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Let's face it, that Verizon will start charging an extra $2 a month to pay your bill in certain ways kinda sucks, no two ways about it. But companies don't do these sort of things just to see how we'll react. They know a goodly number of people will just pay their $24 a year and go about their business.

So how are you going to handle it?


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How are you going to deal with Verizon's $2 'convenience' fee?


I agree as I am already on auto pay. I do not have to worry about forgetting to pay and have my service cut off or pay extra fee...

Neither do I. That's why I set up Auto Pay on my Credit Card.
Completely safe, no one has access to my money. And I can dispute anything and they usually side with the consumer.

Exactly. Other than my utility companies (who have me bent over a barrel already, so setting up autopay is really just grabbing your ankles at that point), I'll never do autopay. If there's a billing error, it's a lot easier to fix it before you pay than to get them to credit you retroactively.

Point 1: yeah, no...

Point 2: I think Verizon wireless members should charge a $2.00 discount fee for going paperless billing...

Point 3: Verizon may receive a credit card charge, but who really believes a company their size is paying $2.00 per transaction?

Point 4: I got a lovely bunch of coconuts (de-dada-de)...

Point 5: is to sharp, so we put a foam piece on it for safety purposes...

Point 6: is up your anus...

Point 7: if you're a Verizon Wireless customer, you deserve what you get for being stupid... My T-Mobile phone is twice as nice, gets four times the speed in SoCal, and gives bj's for cheap...


Child, please. Auto-pay to a credit card that gives me cash-back points. Galaxy Nexus LTE on grandfathered unlimited data. FREE bj's with root. I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING.

I'm set-up with auto-pay (and why not, they take it on the last possible day). So I'm either with "most people" or I'm just part of the "unique minority". I know, some people want to get the rewards, but pssssttttt.... the merchants are catching on :)

Heck, we already take it deep and hard on their contract pricing "discount", so what's another $24/yr for most, some, few people.... :)

And how about an option in the poll that says "I don't care, I'm on Auto-Pay so it doesn't affect me"....

I was looking for that option too. Apparently some people think most people aren't already on auto pay. There - did my double generalizations cancel each other, thereby negating the auto-falsifying nature of each generalization?

Seriously though, I can't vote because that option is missing.

F Verizon. They are NOT my provider but if they were, I would be cancelling service immediately! How the F do they think they can charge $24 a year for online payment when its cheaper for them administratively, labor wise, support wise, etc, to except payments with online automation? Problem is most Americans are complete IDIOTS mathematically anyway, and they will just pay it, just like they pay $2 to get $10 out of an ATM machine and just like they sign 2 year contracts to get that $500 smartphone for $199 not even realizing they will pay far more than $500 .....
AND CDMA BLOWS! anyway....

you do realize that you pay the same $$/month subsidized or not in the USA, right? I grabbed my sgs2 for $0.01 on a two year contract, if I broke that contract I got myself an sgs2 for $350. Doesn't sound too stupid to me...

ERRRR WRONG. I pay approximately $20 a month less because I don't sign a contract and buy my own phone in the U.S. Almost every carrier has a contract-less plan (and I don't mean pre-pay) that is on average about $20 a month cheaper for "all you can eat". I suppose you are one of those people that flunked math and pays $2 to get a 20 out of the ATM. (lets see $20 X 24months= FREE!) Duh ....

ERRRR WRONG. I pay approximately $20 a month less because I don't sign a contract and buy my own phone in the U.S. Almost every carrier has a contract-less plan (and I don't mean pre-pay) that is on average about $20 a month cheaper for "all you can eat". I suppose you are one of those people that flunked math and pays $2 to get a 20 out of the ATM. (lets see $20 X 24months= FREE!) Duh ....

I chose the option of stopping paperless billing, making VZW pay to send me a bill in the mail and then making them process a check from now on.

