AT&T E-mail Signature

AT&T has a pretty lame e-mail signature. Maybe you've heard.

We could lambaste these signatures and the reason they're there until the next iPhone is released. They're horrible. They cheapen what otherwise is a pretty excellent e-mail experience. But here's a secret the iPhone folks who chuckle at this sort of thing — those would be the same ones who rocked the "sent from my iPhone" signature like it was a badge of individuality or something — don't bother telling you. It takes all of 30 seconds to swap it out.

Yes. You no longer have to have the "Sent from my HTC One™ X, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone" signature. Gone is the particularly horrific "Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S™ II Skyrocket™, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone." (By the way, we're sensing a trend here, in case you didn't notice.")

Got half a minute? We're going to walk you through it after the break.

By the way, it's worth noting that these transgressions are only apparent in the stock e-mail app. If you use the Gmail app, you're free and clear.

Again, AT&T. Cut this crap out.


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How to change the (ridiculous) AT&T e-mail signature


Whats the point of mentioning the iphone again? They can easily change their signature in 30 seconds too. Irrelevant. Calm down with that fanboy stuff. By the way it doesn't cheapen the email client in any way. Desperate for an article? This isnt new to phones in general.

I think he mentioned that because of all the corp iPhones I support (over 200) only like 5 changed their tag. It is like a badge of pride with them..or they haven't figured out how to do it. On the bberries they had all their info--like a mini business card complete with click art. But once we swapped to iPhone, they kept the same signature.

Don't care about the signature because that's been customizable in every platform I can remember. What does interest me was that badass backspace motion. A sense thing?

The first thing I do with a new phone is take off the signature. Got an SGSII earlier this year to replace my T-Bolt, and took it off.
Maybe I should have my signature say "Sent from my SGSII on T-Mobile. We don't have LTE yet, but our spokeswomen is hot...that something right?"

Nevermind, too long.

I was the tester at my job for Android devices--we had bberries & iPhones. I took great pleasure in changing my signature to sent from my ANDROID. Yep I put it in all caps. I got called into my bosses office...they were getting a bunch of calls from people that wanted corp email on their Android, so I had to take it down until it was approved. I took great pleasure in that.

I should put 'Sent from my AT&T throttled data phone' or 'Sent from the death star, use the force.'

Hmm..I might do that.

With all the emails I had previously seen with the default Blackberry signature, I was certain it was set in stone, until I got a Blackberry myself and spent a whole 30 seconds trying to remove the signature. It's no surprise that iPhone users consider their default signature a badge of honor. But to me it's a clear indicator of a user's low ranking on the tech savvy scale. I'm sure there are some who know it's there but don't really care to do anything about it, but I believe they are few and far between.

My mobile signature is identical to the one on my desktop. I don't really want anyone knowing what device I used to send an email.

I remember hurrying into whatever settings it was back on the G1 and the Behold to remove that gosh awful signature. I do it every single phone I see it on. Now, I have the My MotoSpeak app and lo and behold... dang blasted siggy in the text messages I send by voice. Arrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh

PS - I use a Motorola H17txt bluetooth earpiece to send speech to text messages via Handcent. How AWESOME!!

It's not just AT&T, Big Red does the same thing. As soon as i get a new fone and set it up I wipe there stupid signature off as well.

I've been taking the Mick of these stock signatures (and people for not changing them) for years.


Sent from my Rhubarb Crumble device.
No Apples or Blackberries were used in the making of this crumble.

Oh yes, I hate it when I see 'Sent from my x' on a forum (I guess anywhere), it's so f***ing stupid. It's freaking plastered on everything on XDA devs.

I don't know. I always hated these stupid signatures and disabled them in every email client I used. Except when I had a BB and Android was still young and the nutty iPhone hippies boasted their little toys. Then every mail was followed by:
The iPhone is a fency toy,
but only a Blackberry will give you joy !
(or some other BB promoting verse)

Interesting thread here to see such opinions about something as seemingly unobtrusive as a signature line.

I've altered mine a bit on my CM9'd Touchpad and have left it intact on my phone mostly because I tend to type shorter more "to the point" emails when on these devices. Sometimes this can sound a bit terse so letting the person know I'm typing from a little tiny phone puts the shortness of the message into context.

Maybe I'll personalize the message a bit though :).