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So earlier today we answered a question whether we would ever see Android on the iPhone and posed a larger question if Android will ever be available on current devices. Well, lo and behold, the community has answered back with a video of Android running on an HTC Touch. From the video, everything looks like it runs fine and dandy and it even has a custom soft keyboard!

Overall, it looks like its a pretty smooth experience but supposedly scaling the UI to QVGA caused some problems and GPS and Bluetooth don't work quite yet. This is a great start in getting Android in current devices, what's the next device you want to see?


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RS says:

I don't have the latest version of the Android build on my Sprint Touch (mine's from a few months ago.) But the keyboard is activated by hitting the camera button (on the bottom-right side of the device.) It's not actually accelerometer-based as I don't believe the older Touch even has and accelerometer.

One thing that you can't see is that the custom soft-keyboard also uses haptic feedback. This isn't installed by default on the WM version (although is available via XDA-devs) so it's a welcome addition on the Android side.

Guillaume says:

Does someone know where I can find free software for my BB curve?


Scott says:

Did anyone else that it's a Sprint phone??? Oh snap!

Tony says:

Did anyone notice that in addition to the on screen keyboard that the accelerometer works as one would expect?