Exactly. And if you want to be a real pain in their ass, send multiple checks that total up to your bill amount.

a coworker of mine just did this same thing, i would also if i had verizon. they can go ahead and pay to actually send me a bill, i'll just send it to the recycling.

i never let anything automatically come out of my bank...

a coworker of mine just did this same thing, i would also if i had verizon. they can go ahead and pay to actually send me a bill, i'll just send it to the recycling.

i never let anything automatically come out of my bank...

That is because only dinosaurs still have checkbooks? I personally have not owned a "checkbook" in 10 years .....

My mortgage company does not have online payment options, and I refuse to let them auto-deduct from my account, so I have to send them a check every month. My fiance's auto loan is the same way (she got a booklet with slips she has to detach and send with her checks). So yeah, the dinosaurs are the companies who don't have online bill pay, not the consumers.

And no option that says "I'm not on Verizon".... I wonder how many Non-VZW users are going to vote (such as "I'm going with the nuclear option and am getting off Verizon") and just f-up the results to something that's truly meaningless.

Can you imagine what would happen if T-Mobile and AT&T were allowed to merge? One less player, less competition, just means more times we'd be grabbing the ankles.....

If enough people complain then they might do something. You know the money raised goes towards free cell phones for those that really dont need one.

If the poll question doesn't have an appropriate answer that fits you will you:

1. Select some other option, even if it's inappropriate
2. Ignore it and move on
3. Post a smart-ass comment in the reply

Happy New Year!

Changing my paperless billing to paper. That way it'll cost Verizon to send me a bill each month plus a stamp. Then i'll send them a check with a pleasant remark in the memo.

I plan to do the same. And I also agree with some people above, it amazes me that people say "Oh, its only $2, Ill just pay it." Roll over and take it people, just like you do from your government....

I have been using online bill pay (through my bank) for years now. This is a way of avoiding this fee. If you're not using that and still going to the individual websites of your utilities, credit cards, etc... to pay your bills, maybe you should get charged $2 every time you pay the bill. It seems to me that you're just wasting your time paying bills instead of paying all your bills in one place.

I've been paying via online bill pay with my bank for as long as I can remember. So I'm not worried about it at all. Doesn't bother me one bit.

It's actually kinda smart on there part. They are trying to secure there payments every month. You know your going to pay your cell phone bill every month so why not put it on auto pay and be responsible. I know back when I first got VZ many moons ago, I used to pay manually through the site and would always forget to pay on time, and wait until they said they would cut off my service if I didn't make a payment. This should cut out a lot of hassle for them and their customers.

I wouldn't define forgetting when your bill is due every month and having someone else cut a check for you as "being responsible."

And online bill pay through the bank is basically just trusting someone else to handle your finances for you and physically mailing out a check each month for each of your bills. Checks are archaic and ancient.

I wouldn't cut a check myself, why would I trust someone else to write checks and mail them on my behalf? How is that smarter than either 1.) writing the check yourself and sending it, or 2.) Set up auto pay through Verizon (not the bank).

I'm with Sprint...and they suck too. It's simply a lose lose situation. You either pay it or don't. I'm sure all these carriers don't have a problem transferring you/us to their "termination department." I don't usually cuss but, "F" all those money hungry jerks(carriers).

Unless you're trying to organize some response to this surcharge, who cares what other people are going to do to avoid the fee, assuming (like in the survey) that EVERYONE is impacted by this.

How many places do you guys need to establish for people to discuss this? I'm sure there are multiple forum threads, and now multiple blog posts. This would appear to be just another way to generate page views, and advertising revenue.

I cancelled my contract. Good much getting that $300 early termination charge. I can afford to pay $2...its the principal of it

My wife works for Verizon, and had told me what the fees are for. It's not to screw customers, it's to encourage automatic payments to improve work flow during billing cycles. There are no silent black helicopters, the sky is not falling, and Al Gore didn't invent the internet....and my wife checked her job description, killing kittens is not a requirement

Is kitten killing a perk? I just started working for the wire line service and haven't made it thru all our benefits :-)

The other thing is "instant payments" are usually handled by a 3rd party. I think Billmatrix handles PECO for example. The convenience fee goes directly to them, not PECO. It would be ILLEGAL for PECO to add and profit from a supplemental fee.

