A gas station clerk from Orange County, Fla. has survived an attempted robbery after his HTC EVO 3D stopped an assailant's bullet. CNN reports that after being unable to access the store's safe, the suspect fired a single shot as he was leaving the scene. It was only after emergency services arrived that the victim's lucky escape became apparent — the bullet had hit the man in the chest, but impacted the phone in his shirt pocket. Photos of the device show that the bullet shattered the screen before becoming lodged in the battery. CNN reported that the gunman remained at large on Monday evening.

Bizarrely it's not the first report of an HTC phone taking a bullet for its owner. Back in 2011 an HTC Droid Incredible was involved in a similar incident, saving an Atlanta valet driver's life by stopping a bullet aimed at his chest.

Source: CNN; Pictures: WFTV


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HTC EVO 3D stops bullet, saves man's life in attempted robbery


The Evo 3D had a metal unibody, as many of HTC's phones do. The bullet probably would have gone through a Samsung phone because their bodies are plastic, not metal. I'm sure a Samsung phone still would have slowed the bullet down a lot, but it might not have been enough to save him, or it might have, who knows. I'd rather be shot through an HTC than through a Samsung, that's for sure.

Considering it was the battery that stopped it. Not the actual phone.

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But the metal unibody was behind the battery holding it together. Plus the battery was non-removable. If it was a Samsung phone, the battery would have popped right out instead of stopping the bullet.

Evo 3D has a plastic back cover and a removable battery.

But it is a unibody design.

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Lottery ticket? He definitely won't win now, his luck has been used up son! At least HTC has One lifetime loyal customer now! -_-

HTC Hastily Thwarts Criminals

HTC ad campaign in 3 2.......

Actually maybe this was a T Mo commercial with Bill Hader

I saw a news report on this, and of course the reporter help up an Iphone explaining that it was a his cellphone that stopped the bullet. Almost any news report automatically assumes it was an Iphone. SMH

seriously? there is nothing wrong apple iPhone devices, it might not be your taste, but comments like this make you look dumb, there is no reason for anybody to give such a hard time to any manufacture just because they are successful. I understand you want to say your investment is what matters, but as long as you are happy with your device that is all that matters, as for me i have an iphone, xperia Z1, lumia 1020 and soon a nexus 5 and a 1520.

There are plenty of things wrong with iPhones! By the way, the bulletWould have gone through an iPhone because iPhones don't have a middle plate like HTC and Samsung do. This center plate is a metal alloy that keeps the phone and all it's parts intact. iPhones rely on the small metal frame which is on the outer rim of the phone. The bullet would have penetrated his body!

HTC should use this for a marketing campaign this will increase there profit margin lmao

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HTC should use this for a marketing campaign this will increase there profit margin lmao

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Dear Asurion - Does your insurance plan cover shootings?
I have a police report to back this up. ha ha ha

Glad the guy is ok and i hope they catch the guy who shot the phone. er i mean shot at the guy with the phone.

HTC if your reading this please send this man a new HTC One. Im sure he might be a customer for life now.

Was thinking the same thing! Robber did him a favor! Knowing he's okay of course :)

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"He still had an EVO 3D?"

When asked why he had such an old phone he replied: "Meh, I can live with it".
Film at 11.

Glad the guy is ok! I wonder what caliber of bullet? a .22 or .32 perhaps? or a .38? Doesn't look like anything much larger. a 9mm probably would of shattered the phone.

That was the very 1st thing I thought of too (maybe because I'm a "gun guy").

I would guess a .22lr or maybe even a .25acp. Only other common round I can think of that wouldn't penetrate a phone would be a .380acp and fired from a 2-3" barrel. Considering it was a robbery, the shooter was most likely within 30 feet.

From the small size of the hole in the glass (and the fact that the battery stopped it) I'm guessing .22. I would think even a .380 would be likely to go through the phone inside of 20 feet.

The hole in the class is at least 9mm, so I'm guessing it was bigger than .22 which is only 5.5mm.

That's what I was thinking. Everyone's saying it looks small so it couldn't be a 9. How big do you guys think a 9 is? 9mm is little.

You can't go by the apparent hole size in the phone without taking the materials and other factors into consideration. As the energy is absorbed and spreads, it can make a considerably larger hole than the ammo diameter.

My guess is a 22 or similar small ammo. I am fairly sure a 9 or 380 would go through the phone. Although the phone is pretty good at energy absorption and dissipation- the glass, screen, body, and battery. That guy is very lucky.

I have a feeling he might be used in advertising...
And I think he might want an upgrade. Just upgrade his phone already!

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...so was this an HTC EVO 3D for SPRINT, or the HTC EVO V 4G ( they are the EXACT, same phone ) for VIRGIN MOBILE?...Gotta know if the parent company or its subsidiary stopped the bullet!

I had a evo 3d... and that was one thick phone lol I'm not surprised but phones today would get blown apart lol

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This reminds me of when one of the US presidents back in the 1800's (forget which one), had a small black book in his coat pocket and it stopped the bullet in an assassination attempt, anyone remember who I'm talking about?

Not sure if its the one you're remembering, but in 1912 someone attempted to assassinate Theodore Roosevelt, but his 50 page speech and his glasses case in his pocket almost completely stopped the bullet.

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Got to be a pretty pathetic round fired from a very short barrel if a phone stopped it. Probably 25ACP or some other anemic round, fired from a sub 3" barrel. Low muzzle velocity, low grain weight, etc. Any serious round will punch through a phone like a hot knife through butter.

Yeah, he probably bought the subsonic rounds too. The is a store in the bad part ofmy town and this owner bought himself a made in China 45acp and a box of FMJ ammo. Some people are not to smart.

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"The gunman is described as a black male wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt and pants, sunglasses, a bright yellow traffic vest and white gloves." The bright yellow traffic vest is enough to say the shooter is a complete moron, crack, or meth head, just saying.

Or school crossing guard. Unfortunately, these days your description and mine aren't mutually exclusive categories.

Eh, my comment was mostly because what kind of moron would try to rob someone wearing a bright ass orange vest threw in the rest for shits and giggles.

And those of us who carry their phones in their pants or jacket pockets are going to die as usual when shot. Drat.

Bullet could've struck any other part of his body, and it struck some small spot on his body where the phone miraculously stopped it. That is one lucky SOB.

That's awesome. I wasn't even thinking about that, but you're correct. The Sprint version's code name was "shooter" and the Virgin Mobile version was "shooteru".


For the free pub be nice if HTC finally released what was promised to us EVO 3D suckers that we'd get an update to an official Sense 4 with working 4G you liars!!!

That explains the size and potential use for HTC One Max. Does is comes with a straps so you can wear it on your chest?

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