A couple folks have gotten their mitts on the HTC Hero and it definitely looks a lot better than what we first saw. The chin is all there all right and it definitely juts out more than previous Android chins have. After seeing these pictures, we can't quite decide whether we love the styling of the HTC Hero or nonplussed by it because in some angles it looks magnificent, flush with aluminum trim and superb lines but in other angles that chin looks too jarring.

Early reports seem to indicate that the HTC Hero is very, very thin yet feels more substantial than previous Android phones. It seems like the Hero will feel important, to say the least.

Hit the jump to see more hands-on pictures courtesy of gizmodo & slashgear!

[via slashgear & gizmodo]


There are 4 comments

Marcus says:

I don't care about the chin. This phone looks sweet!

Anonymous says:

pretty retro looking. reminds me of a DeLorean

mo says:

The android "chin" is the most pronounced yet. Not sure if I like it. Not sure about the brown and pink colour options coming to the UK. White/Silver/Black look really nice though.

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