never decided to buy, or not buy, a phone based on the back, so I really don't care one way or the other.

bhatech says:

If LG does something Samsung will do the same and vice versa in their home market of Korea.

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theShiz says:

Weird.. When the dots were in the Nexus 7 it was cool. Same dots on S5 results in massive complaints.

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Exactly, because it's Samsung

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deeb215 says:

Either would suffice.

pquirk777 says:

Why does everyone seem so concerned with the back of the device? How many people use a phone without some sort of protective case or cover? I'm NOT trying to start a poll here but in my experience, I see very, very few "naked" phones out there. As long as there is a cover available out there that looks and feels good to you, what difference does the original back cover make? That's why I always laugh when people talk about how thin and sexy the iPhone is because I don't personally know a single iPhone user that doesn't encase it in some sort of plastic brick.

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cloud36426 says:

I personally like the design on the back of this one.

worknman says:

Nobody is talking about the storage options on this thing. I wonder why ...

prediscover says:

you could just buy the back cover off of ebay eventually if you like the design
that's the power of removable backs

the1m.polo says:

Id rather they redesign touchwiz

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ConeD says:

Where Can I buy this phone..

Is there is a link to what Bands LTE this has .. If it has 2,4, and 17 I am golden.