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If you've seen one, you've seen the next one


Nice. Next time they should give people a 3GS and say that's the new iPhone and see what they have to say.

Just goes to show that Apple have this game down: people don't even question an Apple product. That said, I'm sure there were at least a few people who recognized it as a 4S right away.

Those who you call iSheep actully know the diffrence, whatwe see here are casuals who don't care about phones at all.

Please. The one guy freaking said he owns the 4s! I don't care if he "cares about phones" he ought to be able to tell that it's HIS SAME PHONE!

yeah right they even said that they have the 4s what the F**K you mean they dont care about phones????? iSHEEP

Here is where your wrong. You see there are a number of apple fans out there that know whats in there phone. How it works.. and for whatever reason simply find it better then android. They are the apple fanboys

These people are true isheep. They simply follow apple everywhere they go. They know nothing about their phones or anything outside of the apple tech bubble.

Saying this, i am a proud Android Fan.

And you and I (and everyone else that religiously follow site like AC) aren't some kind of Android sheep? Ignorant comments get us no where. These folks where told it was the new iPhone and asked simply what they thought about it. It was done for comedy and there is a great chance that a good many of them did get it right and notice however, those obviously wasnt shown as again, this was for comedy and only the ones that had no idea and made the most hilarious comments made the show. I would bet these same people would make this same mistake with the Galaxy S 3. This is a bias test if there ever was one and I dont think ignorant comments that corral all iPhone users into one group of "idiots" and "followers" is something one that "follows" Android and only buys Android should be making.

Facepalm.....After seeing this, I don't doubt that whole story about people buying Samsung products thinking it's Apple products.

Even if it does have SAMSUNG stenciled on it and hide or tail of any fruit logo...

Tt is my Band-Aid theory.

Sadly i'm not surprised I personally believe that over 70% of those who purchase Apple products do it for some sort of status, it's a trend, I prefer options and technological progress #DROOOOOOOOOID

"ya, I have the 4s....I'm always open for a new phone". Ya, I would be too if I had to use an iPhone. Just shows what idiots are actually out there buying the iPhone.

They not idiots, they just have circum to the eco system that is Apple. My children want them because they are simple to use and a fashion statement. My grandparents like them, again, because they are simple to use. Those of us in the middle like our Droids for all the options and features that iPhones can't give us. Do you buy a Porsche that’s tuned, refined and expensive or do you prefer the muscle car that is less expensive but great to play with and modify? It’s just a preference.

That is funny as hell! So many Apple users are completely brain washed and clueless! I also agree with cashaholic7 that the iPhone is a trend. There will come a point when the tremd wears off and people will run from the iPhone cause it will have the opposite affect... That is how trends work...


This pretty much explains everything I have always said about them being uneducated simpleton's who have no knowledge of technology. Perfect example above. Apple knows they are uneducated and misguided they count on that 100 %.

Careful now, your statement doesn't help the rest of us Android owners look any brighter. I am a Razr Maxx owner but I know a ton of executives and engineers far brighter than I and likely you, that prefer the iPhone for their own reasons. Hopefully you are the smartest person in the world because if you’re not, I'm pretty sure there is an iPhone user very near you that is likely way more educated than you. Name calling makes you look the opposite of smarter than them.

haha man you just wasted a perfectly good comment on the wrong user. Trust me, nothing you said soaked in at all lol

Placebo effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happens all the time with software. People think the new software is always faster but the vendor didn't make any fixes to make it faster.

That's only about 5% true. As a developer, we really do make changes in code to make things run faster. Though it doesn't necessarily mean that it works.

iSheep? That's insulting to sheep.
SIDE note: wasn't it Apple users who worry that Android users would "muddy the waters" when Instagram released an Android App?
Evidenced by this video, iSnobs have no fear, you already muddy the waters.

Apple's marketing strategy -- appealing to dumb people -- has been paying off pretty nicely for the last 4-5 years. While those of us who have a clue argue about the advantages of newer technologies, open ecosystems, and cooperation between companies, Apple is playing their game and fleecing the general populace of iSheep.

I agree it's a trend and one I'm sick of, Iphone sucks, android will and is taking over crap ass apple, and it's so cool to take the air out of apples sail. I'll be proud when dumb people wise up, and see they really are not getting an exciting phone but much less a boring one.

