Imagining how this might go down for a 'normal' buyer

Sometimes my mind runs wild with imaginary scenarios. The name "the all-new HTC One" stuck out at me as potential for trouble. And it's not the first time HTC's gone down this rabbit hole. So... this happened in my head:

Chad walked into the AT&T store. He'd never felt comfortable in it, even after the most recent remodel with its lounge area full of curved couches and big-screen TVs. The walls of phones and accessories and tablets were overwhelming, and half the time it seemed like any employee he talked to was utterly clueless. The other half were pushing technical jargon he didn't understand. One of his coworkers had mentioned having a fairly similar experience at a Sprint store, though it apparently was awash in yellow tones, whereas this AT&T location was drenched in blues and oranges.

A female store employee, wearing khaki pants, a blue shirt emblazoned with the AT&T logo, and a lanyard with her name badge on it, walked up to Chad, smiling. "Hi, welcome to AT&T. I'm Lisa. Is there anything I can help you with today?" She held her arms out to the sides just a bit, as if she were ready to physically embrace him.

Chad focused his attention on her, blocking out the colorful cacophony of the rest of the store. "Yes, uh, I'd like to buy the new one."

Lisa quickly picked up on his confusion, "The new what?"

"The new one. I'd like to get one."

"Do you mean the new HTC One?"

"Is that the new one?"

Chad repeated himself, "The new one. I'd like to get one."

"Do you mean the new HTC One?" Lisa prompted.

"Is that the new one?" Chad scratched his head.

Lisa forced a smile, "Are you asking about the HTC One?"

"I… I don't know one thing about this stuff. My one friend said I should get the new one."

Lisa pointed a hand down at a display next to her, "Well, sir, this is the all-new HTC One."

Chad looked down at the phone, "That's the one?"

"It is."

"I'm not sure that's the one."

Lisa chuckled, "Trust me, this is the new One."

Chad sighed, "I think he was talking about a different one. I don't know… I'm not good at these things."

"Perhaps he was talking about the old One?" Lisa offered.

Chad thought for a moment, "Maybe that's the one."

She took a step back and pointed at another phone, "Well, this is the old HTC One. It's only one year old."

Chad looked back and forth between the two phones, and then pointed at the newer generation HTC One, "I thought this was the one."

"That one is the new One," Lisa said. "This one is the old One."

Chad's mouth hung slightly open, "Which one's the old one?"

"This is the old One," Lisa gestured to the phone at her side, and then to the one by Chad, "That's the new One."

"Uhm…" Chad stared at the phone beside him, and then stepped next to Lisa to examine the other phone. He moved back to the newer phone, "This is the new one?"

"That one is the new One."

"This one looks the same as the other one," Chad said.

Lisa nodded, "The new One and the old One do have similar designs, but there are differences."

He furrowed his brow as he looked at the phone in front of him, "Show me one."

Moving to his side, Lisa grabbed the phone off the display, "Well, for one," she turned the phone over, "The rear camera on the new HTC One is actually two."

Chad sighed loudly, "Two?!"


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I'd like to get the new One


I still wonder why they don't just go for "Two". Initially, One was supposed to be their flagship name. Something they managed to stick with for a few months before announcing Mini's, Maxi's and +'s. In retrospect, they should simply use it as a generation name instead of that flagship name it isn't any more.

I have been saying that since the rumors the damn thing the HTC 2 period

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When I was shopping for a new phone, many of the store reps were fans of the One…I kept hearing “stay away from the iPhone, and stick to the G4 or the One…but really, the One”. One of these reps put it this way: “Look at our display case…we have the G3, the new G4, the Note, and a few other Samsungs. Samsung makes each phone a bit different, putting different tech in each one. HTC has just one…that’s why they call it “the One”…and they put everything they have in it.”

May have been BS, but it’s good BS. Naming the new one “Two” doesn’t do anything other than prove one understands arithmetic progressions.

Very true ... Everyone will just walk into the store, pick up a Samsung SGS5 (coz that's what all the advertising says he should do) and after a minute or two with it in his hand he'll say .. "have you got any phone which is better than this plastic POS SGS4 copy?" ... and the shop assistant will say ..

... well yes .. we do have One

I do wish the new HTC One would outsell the GS5, just not going to happen though.

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I only consider phones made of solid granite to be high quality. Aluminum is sooo passe. If I wanted metal in my hand I'd grab a Diet Coke.

