Six games, and more to come, for a small donation

The latest Humble Bundle, PC and Android 8, is now available and offering up some great games. As is the case each time around, the Humble Bundle is accepting completely user-chosen donations to help benefit both charities and the game developers. This time around, they have four games available at any donation level:

  • Little Inferno
  • Gemini Rue
  • Aaaaa!!! for the Awesome
  • Jack Lumber

If your donation is over the current average, you'll also unlock two more games, plus any more that are unlocked for the current bundle at a later date:

  • Hero Academy
  • Anomaly 2

The current donation sits at an average of $3.94 at the time of writing — a steal for six DRM-free games that also benefit charity. Head to the source link below to check them out for yourself.

Source: Humble Bundle


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Humble Bundle PC and Android 8 now accepting donations


It's worth noting (and perhaps even updating the article) that the Hero Academy 2 is their "gold pack" - it includes all DLC (challenges, races, and uniform colors).

Hey, do these games then update through the play store or do you have to keep track of that yourself?


The Humble Beta app for Android will remind you if there are updates available. No updates through the Play Store.

Posted via Android Central App

Anomaly 2 is worth $5 alone and has a great rating on the Play Store. Might as well spend $4/5 and get 6 (and possibly more) games for the price of one.

Posted via Android Central App

That was my thoughts exactly. I have been contemplating getting A2 and then this comes out. Perfect timing. I usually get the humble bundle but skipped the last few. Glad to be back.

Posted via Android Central App

I have no idea. The reviews say it's better than the first, so if Anomaly Korea is the first one then....

Posted via Samsung GS3 Wishing It Was A N5

Anyone else that bought this having issues installing Anomaly 2? My stock MOTO X reboots during the install and I've tried downloading a new file twice already.. Everything else works fine.

Posted via Android Central App

Downloaded it onto my N7. Experienced unusually long download and install times. Maybe try deleting and retrying the process?

Posted via Android Central App

Yea, tried doing that using the humble bundle app and just using the .apk download link as well. I'm stumped..

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