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HTC has announced its consolidated third-quarter financial results, revealing yet more disappointing numbers after a year of financial woe for the Taiwanese company.

From July to September, the company reported revenues of NT$70.2 billion ($2.4 billion), with gross margin of 25.0% and operating margin of 7.0%. Net profit stood at NT$3.9 billion ($133 million), with earnings per share of NT$4.7 ($0.16).

The year-on-year figures make for grim reading, as revenues are down some 48 percent compared to Q3 2011, when HTC was in a comparatively strong position.

In today's statement, HTC singled out China as a key growth driver for the third quarter, and noted that the U.S. performed in line with expectations. The company also took the chance to highlight major upcoming product launches, such as the Android-powered One X+ in Europe and J Butterfly in Japan, as well as the new Windows Phone 8X and 8S.

However, HTC's outlook for Q4 2012 is similarly bleak, with expected revenues of NT$60 billion ($2.05 billion), a gross margin of 23% and operating margin of 1%.

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HTC reveals disappointing consolidated Q3 results


I wonder who will buy HTC out? I don't see how much longer they can survive with all the consistent failures quarter after quarter and year after year. They had and probably still have such a huge following but they just let it all go to waste with bullshit decisions while samsung seem to be doing everything right.

Who in their right mind would buy htc at this point? They don't bring any value to the table. RIM has a lot more to offer than htc, at least they have some good tech and patents. HTC does not bring anything to the table. They don't make their own software, don't make their hardware, they don't have scale, nothing. It is not rocket science why only two companies are making all the money in the mobile space and it's not by accident.

Same here except it was the 1GB memory (most of which would be taken up by Sense) that was the deal breaker. I would have held out for the X+ but they still kept the 1GB (and non-removable battery...).

Well the good news is that are launching their best deals service. Nevermind improving your products, gimmicks like that will return them to glory.

Look at how great the Beats venture worked out lol.

I hope HTC can hang on. They are my favorite phone manufacturer, so I'm rooting for them. Even with the EVO LTE issues we've been experiencing, I'm not willing to give up on them. I think they need to at least put SD card slots on all their phones (or offer built in memory tiers like Apple/Samsung). I can live with the non-removable battery, but only if the battery performs as well as (or better than) the EVO LTE. They also need to take the Samsung approach, and release the same line of phones on all carriers.

After htc's last quarterly result, I posted that htc would go under in 18 months if no one bought them and got ridiculed for it on this site, I stand corrected.

I would've bought the original One X, but couldn't.
Exclusivity deals.
I would buy the One X+ in a heartbeat, but can't.
Exclusivity deals.
Bet those exclusivity deals are making them so much money now. Meanwhile, I'll be heading down to pick up a Galaxy Note 2 today.
No exclusivity deals on those.

But I'm not bitter.

They kind of deserve it for two reasons:

1. They've stretched themselves too thin making multiple phones when they could do just as well offering only one, maybe two at a time.
2. They haven't updated my Thunderbolt to ICS yet. I mean, I downloaded a fully featured ICS rom by twistedumbrella on XDA, and everything works as it should, but I still wish I could feel like I've officially updated to the product HTC would intend.

Revenues are down, so they show a pretty amazing phone, the Butterfly J and say:

"well it's only for Japan, we might do something similar elsewhere, but we won't say what or when, or were for that matter..."

"Hey, why is everyone buying phones from other manufacturers and not waiting for us to release a phone we refuse to commit too?"

One phone across all carriers w/super lcd 3 3000mah battery 2gb ram Qualcomm s4 pro 4.8in w/ 16/32/64gb version sd card slot bootloader unlocked timely updates and great marketing it will also help developers they wont have to make all these different versions for apps get it out by christmas they will make so much money

HTC used to be hands down my favorite manufacturer back in Windows Mobile days and the early days of Android. However, all their locked bootloader nonsense, sealed batteries, and lack of SD slots (among other things) have kind of turned me off to them. The Nexus One was the last HTC device that I found compelling.

I feel bad for HTC as they use to be my favorite phone maker. But alas they dug their own grave. A few pointers HTC because I want to see you stick around.

1. Make the One series your household name, stand up to Carriers like Samsung and Apple do and release the same phone on all carriers. Not sure why this is so hard for you. You said you would scale back yet you still screw over customers the One X should have been what the One X+ is. Now people feel cheated because a few months later you release what should have already came out.

2. Stop the exclusive stuff, look at how successful Samsung and apple are one flagship phone for them all. Because at the end of the day customers are showing to be more loyal to the carrier than the phone maker. Just look at dethduck's post.

3. Less phones means less money and man power that goes into getting updates out in a timely manner.

4. And like Kozmo says when you show something announce what, when, where, and how much it will be. No one is going to sit around and wait on a phone that may or may not hit their carrier, or country for that matter.

I really hope you make it HTC because I loved my windows phones and my Evo but right now I am happy with my GS3. Hardware wise you guys win but its how you present it to the consumers and what you do after a device is released that may be your downfall.

And for me HTC will sink! HTC ONE X was my last phone of this brand, extremely disappointed. Sense ultra SLOW, shame to see it next to an S3. And most of all dirty, X +

my last 2 phones were HTC (4 if you consider both broke and I received refurbed replacements), and NEVER.... N E V E R will I buy one again.

to me, they deserve this

I hope they survive because all of my last four phones have been htc, up to my Current EVO LTE...maybe Wp will give them the boost they need. With that said, I might have to leave them in a month or two to get the Note 2.