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And the reason it won't happen often is because a rep will just say, "okay, here is the new one, iPhone whatever, that'll be $200.00 next"


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So + is out now and we are doing x?

I am passed, I was told there would be no math

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

There must be a shortage of decimal points in China these days.
What would have been wrong with One.1?
What are they going to do next year: The New Yet Again One?

I keep alternating between laughing and giving this read a blank stare.

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Hey if Apple can do it for 4 years, why cant htc do it for 2? I think HTC is going to bump up their next gen one more than apple would ever bump up their iphone line. Still a bit of fun with it is OK. LOL

Apple has different numbers because there has only been one phone to choose from, and now two... So yes, the iPhone is the biggest seller of the iOS phone...


Or their ipods. And what about the Nexus 7? I personally don't have a problem with it though. I would prefer they add a number after the model with each new version, but I don't have a problem just saying the year and model of my car when I tell someone what I drive. So it could be the same with phones.

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To be fair, there's always been something after the term "iPhone" after the original one (3G, 3GS, 4, etc.).

but after the ipad 2, the ipad is just called the ipad.

honestly, i never see this happening in any situation. what a waste of an article. if anyone goes to a store and asks for "the new one" they're going to get the new htc one, end of story. really, if anyone goes in asking for the one at all they are going to get pitched the new one by a sales associate.

Seriously. Lately, people either don't know sarcasm, lack a sense of humor, or all of the above, lol.

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oh i get sarcasm and funny things, this was neither. the "mad tv" of jokes. goes on for too long and is really pointless in the end.

Hmm, well first they had "One X", then next they had "One".
Continuing the pattern, they should have named the new phone "On", right?


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If that's the case then I'll just wait for the "O" phone. Can't wait to see people give that O face to their phone..

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Lol good read for a laugh! In all seriousness HTC One, the new one, will be the best device in 2014


Nah, I think the Z2. Personally the Original One looks ways better than the leaks of the New One

I agree with you man. The Z2 is most likely going to be my next phone. Or the LG G3 if that ever comes out.

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How do you know? We don't know that much about it... It might be a crap phone. I am not saying it will be I am just saying you never know.

I think LG G3 will come out with a beats as it will probably release q3 qualcom 805 3GB ram virtually bezeless screen I was very impressed by the G2

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No official specs or leaks and you're already saying it'll be the best device?

Not including the "new" leaks that look the exact same as other leaks (just with carrier branding)

Well, for someONE that never had ONE, it is a confusing ONE! :-)

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At least it's better than extremely long acronym hard to remember. Like the mp4-12c. Is getting out of hand

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Yep. McLaren supercar. And I too hate it when we see naming systems like this, though 6 characters at least isn't the worst I've seen.

It had a reason of being called it though. The MP4 stood for McLaren Project 4 and the 12C naming is still unknown though. Some say its to define its role in the McLaren lineup, while others say it was the 12th Concept.

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How about the 2014 HTC one. I mean I understand this may be complicating but car manufacturer's have been doing this for years. Shouldn't be too hard to adjust.

I've been arguing for that for a while now. It's not going to be long before we're looking at something ridiculous like Samsung Galaxy S10.

This is the new and improved. S-10. You can tell by the slight change to the tail light lense.

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Look at Final Fantasy though. Aren't they at like Final Fantasy 23? I'm joking, but, it's high up there.

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This is pretty funny but really speaks to the majority of customers. I can see this happening allot.
It makes me think about something I saw the other day. I work in IT. One of the guys that works with me (in the IT Dept) has a HTC One. I told him the other day he has a update ready for 4.4 for his phone and he should download it. After a few days of not caring he finally did. I was amazed during the install process to find out the dude has next to nothing on his phone. After the instill his phone only updated and optimized 21 apps. My Note 3 had a tiny update a few days ago and updated over 200.
So many people are really clueless for the most part. They just want it to work and work better then what they are replacing.
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My mother in law has an android handset, forget which. She doesn't even use it as a smartphone should be. She texts and makes calls, that's it. But she pays the extra money to have the smartphone plan. Why do people do this? It blows my mind. Some people have more money than sense I suppose.

I'm always amazed at work, how many people have smartphones, but still make calls to 411 at $1.99 a call.

