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The folks over at OLED-info got a bit of inside information about Super AMOLED HD screens, and the news is good.  Using a new and improved manufacturing process and materials, Samsung has supposedly managed to get high resolution Super AMOLED screens at a much smaller size than was previously possible, and we may be seeing them this fall.  There's even a bit of speculation that they are even more cost efficient with this new process, and a Super AMOLED panel is now 20 percent cheaper than the equivalent S-LCD panel.  Awesome.

Remember, this is all third hand info, but here's the skinny -- we should expect smartphones with Super AMOLED HD (720p) screens in the five to six inch range this fall, and the first will likely be the GT-i9220 with a 5.3-inch display.  Yes, that model looks familiar, because we have seen it leaked from a Lithuanian retailer (listed with a 4.3-inch display), but Samsung was quick to remind us that it was "not accurate."  We should also be seeing a 7-inch tablet with a Super AMOLED HD screen by then end of 2011 (happy dance). 

Like a lot of other people out there in Android phone land, I'm hooked on some Super Amoled.  I just don't want my next dream phone to use anything else.  I'm also not feeling the love for a 5 inch or larger phone, so seeing more and more resolution squeezed into a smaller package is like music to my ears.  I've made peace with the fact that I'll probably have to move up to a 4.3- or 4.5-inch display on my next purchase, and fooling around with a Samsung Infuse has helped me justify it with some sort of voodoo mind trick.  If this info turns out to be correct, we're so close.

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Super AMOLED HD reportedly is on the way, using new materials and improved maunfacturing process


Sweet :) I love my rooted Nexus-S 4G with Voodoo controls, the screen is gorgeous, can only imagine what a Super AMOLED+ HD screen will be like. OMG !!

Dunno. I would however have loved if the original galaxy tab could have been used as a phone (without hacking) as can be done in the rest of the world. Pair the tablet with a bluetooth headset and you are set.

I'd be all about a 7" phone/head set combo. It'll never happen as the US carriers are too greedy and want you to pay 70 bucks for a phone and an additional 40 a month for a tablet. Bastards.

Ohhh man I hope this comes to the Nexus Prime.. Couple that with ICS and ohhh man that will be one hell of a phone..

I have been waiting for a 7" tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich! I want Gorilla Glass and a HD Super AMOLED screen, so I think I will add Samsung to my Christmas (or New Year's) wish list!

As long a it fits in my pocket, I'll take a many pixels as I get. AMOLED or SAMOLED+ would be icing on the cake.

"There's even a bit of speculation that they are even more cost efficient with this new process, and a Super AMOLED panel is now 20 percent cheaper than the equivalent S-LCD panel. Awesome."

Actually, the article refers to it costing only 20% more, suggesting previously SAMOLEDs used to cost atleast 20% more that than SLCD.

Quote from the article:

"My sources say that a Super-AMOLED costs less then 20% more than an equivalent S-LCD. "

Just a friendly reminder: With 720p resolution screens, we will probably not see the graphics performance that we have become used to with Samsung's GS2 line. It more than likely, won't be horrible, but I'd rather wait until the next generation SoC's come out, with better graphics handling before I take the 720p plunge on an Android phone.

5"+ smartphone? Noooooo! Where does it stop? The EVO 4G barely fits comfortably in my hand, so I cannot see a 1"+ increase in screen size. And who the hell needs an HD screen on a smartphone. That's just like the nonsense of 3D everywhere. Stop adding all these gimmicks that only distract us from realizing that we still have some of the suckiest wireless networks on the planet. This is sort of like building nice cars and having crappy roads... Oh, wait.... That's right, I forgot where I was. Nevermind.

Even with my Dell Streak which I enjoy, I agree it's silly, 5" is too much for most people (I'm 6'3" with hands to match). I can't imagine they'd go over 4.5... plus the pixel density at 4.5" would be very nice for 720p... it's easy to scale stuff up, and then browsers, galleries, video apps, etc can abuse all those extra pixels for awesome visibility.

7" Galaxy Tab w/ SAMOLED HD would be awesome.

5.3" phone is ridiculous :-P
The Samsung Infuse is 4.5" and it feels more like a bit slab of glass instead of a phone....slab of glass w/ awesome screen but still...big ass slab of glass :-(
4.3" phones seem to be the max size for a "phone" feel...

I'm craving the "Nexus Prime"; I think I can accept 4.x", but it's a no for 5"-6" screens which are impossible to hold for most people (holding with two hands makes it a tablet instead), unless it's like the Iconia Smart.
In short these monstrous sizes are ridiculous.

for anyone put off about the new screen sizes.

Ice Cream Sandwich doesnt use physical buttons.. all buttons are on screen like Honeycomb. The screen would be able to fill a much larger area in a phone without making the phone any larger since it will no longer have those capacitive buttons at the bottom. a 4.3 inch phone on Gingerbread would have to be probably 4.5 and greater on ICS to have the same screen real estate left over for apps. And again, this doesnt mean the phone is any bigger. Heck, they could actually get a smidge smaller with new tech using smaller bezels and that lack of buttons.

SAMOLED still looks oversaturated =0( and the res on the current screens is pretty low for how big the screen is.

I rather have qHD at this point. I like the screen of my Droid 3

This AMOLED HD technology is so advanced that, apparently, Samsung hired Storm Shadow to develop it!

Jerry must have borrowed Phil's Infuse again? L o l. And given a choice, I'm a 4.5" SAMOLED plus kinda guy. (For my next step) And I would give up a core to get it. (given a choice, of one or the other) I have a Charge now, and am still waiting for a 4.5" cdma phone. No qHD for me Thank you. -- And remixfa, you are spot on buddy. Now here is a guy, who IS thinking.

You do realize that pixel density goes down when you increase the physical size without a commensurate increase in resolution, don't you? It's like consumer monitors that keep increasing in size above 24" while retaining the same 1080P resolution. You get more screen real estate but the perceived quality of the screen goes down at a given viewing distance. The key is to find a sweet spot and tie increases in size to proportional increases in resolution.

As much as I am in the Android camp, I still am pretty wowed by the retina display on the iPhone 4. I was that Apple store the other day and as much as I hated to admit it, the iPhone's screen is gorgeous. Pixel density really is king. That's one thing Apple got right.