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According to the IDC, Android accounts for 59% of all smartphone sales worldwide.  This is a healthy jump from last year when Android accounted for 36.1% of smartphone sales.  iOS is second, with 23% of sales.  Last year the two smartphone OS's owned 54.4% of the market combined, ​so this is impressive growth.  Android showed a 145% year-over-year change, at the expense of Symbian, which went from 26% in 1Q11 to just 6.8% in 1Q12.

Samsung is the big winner here, accounting for 45.4% of all Android smartphone sales.  This is due in no small part to the success of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, both of which have racked up impressive sales numbers.  With the looming launch of the Galaxy S III Samsung is showing no signs of slowing down, either.

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IDC numbers are in, Android leads the way


Nice to see andriod increasing market share. On a different note 145% does not exist and is incorrect. IMO the appropriate and correct way to say this would be "Compared to last year, Android's market share increased by 1.45." My math teacher must be proud of me now!

Year over year growth is always shown in percentages. 100% is a doubling of what was done in the previous year. So if you grew more than double from the previous year then you would have above 100% growth. 145% does exist, it is correct and your teacher would definitely not be proud of you.

What doesn't exist is "three times less".

You often see that construct in journalism these days when they mean "one third". From a mathematical standpoint this makes no sense at all. Just hurts my brain even thinking about it.

1. MUCH better development environment.
2. iOS users pay for apps much more often (hence higher profits for developers on iOS than Android.
3. Consistent platform since they only have to target a very small number of hardware/screen resolutions.

"higher profits" only applies to games above 1.99$. Games priced at 1.99$ & under actually tend to make less money than their ad-supported counterpart.

ipod touch and ipad also count as users for iOS.  Android is pretty much just smartphones with some tablets thrown in there.

Because of compatibility issues between so many phones. I imagine devs also make less money on Android because iPhone owners seem to be more open to actually spending money on apps.

I dont. I liked symbian, i had 8 symbian phones. Symbian went wrong when it went touch screen. I loved my N95 8GB, still a great phone even now and the camera is better than 90% of phones out there even today.

Let me get this straight. Since Android accounts for 59% of all smartphone sales worldwide and Samsung accounts for 45.4% of all Android smartphone sales, you can say that Samsung accounts for 26.79% of all smartphone sales worldwide. Meaning that Samsung sells more phones than Apple at 23%??

Well lets see how "amazing" the iPhone5 is, their marketing team has already started to infect people minds, with the news of Apples design chief saying, "this will be the most amazing device ever."

Its funny, because Apple says that everything the release a new device. Isn't the point of releasing a new device for it to be the best device of the previous?

That's how *pple work.

Their iSheep will stand in unison and say "we obey", whilst the Android owners will point at them and laugh.

No wonder Apple got pissed of Android!!! Google charging Apple for Google map and Android eating the big share of the market... Way to go Apple and good luck with your IPhone6... Lets skip the IPhone5 for now.