HTC Incredible 2 Verizon

You didn't actually think the recently announced HTC Incredible S (see our hands-on) wouldn't make its way to Verizon as the Droid Incredible 2, did ya? A couple of leaked screen shots point to ADR6350 as coming to Big Red. No real surprise there, as the DInc was one of the hottest phones of 2010. Let's just hope there aren't the same supply issues this year.

Oh, and after the break, another pic that also shows the ADR6350W listing, as well as the newly revived HTC Merge. Might it end up on Verizon after all? Or is it just an old inventory listing? News at 11, folks. [Engadget]

HTC Incredible 2 Verizon


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HTC Incredible 2 tipped for Verizon


YES FINALLY! My girlfriends been waiting for the merge since you guys initially reviewed it. And for me its either the Bolt or Inc2 (I have the og inc now). If the inc 2 is not lte I will take that cause I'll go one year contract and by the time lte comes to my area I'll have an upgrade.

From now on, I'm only doing one year contracts. I hate waiting 18 months for an upgrade eligibility especially since new phones are coming out so freaking fast.

one year contracts do NOT get you an upgrade any earlier. You simply pay more for the phone upfront and are out of contract sooner. but you still have the same 20 months till you can upgrade. Granted being out of contract means you can cancel your service and then activate a new line of service but then you get a new number. You could prolly do something where you port your other verizon # over to the new account but its a huge pain in the a** just to get you a new phone a couple months earlier. Instead look back at things and realize you do NOT need to be on the LEADING edge of technology.. instead you benefit from waiting a couple months after a product comes out to get it. This will allow u to save money, Read reviews, do your homework and make sure u pick the RIGHT device instead of jumping from one phone to another.

If your interested in LTE long term your better off grabbing it sooner rather than waiting. The price right now is still 29.99 where as it may go up once 4g is more widely available.

Found a PDF of the ADR6350VW wi-fi test done on 10 Feb..

The dinc 2 is a huge disappoint to me ..... I love my dinc and was hoping for a newer faster version but the dinc 2 is a evo with out 4g capability

Ugh no it isn't. That's what people say about the Bolt and they're wrong also.

Inc.2 vs Evo
4 vs. 4.3
768ram vs 512ram
New 1ghz vs old chipset
new sense vs. old
WVGA super lcd vs. tft lcd
better cam sensor

All-in-all better. Not to mention the capacitive "buttonless look" rotating buttons is a seriously cool feature. I mean we're on a tech website, this information is readily available to everyone. And I don't want you to think I'm attacking you, but I know once this phone hits shelves and A.C. does an official review a ton of people will be saying the same exact thing "same as evo blah blah blah."

And if you're not one of the few people in the 38 markets that will have LTE this is a much better option than the Bolt because you won't need to pay for LTE data once they (inevitably) come out with that.

Ok quick question, is there any difference between the incredible s and the incredible 2? Because according to htc's website the incredible s wouldn't work on verizon's network. So maybe the incredible 2 might be something different from the incredible s?