We still don't know which color of the HTC Magic we want: Black or White. (un)Fortunately, us folks stateside still have some time to decide but you lovely Taiwanese people have the decision made for you: it's going to be Black with a (presumably) custom Red border. The HTC Magic will be available in Taiwan beginning May 15th for the price of $640 without a contract.

I guess HTC being a Taiwanese company allows Taiwan some cool customizability? We personally think the red just looks off.

What color of the HTC Magic do you guys prefer? Black or White?

Hit the jump to see the red border on the HTC Magic!

[via androidcommunity]


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HTC Magic Available in Taiwan for $640, Comes With Custom Coloring


They just couldn't bring themselves to release this without (pictured) and one with (TOUCH DIAMOND and TOUCH PRO respectively) to keep everyone happy? That was just tooooo much to ask after paying all this damn money to keep this phone running at full features.

Guess I will be sticking with this G1 or moving to another company altogether.