Galaxy S II

Following last week's Ice Cream Sandwich update release for the international Samsung Galaxy S II, the kernel source code (along with other open-source odds and ends) for the new firmware has been released online. Android's Linux kernel lies at the heart of the OS, and kernel source code for Android devices must be released by manufacturers under the GNU General Public License.

While the code won't be of any use to your average Galaxy S II owner, custom firmware developers will welcome its release, as it'll assist them with the development of ICS ROMs for the device. That in turn makes for better custom ROMs, which is good news for everyone.

To grab the code for yourself, head to the source link and type "i9100" in the search box.

Source: Samsung Open Source Release Center; Thanks graffixnyc!


Reader comments

International Galaxy S II ICS source code now available


I've been dreaming about this day for so long.. Can't believe it finally happened!
Bring on all the amazing custom roms!!

Awesome, this should improve the cm9 kangs for my AT&T Galaxy S2
Now if they'd just release ICS for the AT&T S2, it's the closest hardware wise to I9100 so it really shouldn't be that much work, though I'm sure AT&T will slow it down lol.

my understanding with the source code for the international they should be able to get this working with a bit more functionality for the SGH-i777 is that not right?

I recognize there's still differences in the phone but it's the mostly closely resembling the international version. I still may hold off on the upgrade as the downgrading of Bluetooth and the lack of flash is a real bummer.

The code is not there. Has anyone actually seen it or just repeating posts from other places. Multiple reports, but nothing past gingerbread on the site.