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We have only just got first UK availability of the Huawei Ascend P1 -- read our full review here -- but according to the fellas at Coolsmartphone it might just be about to get some improvements.

By the time it gets into UK Android fan hands, the P1 will definitely qualify as a mid-range handset. A dual-core device living in a quad-core world, but it doesn't mean it isn't a perfectly capable smartphone. Apparently the UK version is to be given a more "premium" feel -- whatever that entails -- and the battery will actually be an 1800mAh powerplant. Not the 1670mAh we saw in our review unit and in the one listed for sale at Clove Technology. Considering we already spoke pretty highly of battery life on the P1, an additional bit of juice can be no bad thing. 

Source: Coolsmartphone


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Huawei P1 to be 'enhanced' as it arrives on UK shores


They still need to upgrade the ageing D1 Quad, which still hasn't even been released.
Samsung barely evaded a hanging for delivering the S3 with it's 8mpx camera (yes I know sensors are more important than megapixels). Huawei will not be so fortunate with their D1 Quad, which is already said to have an ever so slightly inferior camera to the iPhone 4s. The D1 is also specced with the now out-of-favor ICS. Huawei's chance to take the crown has passed and I don't think they can catch up, they're just going to keep falling behind with the D1 Quad. A shame.