Droid RAZR HD/MAXX Jelly Bean update

Verizon's adding the Amazon suite of applications along with Android 4.1 improvements

We've known an Android 4.1 update has been in the works for the Droid RAZR HD (and its beefcake "MAXX" cousin) -- that leaked out at the beginning of the month. Looks like things are cranking up, though, as the update documentation just went live. It's a hefty update -- about 276 megabytes -- but you'll get the early Jelly Bean features (such as Google Now) along with it.

Plus, Verizon's promising better voice and data connectivity, along with some other bugfixes. Also of note is that it's removed the preloaded Color application (which recently was bought by Apple), along with Verizon video, and it's added in the Amazon suite of apps, same as what we've seen on the Droid DNA.

No word on exactly when we can expect the update, so keep an eye out. Update: Verizon now says the update will start next week.

Source: Verizon 1, 2; more: Droid RAZR HD (and MAXX) forums
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Jelly Bean nigh for the Droid RAZR HD/MAXX (Update starts next week)


we're seeing the Google influence - out 4 months after the S3 but upgraded ahead of it. Hopefully that bodes well for the next round of upgrAdes

You should keep in mind that a few of the phones being released now (DNA, Note 2, One X+) are coming with 4.1. This phone should have been released with 4.1 from the get-go. If the S3 was launched after I/O, it probably would have been released with 4.1 as well. Also, Verizon has a hard on for the DROID series, so that plays a factor, too.

So what about those who installed the leaked update? Is this update different? Assuming its different will we get the official update from VZW when everyone else does or is there going to have to be some trickery?

There might be some trickery involved. From what I've heard, if you install a leak, you're taken off of the official update path. Depending on when the leak appeared, it could be slightly or even substantially different from the finished update. If you installed the leak, then you're already on 4.1. The OTA checks your system files to make sure that your on whatever version is the latest for that phone, according to Verizon. Your best bet is to flash the stock images for your phone. There are several threads here and around the net for returning back to the stock firmware.

Disgusting that this device getting 4.1 before the s3.
I am happy however for all you razr hd owners but c'mon vz, wtf???