When is the next flight to Mars? I want to get out of this planet :( most of them had their iPhones in their hands while holding 'new' iPhone.

I don't knock Apple for taking advantage of aloof customers. Any company would do the same.

I just wish the average human being would put more effort into their lives. You see it all the time, it's the reason why we still have Ford Taruses on the streets, escilators move so slowly, everything you buy is packaged with so much packaging, etc. etc.

I wish the human race would put more effort into moving forward and less into going in circles...


Actually the "faster" part might not be too far off the mark. Especially if they're using a Sprint iPhone and they're handed an AT&T iPhone.(EVDO vs. HSPA+ data speeds)

Sad truth about isheep and monopoly. Yes it's a practical monopoly Apple has. So it doesn't have to be better or competitive or a leader and the isheep will keep buying. Another problem with isheep is they don't really look deep. Android absolutely has more functions over iOS e.g. widgets, text reflow, notifications, change to any keyboard that I like, install any apps outside of Google Play, etc. They have a way of going in denial. Everytime I show a isheep what I can do on Android that is not on iOS, he/she will say "oh I don't need that". Apple's and Apple fans' double standard is pathetic. If they got something others don't, they make a big deal out of. If it's something they don't have such as NFC, they say you don't need it. That's what Apple is commenting on NFC and wireless charging. At least say they are working on it for God's sake. Don't fool your customers, Apple

"Everytime I show a isheep what I can do on Android that is not on iOS, he/she will say "oh I don't need that". "

They don't need that feature until Apple says they do.

When they do get NFC they'll wonder how they lived without it and talk about how amazing it is... thing is, it might be amazing for Apple users because they'll actually get to use it since there are so many of them. I've only ever NFC'd myself playing around with my GNEX and Nexus 7, transfering photos and such.

Funny! However maybe I'm just too optimistic about the intelligence level of the general public (or too cynical about talk shows), but I must admit I'm not convinced it's real - at least not completely. I suspect much (if not all) of it was staged.

I believe they showed those people's real reactions.

The staged part happens in the editing room where they edit out all the people that could tell it was a 4S immediately. The interesting point is how long it took them to find those people that were actually used in the video. Did it take 10 minutes? or 2 hours?

I was hoping to see their reactions after they were told it was really an iPhone 4S (if they even /were/ told). I especially wanted to see the reaction of the people who were HOLDING THE SAME PHONE IN THEIR OTHER HAND.

What I'd pay to see if the video of those people seeing this clip all over the place today. I really hope the show didn't tell them afterwards because the realization they got pranked would be priceless, especially since some of them probably went home and told their friends they got to play with an iPhone 5 that day.

With the 4s in one hand and the so called new version in the other, that is the flock of the current I-Phone user. Morons.

Wow. I just got done reading the novel over at iMore regarding this video. Man, so defensive. It's just a joke.

Couldn't watch I hate Kimmel. Read thru the comments and I'd have to say it was either staged or edited to make it funnier. I don't get the big beef between OS's. Pick the one you like and run with it at the end of the day does it really make a difference which one you use? Ripping on ppl because they prefer an iPhone makes you look childish and dumb. I personally would like to see webos make a come back I think it was the best phone os of them all. Use them all at one time or another I say.

"I have the iPhone 4s and this is so much better." ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!

You can't be that stupid, you can't be that stupid, you can't, you can't! People turned the phone over and the back clearly, clearly said "4s" on it!

No wonder why Apple make so much money, people are stupid. That's it, there's no hope for the human race, game over man, game over.

Did these people even see what the iPhone 5 looked like before this prank? Or did they just assume that Apple would release a refresh of the same phone, hence the plaecbo effect?

This has to be one of the funniest videos/bits in recent memory.

Sums up people who buy iPhones perfectly.

Props to Jimmy Kimmel for this haha

It's not so bad that these people are unable to tell it's the same 4S they already own...what IS sad is that these people act snobby about owning one!

I don't know if anyone noticed but they actually gave out an iPhone 4 and NOT the 4s. That makes it even funnier when the last guy says "oh yea its way better than my 4s"