Kindle Fire HD 7

UPS just dropped off our Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and we wanted to share a look at the first new Kindle to be released. It's a 7-inch tablet that sort of runs Android -- Amazon has forked off the stock Ice Cream Sandwich build and made it their own, never once mentioning the word Android on the device or packaging. The Fire HD 7 (my new name for it) comes with 16 or 32GB of storage (we grabbed the 16) and features a TI OMAP 4460 under a 7-inch 1280x800 screen.

Of course we're going to review the unit at length, but first impressions come back positive. The Fire HD 7 is well built, and feels like it was constructed out of quality materials. It's light enough to use with one hand, and balanced well -- it should serve purposes just fine for reading or lounging and watching a video or two.

All your Amazon content is instantly available from the moment you register the device with your Amazon account, which was painless. The screen itself seems to be of good quality, is nice and bright, and easy to see. We'll have to put it to further testing, but I'm not afraid to call it "good" at first glance. The tablet's performance seems fine as well, but of course we need to see how it handles some gaming or streaming long video.

We'll have more about the Kindle Fire HD 7 coming, including the inevitable comparison to the Nexus 7 over the next few days, and stay tuned for the full review. For now, hit the break for an unboxing and quick 10 minute look .

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Kindle Fire HD 7 unboxing and initial impressions


Does anyone else notice that a power adapter is not included, but extra??! I couldn't believe it when I opened the box for my Kindle Fire HD. A power adapter should be standard issue!

so can i add multiple amazon accounts to it and access all their content without much effort? wont change my mind that the nexus 7 is the better buy, but im curious and would like easy swapping with the kindle app on Android ;-)

No included power adapter, have to pay extra to get rid of ads, recessed power and volume buttons, borked version of Android... yuck, no thanks! :-( I'll keep my Nexus 7! :-P

Really wish my N7 had the dual stereo speakers. Big up for the Kindle in my opinion.
Too bad I can not stand that UI, I am much happier with the N7.

Thanks Jer, and awesome outro with the "runnin' round nakid" plug at the end for AC gear.

Not a big deal at all. The sound isn't that great. Speakers are on the back so you' ll never get true stereo.Theres NOTHING the Kindle Fire HD betters the Nexus 7 at. It's a nice tablet but MUCH more restricted than any carrier clogged smartphone. Good enough for those unfamiliar with current tech. I' ll be getting a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 or a Nexis 7.

Different strokes for different folks, not everything has to be a battle. If you like Amazon, get the Kindle. If you like stock Android, get the Nexus 7. If you wanna battle tablets like you're a damn Pokemon trainer, get a life haha. I have to say I think the video itself was kind of poor quality, but do appreciate the sneak peek. The OCD in me wants to wash the cheeto finger prints off the back though.

The thing that I dislike most about the Kindle is the fact that they don't state that ita Android based. I mean Yea they reworked it but damn they Don't give any credit to Google. Maybe its just me but it feels like they are stealing the OS making it theirs and not giving credit to those who made it so they had the opportunity.

OK so having purchased a N7 (google direct) and rented a Kindle Fire HD (gizmotakeout) I think personally as a Amazon Prime Member the latter makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately I have to return the rental but it was cheap. So no more guilt over my Holiday purchase.

My N7 was complete junk. Screen separation. Software problems out the @SS. It's gone.

7 inches is too small for anything but an e-reader or light video watching in bed, so this will be fine. Load on Nova launcher and I'm good to go. Twice the storage space as the Junk7 makes more sense than quad-core chip for gamer geeks pretending this is a console gaming device.

nova launcher will not install, both because you would have to hack and side load and because it wouldnt even work then. It appears that the fire may be using android 2.3 as the base they built off of and nova is not compatible with anything less than 4.0

Wow. What ignorance. Did you not even consider that there would be problems with the first wave of a new device.
Twice the storage? Who cares? What about actually having a good device? The Kindle Fire HD is a year behind. It doesn't even run Android! (Yeah, it's Android-based, but there is no resemblance whatsoever). So keep your mouth shut if you're going to make such ignorant comments. I can't help it. I have to rage at such haters.

for price and quality, who wouldn't get this over any other 7 inch tablet??? We'll see if Apple will unveil a 7-inch iPad mini of sorts. But my guess starting price would be $300 since that seems to be the way Apple rolls with their products.

Yeah! $300 minimum. Maybe its the shadow in the pic that was posted but the back of the kindle by the ports seems out of alignment and cheap.

Intrested to see if the Cyanagenmod team goes to work on this. I would rather have an Android experience than use Amazon's Android hydrid.

that was a nice unboxing video. the kindle fire at first glance seems good but personally nexus 7 just takes the crown.
the bloated amazon experience is as i said --- bloated.

Hey Jerry, where is thr Nexus 10 revuew you promised for Monday? It is 2 AM EST, so guess you still have 22 hours to get er done. Looking forward to seeing it. Have you located the user manual pdf? Keep up the good work. Do you think we will ever see Galaxy Note 7 with dial pad? I would like a real loaded up one device vs a phone and tablet. Currently carry Flyer and EVO 4G. Wintering in Sebring, FL and saw we shiuld have LTE by end of December.