Kindle for Android

If you're making use of Kindle for Android on an ICS equipped device then you may have noticed it has some slight issues with freezing when you launch it. If you never noticed it -- awesome but if you have, there is now an updated version available the addresses the issue. It's labeled as v3.3.2 and you'll find it readily available in the Android Market right now. Download link is past the break.

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thekrin says:

That's funny because you would think it would be available first in the amazon app store and its isn't.

RichardClark says:

You'd think. They are so slow at processing updates that they can't even get their own software approved before Google does.

StuRoid says:

What is that relic of a phone in that picture :p

zorak950 says:

It's getting to be an oldie by Android standards, but it's a goodie. I still use my Nexus S as my main device, and the only thing I really miss from newer phones is the extra RAM.

smotrs says:

Who cares about device support when they still haven't fixed existing issues.

captobie says:

Jobs is probably rolling in his grave right now with someone reading his biography on an Android phone!