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IFTTT (If This Then That) has kicked off a new channel for Eyefi SD cards. That means when you take a shot with your dedicated camera that's using an Eyefi card, in addition to shunting it to your Android device as normal, you can automate all sorts of actions once that picture hits the cloud. Send pictures with a certain tag to your Flickr profile, or conversely, have shots from your Instagram account copied over to your Eyefi Cloud. All of those recipes can be handled with the relatively new IFTTT app for Android.

On its own, Eyefi is already very cloud friendly. For example, I've had all of my pictures backing up privately to Flickr, because with a free terabyte of data you might as well. These IFTTT recipes stand to enable a lot of really helpful recipes, depending on what you want to do with your shots.

Head over to the Eyefi Channel to see what recipes folks have been cooking up already, or grab an Eyefi Mobi SD card at the link below if you don't have one. How many of you guys are using Eyefi already?

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IFTTT launches Eyefi channel


I've had an Eye-Fi card for about a year now in my DSLR. I've tried IFTTT, but didn't find much use in it. Maybe time to take another look. Thanks for the heads-up!

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I just uninstalled IFTTT Because it did absolutely nothing,and their website was useless. The reviews in play say it all. Great idea,but no action. I tried several recipes and not one worked. These were simple things like uploads to drive from pocket. I fiddled for hours of wasted time. Very sad!

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For social media IFTTT is great. I use it to automate posting for my business account. I use a few recipes so that when I post a photo on my IG account it also posts it as a twitter photo post, a facebook post, and a google+ post. You need to spend a couple of mins with the recipes and test them once you set them up but its not hard to figure out.