Amidst all the IFA madness, HP has announced two new Chromebooks coming to the U.S. this fall. The 11-inch model will be available October 5 for $279.99, with options for white and light blue color schemes. The 14-inch HP Chromebook in silver, orange, blue, or green will be $299.99 when it launches October 22. The latter will be packing the NVIDIA Tegra K1 graphics processor for extra oomph. You'll get 100 GB of Google Drive space for two years when picking either one of these up.

If you're in the market for something a little different, HP also has an Android-powered laptop available.

For a closer look at the new Chromebooks, check out HP's product page. Anybody in the market for a Chromebook?

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HP announces two new Chromebooks, including one powered by NVIDIA K1


That would make all the different on my end as well. I like the screen of the 11 that I currently have, and in another year I'll probably look to upgrade again just cause they are so cheap. But I want the screen quality.

I was thinking the same. Acer 13 looks OK too but if they don't have proper screens then I'll be holding out for like another 6 months

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Checked the product pages. Still terrible screens. Maybe when 2k or 4k screens become standard on high end laptops a chromebook might get a decent 1080p screen.

The screen on the 13" Samsung Chromebook 2 is pretty good. I just wasn't a fan of the processor. It lagged a bit, and for some reason, tab casting didn't work as well as on my C720.

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It says the 11 inch model is only available in white and blue. If you look at the space beside the keyboard the "orange" or "red" one has more space which means it must be the 14.

As an HP 14 owner currently, this is disappointing. All the media outlets just keep repeating the press release without providing any context. This is not an upgrade but a downgrade. This is basically the same as the current HP 14 but:

- ...with a slower chip on every benchmark I've seen compared with the current Haswell...
- ...and maybe 1 hr more of battery life.
- improvement in screen resolution or quality
- external colors...

I can't wait for anyone to combine the 13 inch IPS HD of the just announced Toshiba 2 with the Haswell or even a core i3. THAT will be the chromebook that will replace my current HP 14.

In the meantime, everyone else should buy the current HP 14 with Haswell chip which I'm sure will now have great deals online.

I only like the smaller 11" Chromebooks. That said, the CPU benchmark for this new HP is 1020, whereas my old Acer 720 benchmarks at 1555. #failHP I will not even need to consider the HP in the future!

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I think I'm just going to buy the Acer k1 and if I like it I'm sticking with it. I'm tired of waiting for the next best chromebook. I've been wanting one since the Acer 720p but every time I'm ready to buy one, a new better chromebook is just around the corner.

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