HTC reportedly will ship the first of three planned tablets in March, according to unnamed sources speaking to Digitimes. The initial offering is the "Flyer," which will run Android 2.3 and be updated to Honeycomb whenever it becomes available. The other two tablets reportedly would be available in June and run Honeycomb out the gate.

But this is Digitimes we're talking about, and as usual we're taking things with a grain of salt. Especially because the source apparently said the Flyer will be time to get out ahead of the Motorola Xoom tablet's April release. But last we heard from Motorola and Verizon, it was still scheduled for a first-quarter launch. That said, it's in line with a previous DT rumor, so it's got that going for it.

Will we see an HTC tablet at some point? Most likely. Will it be at Sprint's "magical" event in a few weeks? Maybe. Will we see it at Mobile World Congress a week later? Possibly. And what about that HTC Scribe name that was trademarked? Dunno. Stay tuned. [Digitimes]

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stopsign002 says:

If HTC has a good offering I'm in. I love their devices

briankurtz79 says:

The April release of the xoom is for the wifi only version. Was planning on picking one up but now I guess I need to weigh my options a little longer.

Bla1ze says:

Always something new just around the corner.. makes it difficult to choose sometimes.

junglejunkie says:

I will pull the trigger on the Xoom WiFi if the bootloader isn't locked like their phones.

ceriem says:

Yea, if this device is more Vanilla than the XOOM, I may wait for it. Depends on what they do with honeycomb and how Moto sticks to it's word on bootloader locking compromises lol.
Edit: Then again, we have no idea what OEMs are gonna do with custom skins on honeycomb and what custom ROMs will even be like. It's like a whiole new frontier!

icebike says:

I'd pretty much buy anything HTC offers sight unseen. Wifi only please.

nutbunnies says:

Given the kind of batteries they've been putting in their phones lately, I'm guessing this will have a 1500mAh battery

mtmjr90 says:

Don't even go hurts too much.

Dhamp2g says:

THats my only complaint on HTC they gotta do better on battery life

Jjpp23 says:

I knew Htc would bring some kinda hammer here soon. I can't wait! !

onixblack says:

Ohhhhh yes

Bestphonever says:

I'm boycotting HTC because they're painfully slow with their upgrades.

robnaj says:

Slow compared to what other skinned UI , Samsung Touchwiz, Motorola MotoBlur,or Sony Ericssons UI, or LGs UI are all slow with updates, HTC has updated their most of their phones to 2.2 and in the second fast only to Motorola and only because Motorola has a the DROID "1' witch is Stuck Android.

Bestphonever says:

I was being sarcastic. Poking fun at all the Samsung hate.

since when?

i'm sure samsung owners would love to have a conversation with you regarding frequency of os updates...

Bestphonever says:

More like infrequency! I was joking with my post, I guess it's hard to detect sarcasm on the internet. my bad.

Dhamp2g says:

My evo got froyo first!!!!!!!!!! After nexus

robnaj says:

If it has Sense it would be tempting.

Noble.Four says:

The only two things better than Sense are:

Sense based ROMs (which I pray will come to these tablets)


Sense based ROMs on a 7-10" screen.

Seriously though, if HTC brings these out, they win hands down. I want my tablet to be a counterpart to my new phone, which will be the Thunderbolt.


deraildoax says:

Damn it! And here I am with my Archos 101 tablet that I just got for Christmas... Time to sell it. I also agree HTC makes some of the best hardware. I've had a G1, Mytouch 3G, and now a Mytouch 4G. Good stuff. A lot better than the Motorola and Samsung stuff I've owned.

Cthugha says:

I've had a Archos 70 since november and will keep using it + getting a 10" tablet (preferrably by HTC).

* HTC Desire smartphone 3.7" always with me (don't want to carry anything bigger)
* Archos 70 tablet 7" when I travel (awesome media player)
* HTC 10" tablet at home (in the couch :)
* HP EliteBook laptop for everything else
=> perfect setup for me :D

vorcigernix says:

hmm..if it comes without bloatware

PaperMate3rd says:

I've been suppressing my desire for the moto Xoom for this announcement. I love HTC devices have had one since my first sprint ppc6700 to my AMAZING Evo. Only thing I could ask for from them other than competitive hardware is a better BT stack. Can you say WiiMote on a HTC Tab with HDMI mirroring. Lord let me stop. Oh and better camera I'll admit the iphone4 cam is amazing in low light the new Sony ARC cam looks incredible as well.

Toxikhiro says:

As a disgruntled epic owner, I'm more than ready to trust HTC, especially given their track record with updates.

KMachine says:

Wifi only version please ... no need for a 3g/4g radio to eat away at battery life when I can wireless tether it to my Evo!

EvanJ18 says:

No matter what this will be my first tablet. It will make a good companion for my dinc and future tbolt. Please please PLEASE have a sub 10" offering and wifi only. And if I gotta deal with a skin its gotta be sense. Hands down the best.

eric6052 says:

The offerings in the tablet market are really getting good. Its getting to the point where its going to be hard to make a choice. HTC has a leg up in that type of market because Sense really is the best skin and a nice way differentiate their devices from other Android manufacturers.

jackmusick says:

Gah! Screw these 2.2 and 2.3 tablets.

EvanJ18 says:

"...Upgraded to honeycomb as soon as it becomes available"

I'd rather have the device now and then get the upgrade. As long as its compatible I couldn't care less.

Cthugha says:

I wonder if the reason HTC is "late" into the tablet game is because they are working on a "Sense tablet UI". Question is what Google thinks about that with Honeycomb...

eric6052 says:

Google wont care. They've taken a hands off approach to much worse bastardisation of Android like Motoblur and Touchwiz. I doubt that will change anytime soon.

VDub2174 says:

I would definitely get the HTC tablet assuming the battery lasts a long time. I like HTC products (like my EVO) and hope they come out with a great tablet.

crxssi says:

>"Will we see an HTC tablet at some point? Most likely. Will it be at Sprint's "magical" event in a few weeks?"

I hope not. Because like most people, if it is not a WiFi-only tablet, then I have zero interest.