LG G3 smart cleaning

Over time the free storage space on your LG G3 will begin to dwindle, that's a given. But it's not all down to what you're installing onto the phone yourself, it'll store a bunch of temporary files that over time can build up and build up. Fortunately LG has built in a simple method of seeing what's taking up space that doesn't need to be and for you to reclaim it with smart cleaning.

To access smart cleaning you'll need to go into the settings and look for it under the device tab or header depending on how you've got things set up. Open it up and you'll see the screen shown here. Up top you'll be shown how much of your G3 storage is in use and available to use as well as how much is being taken up by files you likely don't need to keep. Below it breaks it down into three categories:

  • Temporary files: Comprised of apps' cache files and clip tray temporary files
  • Download folder
  • Idle apps: Apps that have been left idle for 1 month or more will be highlighted here

To reclaim the storage space taken up by each simply tap on the category you want to deal with, make sure the checkboxes next to the items you want to delete are checked, then just hit the big "clean" button down the bottom. When you're done head back out into the main smart cleaning screen and you should see nothing in the right hand panel and the left hand panel will have updated to show how much free storage space you now have available on the phone.

You can also clear just the cache if you so wish by heading into Settings > Storage then tap on cached data. The bonus to smart cleaning is that it's more of a one-stop shop.

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How to reclaim storage space on the LG G3 with smart cleaning


Clean Master is an awesome program, even if it's a bit more bloated than it was in the past. It comes in especially handy on those devices that lack expandable storage.

Hold down the button on bottom of phone for a few seconds. That will open up a few useful cleaning options. On right button, this allows you to close all running apps.
Hold down button...then press task manager on left. Then with buttons on top you clean memory. .also clean other apps...etc...

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Got that down already. Wasn't sure if there was more of a deep clean in the settings. Thanks though!

VZW NOTE 3 via AC app

Is this something with all Android devices but LG made Smart Cleaning or is this something specific to LG Android devices that need to be cleaned? By the title it sounds like every other Android device works fine but this is a flaw in the G3.

I use 1 Tap Cleaner from the Play Store, and I'm able auto clean my cache every 3 days (paid version allows daily). I also keep tabs on my download folder, and try to keep downloads on my SD card, and not the internal storage (Galaxy S4). But I like that these features are built into LG's software. I hope there is an auto clean interval for cache.

Very nice device quick camera with a beautiful display! I played with one at an AT&T store last night and personally my Note 3 seems faster except for the camera.

Just picked up the G3. Nice to know the feature is built in, but doesn't Android already do this? Or is this more like what we will get with the L release?

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