LG isai FL

What you see above is said to be a leaked image to the LG isai FL. Courtesy of prolific leaker @evleaks, the isai FL is reportedly coming to Japanese carrier KDDI's "au" sub-brand. But what's truly interesting about the LG isai FL are the very minimal bezels on the sides and top. Very, very minimal. LG's isai line of phones has traditionally been a fairly high-end, with top-quality displays, processors, and the like, and we see no reason to suspect the isai FL won't hold up to the same standards.

There's not much more we can draw from this render, aside from it continuing LG's trend of buttons on the back (kicked off by the LG G2) and having a back-side that tapers in towards the front (as judged by the outsets for the micro USB port and headphone jack.

Source: @evleaks

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stevedo says:

I like the look of the front of that a lot.

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DWR_31 says:

No one in this comments section is going to point out the most important part of this pic.

The multi tasking button.

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rampage1979 says:

That looks awesome I'm thinking the one plus will look similar to this as they stated that the phone will have a 5.5" display in the Form factor of a 5" phone like the Nexus 5.

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mrbanks says:

This looks good.

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JFMobile says:

It would look even better with stock android.

You're the only person left, on this planet, that thinks it's still OK to complain about 'stock' Android. (Hint: Even the Nexus line isn't stock).

s2weden2000 says:


... ( 0ppo F5) ...

ConTejas says:

FFS man. Ok, show me a device I can buy from Google running your technical definition of stock android. The Nexus line is stock as in the way Google intended Android. Deal with it : / As the guy said it would look better without LG's skin...makes two.

jrb363 says:

I 3rd this. I don't like the LG skins either.

That's the point, juevos, you can't.

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Bwahahahaha says:

You're not terribly bright, are you?

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Relative to Einstein or relative to the kids who complain about stock every time a new phone shows up? Asking for stock on a phone like this is like looking up at the sky and asking for a second moon. Who's not too terribly bright?

MeCampbell30 says:

I trust a software company to be better at software optimization than I trust a hardware company. Plus excessive OS modifications slow down updates.

The only reason they modify the UI experience is to promote brand identity. Most of the time the modifications add nothing to the user experience.

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I guess that explains why Apple sucks at software. /s

Google's core competency is in search/ads. What makes them so qualified to do an OS? But, yet, they do and do it well.

Microsoft, who's core competency is OS/Business software, executes on the mobile platform rather poorly.

Your argument about who is and who is not qualified to build software holds as much water as a fish net.

If Google were the only company who helped push the Android platform forward, it would stagnate. It needs LG and Samsung to push on software and hardware.

ddot196 says:

Now that is a good looking phone. And those buttons on the back are something I can deal with. Minimal looking. Unlike the g2 with that big goofy looking button on the back.

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Those big goofy looking buttons are easy to hit without feeling around though. Gotta remember that.

And I don't think they look bad.

rampage1979 says:

+1 I like the buttons on the back of my G2.

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dancing-bass says:

Thin bezels are awesome, thick ones suck. I think we can all agree on that. But can I make a request?

I hold Android Central to fairly high standards, and for the most part everyone does a heck of a job, and generally I have nothing to complain about. But honestly "the war on ________________" is really old, worn out, and cliche. Can you fine folk avoid using it? I cringe when I see/hear it in main-stream media. I did a double take when I saw it here.... and then it was one of those "C'mon... really???" moments.

You guys are better then that! You really are! Like I said, I come back to AC daily (sometimes several times a day) to keep on top of the world of Android. Every single writer here (and on Mobile Nations) continues to really nail it - which is why I hold you all in such high regard. But this really surprised me, not in a good way. Please don't start stooping to lower levels, because you really ARE much much better then that.

intrepid359 says:

WTF? It's funny. I laughed. This isn't the New York Times.

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Yes it is.

xgman says:

Judging from the ridiculously large bezelled iphone 6 pic today, Apple didn't get word on the bezel war.

Shadnic says:

I think it's perfectly fine. I read at least 4 different tech blogs on a daily basis and I do not see that headline often enough to find it cliche. It's a small amount of comedic flair which is what really separates AC from other sites; you can hear the voice and tone of the author while reading. Please don't discourage that just for the sake for the sake of your own specific taste. It's not like anything is grammatically incorrect or the title misrepresents the subject material. As long as those are on point then really the title is fulfilling its job.

TheDu9du says:

what i like the most is the UI, its minimalistic yet neat.
i kinda would hope it had the same design for the control keys and at the top.

MarkSeven says:

I see sum design cues from the Nexus 5 in there a little bit, which makes sense being that this is a cousin to it.

RonD says:

WOW, I really like it. The shape from the front reminds me of a Nexus 5. Not just a boring square with rounded corners. Edges rounded off, not as square as the Nexus 5. Back is really clean with the low profile buttons. They look like they could easily be waterproof.

intrepid359 says:

"a boring square with rounded corners"? It's easier to just say iPhone, dude.

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I'm glad I have a rectangular phone...A square one would suck.

SpookDroid says:

I get why we all want no bezels... but is it really useful? I mean, the thinner the bezel (or no bezel at all, as some renders with even roll-over screens have fantasized about), the harder it will be to hold with your hands and not cause the screen to interact with your palm, especially if you have 'meaty' ones. Cases will also be an issue.

twolastnames says:

I agree if we are talking about tablets, but on phones not so much. If there was absolutely 0 bezel, maybe, but as far my usage goes, they can keep pushing.

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intrepid359 says:

Smaller bezels allow larger screens in a smaller profile. Some people, like myself, want a big screen without having to fit a tablet in their pockets.

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xgman says:

The LG G2 has smaller side bezels than this pic and it doesn't present any holding/operating problems here.

segag1 says:

This looks good, really good

RonD says:

Wonder if the back volume buttons are capacitive. Any guess what the power switch is?

I doubt they are capacitive. Also, for power, I bet one would simply press down in between the two arrows.

Mobius360 says:

Pretty cool looking device. I'd prefer the screen be more vertically centered but that's just me.

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tdizzel says:

I don't have a problem with thick bezels

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intrepid359 says:

On the ladies?

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What's the icon in the middle of the back indicating?

intrepid359 says:


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Ah ok. did not even recognize that.

GMoney90sMan says:

I wonder if the LG G3 will look similar to this. Pretty cool eh?

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Jay Holm says:


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James H1 says:

Makes the front of the M8 look like an iPhone with its thick ass bezels.

buffdaddy72 says:

Nice, hope these thin bezels are on the G3.

Jay Holm says:

+1!!! This is really, really neat and futuristic looking!

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Born To Kill says:

That skin.....
Go launcher childish themes, anyone??

When you really run shit, you don't have to talk about it....

JaySee55 says:

Nice design, but 1 HUGE flaw. The 2nd speaker is on the wrong side of the phone. HTC and Sony get it, when will the Koreans?

quailallstar says:

Any reason why LG is now spelling out LG Electronics on the rear? Or is this only something that happens on the higher end LG phones? I like the phone overall and looks clean. I would buy this as a replacement for my white LG OGP.

DWR_31 says:

I want the blue one, now!

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splash112 says:

Wow very nice

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Nokia needs to take notes.

Tech_Guru77 says:

For what it's worth, it looks like they simply shifted the display up - that bottom bezel is pretty large. I'm looking forward to the (near) future when these devices will have 2mm bezels on ALL sides...