Posted from my Motorola MicroTac via the Android Central App

Some people don't even bother googling. They just call tech support to figure out how to activate a feature or figure out how to use the camera.

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They should have called the new one the "HTC One 49537" and then they can call the next one the "HTC One 49538" and so on and so forth. ;) The problem now is will people buy the old One thinking it is the new One? And then just think about next year. And you can't put the word "two" in the name, because then you are no longer number one.

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It's been so long since I've talked to Jenny.. I must have deleted that number.. Lol

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Bonus (+1 I guess) to those that made up voices in their head and acted it out.

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 5 (4.4.2)

I don't see this happening. I feel like were are really saying that the majority of phone buyers are retarded with this post. With the people I know, (even the ones not tech geeks) the conversation would've ended after "I want the new HTC One" because that means "the newest one available". I don't see how anyone could say "Hey, can I get the new One" and the rep replying "do you mean the one from last year?" Because any sane person would think "Why the hell would I say NEW if I wanted last years model?" Smh grasping at air with this post.

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Even though this was a joke post (at least I hope it was), don't ever underestimate the ability of the average joe to be retarded beyond what was thought humanly possible. And I'm not even talking about tech gadgets, I'm referring to their ability to use common sense to follow a conversation.

You see the problem is we assume the average person knows a reasonable amount about pretty much everything. The truth of the matter is they most often know just enough to get by. The only exception to that would be when it is there trade.

You, sir, have obviously never worked in sales. The vast majority of consumers are extremely poorly educated in their bring decisions, especially when it comes to tech . That's why there are so many sales people in the electronics sections of stores. People are intimidated by technology. It does surprise me, though, how many people buy a $600+ phone or lock themselves into multi year contacts on the suggestion of just a few people

You, sir, have obviously never worked in sales. The vast majority of consumers are extremely poorly educated in their bring decisions, especially when it comes to tech . That's why there are so many sales people in the electronics sections of stores. People are intimidated by technology. It does surprise me, though, how many people buy a $600+ phone or lock themselves into multi year contacts on the suggestion of just a few people

I've worked in sales, and it's not the customer's job to know this stuff. Whichever HTC One they come in thinking they'll get, the sales associate will show them the most recent model. If, after that they decide they want to see the older model, the sales associate will pull that one out and explain the difference, eliminating any confusion. If a customer has this much trouble understanding which phone is which when the differences ARE visual, then it's the employee that's doing something wrong, not the manufacturer.
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There are people at my work who don't know which version of Windows they're on, or that there are browsers other than Internet Explorer. This can definitely happen, as silly as it sounds.

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Oh Derek. You complain about the oddest things. This didn't happen with the original One (even though others predicted it would) and it won't happen here.

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Not a complaint (though I do admit complaining about odd things). More a random thought developed into an extended and odd tangent.

Haha! Nice Derek, my mind goes on similar tangents lol. Very descriptive and fun read.

Really wish you were there to present this during the convening for the naming of this device.

..Wait don't you guys have contacts in htc? Good god man, send them this article, it may not be too late!!!

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People will call it the HTC One. Not the one.

"Can I see the new HTC One" is what most people will ask.

If they do ask about "the new one," then sales associates will respond with "the new HTC One?"

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It sounds to me like Chad is a little bit of a dummy and Lisa is trying her best to sell a high-end Android device.

And she sounds hot.

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It could be worse. They could be at a different store that also sells the Xbox One. :)

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Oh gawd.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Stop with the One's for your product branding people will think 'one' company is producing millions of different products !!!!

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I was very shocked that the XBOX would steal HTC Name I was like really the XBOX ONE but this the 3rd one. I think they should at least call the 2014 phone HTC ONE LTE

Good thing it was an Authorized Reseller AT&T. In the COR stores, we don't wear lanyards. And I'd pray to God one of our employees would know the differences between the phones... /s

Jokes aside, this was hilarious. Hit a nerve because I could totally see this happening though. You have no idea how many people want the new "iPhone". "Okay sir, the 5s, 5c, or 4s?" "No I want the Samsung iPhone!"


This happens way too often I hear people asking for features that exist on other products and some are obviously key trademarks for other brands 'One' that comes to mind includes someone Asking for an iPhone with S Pen capabilities?

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So if I have a One now, and I get another One later and I keep them both and put them together, does that mean I have an........ 11¿ Haha! Oh seriously though, I AM going to have two One......s!