Simple..I'm going to look at taking something off my package that costs equal, if not greater than the $2 charge.

Pay in the store in pennies. Ok maybe quarters. But I am sure I will have lots if questions to ask about my bill. Something tells be this service charge is tax free for Verizon, thus enabling them to take in a bundle -Tax Free

I'm going to boycott V Cast and anything else they offer that I don't need. I won't even get into the 2 dillar detailed billing fee... The nickel and diming is going to far.

hmm lessee... peco (my electric company) already charges a similar fee for online / telephone single payments. So does Comcast. So does a couple other bills I pay.

Ooo... I wonder if that's why this is so 'business as usual to me'? Since I pay these bills (not Mommy) its actually surprising they haven't been doing this already :-)

Oh and I've been on automatic bill payment from the beginning. Electric, wireless and rent never late being necessities

Seems to me that VZW would have learned a lesson from Bank of America and some of the banks when they tried to institute that $5 fee for using their debit cards and the backlash that occurred from that fiasco.

seems to me the herd of sheep here have been successfully led by a story meant to incite them. Anyone who pays their own bills have already encountered this with several major corporations and utility services.

Back when I had sprint they raised my bill by $0.25... some bs administrative fee. This was a breach of contract and allowed me to leave the company scott-free with no ETF.

I wonder if Verizons changes to new every two and two dollar fee will allow me to do the same...

Except this time I want to keep my service and just end my contract.

By my logic I should be able to get another phone upgrade out the deal, lol

Very fitting picture AC, I plan to go into the store pay my bill January bill from a jar filled with change, mostly pennies, that they will need to sort and count. Is that convenient enough for you VZW?

AND... I'm going to make sure there is exactly $2 more in the jar than my bill for that month... bastiches!!

After that, I'll continue to pay with my rewards card to earn the 2500 miles per year. But I'll be stopping in the VZW store right next to where I work to do it.

And don't forget about these increases..

Effective 1/1/2012, the monthly Verizon Wireless Administrative Charge
for voice and email plans will increase from $0.83 to $0.99 per line for all
eligible customers. The charge for Mobile Broadband customers will
remain at $.06. For information regarding this charge, call
1-888-684-1888. Please consult your Customer Agreement for
information about rate changes.

Attention Ohio Customers
In order to recover the cost of increased assessments by the Ohio PUC,
Verizon Wireless will, beginning February 1, 2012, increase the Ohio
Regulatory Fee surcharge from 0.1235 percent to 0.1278 percent. This
surcharge appears in the "Verizon Wireless' Surcharges" section of your
bill as "OH Reg Fee." This surcharge is a Verizon Wireless charge, not a
tax, and is subject to change.

1. Most people who have a "bank" account will have ebill option available to them, unless they are with a some village-bank which is run mom & pop or have no idea what e-commerce is about. Guessing many who come to this site, will not be in such a situation.

2. Verizon has to pay customer support to be available 24x7 by the phone and train them to be secretive/respect privacy since someone is giving their credit card number over the phone.

3. This is not something new, most motor vehicle associations charge for paying tickets over the phone or using credit card online.

4. Going paperless and getting with auto-pay, helps Verizon to do all transactions electronically and it gives them assurance that you have the ability to pay your bill. Remember, over draft from your checking account from your bank is possible, but at a price. So Verizon's bill will be covered, but you will have to deal with your Bank's surcharge.

I think it is a good thing that Verizon is asking everyone to move to electronic payment method, via banks than calling them up and waiting on "hold" to blurt out 16 digits of credit card number to an unknown person on the other end. It is much safer to do it electronically.

