If you don't mind being a beta tester for a while you can now get in on the latest IM+. A whole laundry list of features has been added along with a rather nice looking dark theme available for use. SHAPE Services has pegged this as v6.2 and has taken the time to address a lot of user feedback with it as well as including a whole slew of bug fixes for notifications, contact lists, favorite lists and much more. If you're looking to give it a shot for all your instant messaging needs, you hit the source link to grab the install file just keep in mind, it is a beta.

Source: SHAPE Services

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+1 for "Don't boss me around" lol

+1 for chris' email addy!

You sure chat with Michelle, A LOT!!

Bla1ze says:

My better half.

tailsthecat3 says:


gdbjr says:

Tried it and deleted within minutes. I thought the UI was god awful.

nathans77 says:

Does it support MMS?