Posted via My Smartphone of the Year HTC One GPe

I bet you're fun at parties.

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He's that guy that gets upset within the first hour and makes big deal about how he is leaving "because he has better things to do with his time."


@Maria Gabriela

One +, One 2 ...One Up.

It's the most logical and original name. Think about it. It's also hidden in plain sight on the blackboard in the video teaser.

#HTC One Up.

Like in Seven Up?

I've never met anyone that calls it just "One" though; it's always "HTC One". In the real world, this guy's friend would have told him to get the "new HTC One".

This isn't that hard for cars, it shouldn't be hard for phones. I've never seen anyone get confused and upset that there is more than one model year of Dodge Charger...

In fact, when people have asked about my phone, the conversation usually goes down like this:
"What phone is that?"
"It's the HTC One"
"H-T-C One... who makes it?"

I see the point, the naming scheme could definitely be better. Maybe they'll surprise everyone at the announcement and say "Fooled you! Its actually called the HTC Two". Then there will be a "Too Maxx" and "Too Mini"...if you catch my drift.
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Abbott: You throw the ball to first base.
Costello: Then who gets it?
Abbott: Naturally.
Costello: Naturally.
Abbott: Now you've got it.
Costello: I throw the ball to Naturally.
Abbott: You don't! You throw it to Who!
Costello: Naturally.
Abbott: Well, that's it—say it that way.
Costello: That's what I said.
Abbott: You did not.
Costello: I said I throw the ball to Naturally.
Abbott: You don't! You throw it to Who!
Costello: Naturally...."

Chad: What if I don't like the looks of either this one or that one.. what about that one over there?
Lisa: Oh that's not a One, that's the 4S, it's an older model you would be better off getting the 5C or the 5S...
Chad: Oh gee..
Lisa: The G is over here, it's kind of an entry level model but it's twin the X right next to it is a higher end model, or you could get an S4 or wait for the S5
Chad: 1, 4, 5, g, s, x, I'm not sure where this is going, might as well give me a Z
Lisa: I couldn't sell you a Z in good conscious when the Z2 is out real soon.
Chad's head explodes.

Haha, that's hilarious. +One

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These jokes only work on paper but not phonetically. "The new One" is not pronounced the same as "The new one". There is no ambiguity when you speak the words.

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OK, let me get this straight...
The new HTC One
has 2 cameras and 2 front speakers.
It has 3 internal sensors.
It supports Bluetooth 4 point oh.
It's got 5 levels of flash
and 6 new camera features.
It's screen is four point 7 inches diagonal.
It's WiFi supports MCS 8.
It'll play Windows Media Audio 9 files
and you can use it's infrared remote control up to 10 feet away.

I don't understand why they don't go with the One Up name. Or the 2014 HTC One. Either of those shouldn't give horrible confusion to the average consumer. "The All-New One" is just asking for it. But, in the end, if the customer is buying any One at all, it can't be a bad thing for HTC.

last i checked it wasn't released yet so it could very well possibly have some sort of add on to the name then again come on geesh folks might just have to use common sense for once when shopping for a high priced item

Very true. Hopefully they do something to distinguish it from its predecessor.

Posted via my amazing HTC M8 in the world's worst dummy case

Someone from HTC laughed off any suggestion it will be marketed as the 'All new One' so I doubt that will ever see the light of day.

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No one was confused when Apple dropped the numbering of its iPads when they called the 3rd gen and 4th gen the new iPad instead of the iPad 3 and 4. No one was confused when Google called the Nexus 7 2014 the New Nexus 7.

The only one question in my mind is "what will HTC call the next One?"

Once the new One is a year old, there surely will be another one, no? Will that one be called the Two or still just One?

Or it can be the new One One? What if One wants the new One that's one year old?(not the One that's already
one year old as of March 2013), but the new One that will be one year old in March 2015.

That is one tough question. Will One, Two or new One One be be better than the new One? If not, it will suffer
the wrath like Samsung Galaxy S5 owners who complain that the new S5 isn't that much better than the old one.
(not the HTC One, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 one)

I think I've wasted too many minutes thinking about this. Once I get offline, I'll go have a cold one(brewski)
to clear my head. If that doesn't help, then I'll have to have another cold one after the first one.

Thanks, everyOne!

