HTC and Apple

A few days back Samsung asked the courts for the terms of the settlement agreement between HTC and Apple, and this evening US Judge Paul S. Grewal granted the request. Samsung is curious because they believe that some of the licenses cover those special user experience patents that Apple is quick to claim are infringed. Samsung claims that their determination of whether or not those patents were licensed will help decide if they need to stop production of devices named in prior lawsuits.

Simply put, Samsung believes that if this agreement shows that Apple is fine with another company using these patents after a payment, then that billion dollar judgment awarded to Apple ought to cover it and no further proceedings are needed.

This one isn't going away any time soon, folks.

Source: The Verge

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mgiusto says:

Jerry, you have a typo in the first sentence:

A few days back Samsung asked the courts for the terms of the settlement agreement between HTC and Samsung,

The end of that sentence should be agreement between HTC and Apple.

Mobius360 says:

Please let this end

I lost all respect for apple when they started using all that time and resources to sue rather than innovate. Most of my friends with iPhones have been switching to Android.

supa_dupa says:

I also lost my respect, but for Samsung...when I saw 132 pages of instructions how to copy iPhone...

jmbburg26 says:

I agree. I've own the Tab 10.1, Tab 7,Epic,Epic Touch, and I'm typing this on a Note 2. I do like Samsung products, but they messed up when they did a direct copy.

Yeah, your Note II is a DIRECT copy of an iPhone. I keep seeing that LeBron James commercial and think to myself "LeBron has an iPhone".

Sorry, but I too have used Samsung phones for the past year and a half. I had an iPhone and switched for the Galaxy S2. The ENTIRE reason I switched was because the S2 was DIFFERENT than my iPhone!!

Sorry, but it still doesn't fly. This HTC agreement is direct proof that Apple is full of it. Exactly why the judge is allowing Samsung to see the agreement.

frettfreak says:

LMFAO!!!!! +1

I really hope this blows the hell up in apples face!!

mwara244 says:

Yes, I left my Galaxy Nexus next to my friend's iphone 4, he picked it up accidently thinking it was his iPhone 4, NOT. Even drunk out of his mind my friend can tell the difference between the iphone and My Gnex. Karma is a bitch apple and yor Reckoning is apon you, burn in hell

Raptor007 says:

All of the companies make great products that their respective users want. Their resources should be put into competing with in the marketplace and not the courtroom. If Apple is using Samsung patents that they are required to license and they are NOT covered by an existing licensing agreement or contract they have with say a chip maker then Apple should pay.

If Samsung is in violation of Apple patents that actually hold any value then Samsung should pay. But lets be honest here, rubber banding effect is hardly a huge innovation and in terms of value is not equal to value of using the intellectual property that Samsung is accusing Apple of violating. Without wireless technology Apple has nothing, no radios, no phones, no iPads, nothing. Without a rubber band effect Samsung can design around it and still be in business.

Both sides need to settle and the courts are getting tired of the antics and childish games. It will be interesting to see where the disclosed document leads this trial. There is something in those documents that Apple doesn't want seen and I bet the dollar amounts are no where near $40 per phone as they claimed demanded from Samsung.