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Following the first sighting in the wild of Huawei's upcoming 6.1 inch monster phone, the Ascend Mate, the device has been leaked once more ahead of an expected CES unveiling. This time, the device is seen posing for a series of photos alongside -- albeit, only just -- another Huawei device we're expecting to see at CES, the 5 inch D2

The photos obtained by MyDrivers, show what is essentially a big -- really big -- black slab, with on-screen buttons. There appears to be a slight curve to the back of the device, which should make it a little nicer to hold in the hand. If a 6.1 inch smartphone could ever, truly feel nice in the hand. Thickness is supposedly just 9.9mm. 

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Spec information still remains in the rumor territory at present, but MyDrivers goes on to claim that the Ascend Mate is powered by a quad-core 1.8GHz processor -- likely an in house effort -- 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera and a 4000mAh battery. Nothing here sounds too out of the ordinary, certainly not for a 2013 release, but until we actually get something official we'll keep the rumor tag on them. 

Along with the photos, a leaked advertisement for the Ascend Mate has also been seen. It makes no bones about who Huawei is competing with in this space -- the 5.5 inch Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Samsung has set an extremely high bar in the super sized phone market with the Note and the Note 2, and anyone who considers challenging had better bring their 'A' game. The Note offers a specific experience though, with the S-Pen, whereas at least for the time being, the Ascend Mate just looks like a gargantuan sized version of some of Huawei's other Android smartphones. 

Whatever the Ascend Mate may or may not turn out to be, Android Central will be in Las Vegas to bring you all the action as it unfolds. 

Source: MyDrivers via Unwired View


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Huawei Ascend Mate leaked again ahead of expected CES unveiling


I say bring on more phones. Wonder what the Galaxy note 3 will bring in 2013. Hopefully 2ghz quad core 13-16mp camera 2-3gb of memory 6.1 1080p screen (Id be okay with 720p though) unbreakable screen and a lazer on its head

I've got a sneaky suspicion that Samsung may have a surprise for you when they launch the Note 3.

Phones in the 6 inch range could see a WQXGA (2560x1440)screen in time for a launch this September/October. It will be interesting to see if anyone has the balls to actually do it, but that would give you more resolution in your smartphone than in the iPad 3/4 (and probably Mini 2).

At the very very minimum, Samsung will do Full HD for sure. 0% chance of 720p. Galaxy Note 3 will be 6.3 inch flexible / bendable 1080p screen, 5450 Exynos 5 dual quadcore cortex A-15 processor, with Mali T604 Gpu, 16 meg camera, 3.0 front facing camera, 128gb of storage space, Android 5.0 Key lime pie, 4200mAh battery, new touch wiz UI, new Spen features as well as better multi Window features. Based on these specs of the Galaxy Note 3 this Hauwei device is pretty soft. Matter of fact Hauwei is VERY SOFT when it comes to android generally. I applaud Hauwei Samsung are the creators of this space they have had NO challenges. This will help to bring more choice to us the customers which is always great. Make NO MISTAKE Hauwei is ROOKIES in this space and being a rookie has it's bad side which in there case it will be software. Nobody beats Samsung in the the features and software business just cause you make a big screen device doesn't mean anything what is your product bring to the table?? ? needs to answer that question and come real strong with theirs. Nothing beats the Galaxy Note 2 it's the ultimate productivity and all purpose device ever made period.......

Impressive specs! Based on that, I'm guessing the Galaxy Note 3 will be 63 mm thick! Or 62 at the least.

New Touch Wiz UI?? On the GS4 - I'm already getting that, I love my S3. New UI, higher Res, (It's already the fastest phone) Key Lime pie 5.0, Multi Window DEAD!! Take my pre order now Sammy!!!

LOL, don't expect a GS4 until at least May. The GS3 is selling too well for them to release the successor so soon.

It's nice looking but 6.1" is crazy.. I like the size of the S3 the best.. but the Note 2 is nice. Touchwiz isn't that appealing to me tho..

Have both the SGS3 and the Note 2. These are the two best phones ever put together. The Software is just to kill for. Every day I find something new I never realized was there. Samsung is listed under Innovators in the dictionary. They are the only phone manufacturer giving the customers what they are asking for.