I'm done giving this fertilizer page view replying to stupid comments. It's BAU: Business As Usual. By all means, do go into the Verizon store with jars of pennies to pay your bills in protest.

Aside from providing entertainment for the store employees who get paid by the hour ("hey, do you believe that Nutter that just left?"), you'll quickly tire of getting inconvienced by trying to inconvenience a company that sees 20,000 pennies as $200 (driving to the store, carrying that weight, etc) and pay the $2.00 fee or avoid it). Hell you better pray the store jockies aren't as evil as I am:

"Um sir, you're $23.47 short". Then YOU'D have to recount it to prove me wrong... or pay for my lunch :-)

Everyone should go to the store and pay for it. We all gather up and fill their stores so they can't get any business done.

In the more than twenty years I've had a cell phone I've had several different carriers. Verizon is the worst carrier I have ever had - hands down - period. i happily left them six years ago, but was forced to come back to them by the company I work for who has an agreement with them. If I want my cell phone bill paid by the company I have to be on Verizon. I had forgotten how lousy they are - crappy voice quality, calls dropped and breaking up, junk phone selection and horrible customer service. This last stunt by them is another example of their arrogance. I'm so fed up with them that as soon as my contract ends I'm leaving them and paying my own call bill. At least I can choose a company with superior service, call quality and coverage.

I think you're referring to another carrier. Not sure how any of the above (except for the BS $2 fee) applies to Verizon.
I've never had customer service issues or call quality issues with them, and I've traveled all over the US.

Maybe you've experienced bad customer service b/c you weren't paying your bill on time? Companies aren't usually very nice if you're late in paying your bill.

Sure, leave VZW to avoid an avoidable fee of two bucks by paying a $350 ETF. Good idea that. Especially given the fact that the other carriers will soon no doubt follow suit. Just do the electronic check thing and away you go.(Until they close that hole.)

Auto pay has always seemed like a great convenience. But when my brother in law was inconveniently killed a few years ago, it proved to be quite the headache. We had to track down every bill he had set up with auto pay, often discovering them only as money kept being drained out of what was to become my sister's estate. I vowed never to do that to my wife. We get statements; should I die unexpectedly, she doesn't pay anything solely in my name. Easy.

No option for paying by paper check with the USPS? We never got in the habit of electronic payments for any utility because when they started, they all charged a "convenience fee".

I'm surprised people have enough money to stay on verizon. Aren't we in a recession. VM, T-Mobile are the way to go. (If you can put up with the crap coverage).
I advise all you high rollers to get off the V pipe and come on down to where the real players are.

I've been doing online bill pay from my bank to VZW for many, many years. So I'll just continue to do it that way and continue to not pay a $2 fee. I'd mail them a check, but those cost, too. Not much, but there's the stamp and the fee to print new checks... so, free online bill pay it is!

V.CNN BREAKING Verizon Wireless to scrap proposed $2 fee for one-time payments, citing "customer feedback."

I pay by electronic check, so I am not affected, however I will be switching my billing back to paper in protest. The nerve of these big companies. How about instead of penalizing people not on auto-pay, you incent me to sign up by giving me $2 OFF my bill?!? Does that not accomplish the same thing without pissing off your customers? Who are these people?

Stand up, and complain to VZW! Don't lie down and take this. Look at the backlash against BOA for their debit card fee. They were put in their place pretty quickly, and VZW customers can do it too!

Stand up, and complain to VZW! Don't lie down and take this. Look at the backlash against BOA for their debit card fee. They were put in their place pretty quickly, and VZW customers can do it too!

I am going to switch to Sprint. Actually I switched 6 months ago because of this very thing. I was tired of getting nickeled and dimed every time I turned around with Verizon. I have great coverage in my area with Sprint. Went frim 2 smartphone 1 feature phone on Verizon to 4 smartphones on Sprint. Unlimited data and texts. And pay $50 less per month with Sprint. Don't miss Big Red or my big bill at all.