There was more then One pun in that post.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

my poor attention span prevented me from reading the whole thing but from what I read funny ass conversation

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Great anecdote! I always have stuff like this going on in my mind, and sometimes laugh at myself.

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Family walks into At&t Store: We'd like to get "The All New One"

Rep: How many "The All New Ones" would you like?

Head: Explodes.

I love HTC and they make a brilliant phone. The HTC One was one of the best phone in 2013 but I think they made a mistake with the naming. It is hard to create a brand like galaxy with a number. They should have picked a name to that could go forward for several iterations so they don't throw marketing money away by changing names every other year. It should be building to help make HTC a common name.

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"Derek is editor-in-chief of webOS Nation".
Oh, so you're the one in the Mobile Nations family who drew the short straw! :D

Ok. I am not posting this comment to beat up on females. I happen to like them a whole lot. Here it comes. This is the most effeminate article I have ever seen on this website. It appeals to me less than the idea of sex with a man. (Not here to bash gays either) each to their own and many of my habits are probably disgusting to others! Derek your articles over the years have been fantastic! Did you have your 8 yr. Old daughter put this out? Okay I'm ready for my beating for laying out my opinion. If I've offended I apologize but it is just my opinion not a condemnation.

Replace the name One with iphone:
"I want the new iphone"
"Here it is"
"Thanks I'll check out now"

I know some people are that stupid but not many.

I worked for at&t and I never had this issue with iPads. If anyone needed to specify, they specified by year, or they said "last year's iPad". I hate to say it, but this editorial is a tad sensationalist.

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HTC is a dying animal, just waiting to be put out of it's misery. They'll be bought by Samsung within the year. The writing is on the wall.

This isn't going to happen. The consumer will either know it's from HTC or can recognize the model in the store. This editorial is really not funny and dumb IMO.

I really don't see this happening. If any nerd worth their salt is going to tell a friend to pick up the new htc one he or she is not going to say go pick up the new one. They will say go pick up the new HTC One.

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every article I see posted by this guy Derek on this site is always pro-samsung.. I'd still take an HTC, Sony, LG, or Motorola over Samsung regardless of all the fanboy jokes.

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Easier solution for HTC. Since they won't have 'One' branding on the outside of the device judging from last year and the leaks of the new phone, just call it the HTC 2014.

Is that the same as "the next big thing"? I feel like that could be a similar situation.

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"And he fell apart?"
"No! Andy was a rock! Buddy fell apart."
"Over Macho Grande?"
"I don't think I'll ever get over Macho Grande."

Okay this article is total rubbish.

And I am sick of people complaining about the name. First of all the phone is just going to people called HTC One. All New HTC One is just a marketing name. How daft do you have to be to not understand this? Also Google can call last years Nexus 7 the new Nexus 7 no on bats an eye. Apple can call two iPads the new iPad no bats an eye. HTC calls it for marketing purposes the All New HTC One and everyone loses their head. So why don't you all stfu

This article was the written word equivalent of motion sickness. I had to look away not to be sick.

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You know its sad that even the staff is now writing this crap about the HTC One. The iPhone has looked the same nearly since its release and people swarm over them when a new model is released. So what if the next variation of HTC's top end phone looks like the previous. It gives it character and an identity, just like the iPhone has.

When I pull out my HTC GPE One, people know its a One. I happen to like that.

I just don't see that happening all that often. I have to believe that even the average consumer isn't that stupid.

LOL thats good.
But you could just get the LG G, the G what? Well the G2 or the new G3 or the new G Pro or the Optimus G Pro or the Flex or well what ever!

I work for ATT and can so see this happening with some of my co workers lol. Hilarious article! I must share

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Sone One X, One X +, One, New One... Jesus frakking Christ this is SO stupid HTC, HTC M8. Done. With a "One" Sidebranding

This is really one of the dumbest "articles" I have yet to see on this site. It has absolutely zero news value, and is essentially a waste of everyone's time. Hopefully, the author was drunk when he wrote it, or something. I may have missed it, but was there similar junk written about Google's Nexus 7? Different devices, same name. Oohh... everyone's is so confused!

I'm thinking about getting the Honda Civic 139, but last year's Civic 138 is only a year old. If I search hard enough, I may be able to find a 135 or 136 for half the price. Or should I just wait for next year's Civic 140?

This is why they should keep phone model names the same year after year. Use the model year to avoid confusion when comparing different generations.